MST Chapter 258 : East Window incident

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The network broadcast is a great success. The person in charge of tt video wanted to call Zhang Zhi and Liu Chiyan or Ye Guang, and congratulate each other, but he only got through Zhang Zhi’s phone number. As for Ye Guang and Liu Chitan’s phone call, there is no answer.

So what are Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan doing now?

Today is Sunday, a day off.

Father and Mother Liu didn’t go to work and resting at home. Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang also present.

However, the current scene in Liu Chiyan’s home looks a bit embarrassing.

There are six people in the living room, Father Liu, Mother Liu, Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang, Aunt Lian and Yiyi.

On the sofa in the living room, Aunt Lian with Yiyi  sits on a separate sofa chair on the side. Aunt Lian frowns and her face is embarrassing. While Yiyi’s mouth is pouting and her eyes covered with mist.

Father Liu and Mother Liu is sitting on the middle sofa. Mother Liu is frowning and Father Liu is even more angry.

And what about Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang?

Ye Guang stood in front of father and mother Liu with a somewhat pleasing eyebrow, with a coffee table between them.

Liu Chiyan was kneeling and already crying in front of the coffee table.

Why? The explanation is straightforward.

The East Window incident happened. [X-N: this is the incident. here]

Today, Father Liu and Mother Liu are resting at home. After Yiyi gets up, Mother Liu and Aunt Lian take her for breakfast.

Aunt Lian said, “Yiyi, is it delicious?” While eating, Aunt Lian and Mother Liu often talked to Yiyi.

Yiyi nodded, “It’s delicious!”

Mother Liu touched Yiyi’s little head, “If it tastes delicious, eat more. You don’t have such a delicious breakfast with your aunt in Nanchang.”

Yiyi said while eating, “No, the breakfast my aunt made for me and Ye Guang is also delicious.”

When Yiyi said this, both Mother Liu and Aunt Lian looked surprised, and Father Liu, who was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, also heard it. The hand that had just picked up the cup gave a slight pause.

Yiyi was still eating happily, without realizing that she accidentally said something wrong.

Mother Liu didn’t make a fuss, gave her milk to Yiyi and let her take a sip, and started chatting with Yiyi.

Mother Liu didn’t directly ask Yiyi about Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang. Instead, she talked with Yiyi about some happy topics. For example, talking about the kindergarten teachers with Yiyi, talking about those new friends that Yiyi had in school, what kind of knowledge have you learned? What interesting things have happened.

Yiyi is also very happy. When she talked about happy event, she made a few gestures from time to time, while giggling with joy.

Talking and chatting, Mother Liu said, “Yiyi is awesome. I didn’t expect that Yiyi is already a little adult, so awesome, grandma is proud of you!”

Yiyi being praised by Mother Liu, made her heart full of joy, with a happy and triumphant expression on her face.

Mother Liu: “Yiyi has grown up. It will be more obedient and more sensible in the future. In the future, Yiyi will sleep alone. You can’t rely on my grandmother or let my grandmother take you to sleep.”

Yiyi proudly defended, “No, I slept alone in Nanchang!”

Mother Liu: “Oh, Yiyi is so behaved, she slept all by herself, what about your aunt?”

“Aunt are sleeping with Ye Guang.” Yiyi blurted out.

The smile on Mother Liu face was awkward.

Aunt Lian was surprised and anxious, and said quickly, “Yiyi, don’t talk nonsense.” Then she turned her head and said to Mother Liu, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, Yiyi is small, maybe she had made a mistake.”

Yiyi also reacted. She was still interested in eating. Now she realizes that she had accidentally leaked her mouth. She shrank back timidly, carefully glanced at Mother Liu, then secretly turned her head to look at Father Liu sitting on Sofa.

Mother Liu looked at Yiyi, then said to Aunt Lian, “Take Yiyi to finish breakfast first.” With that, Mother Liu got off the dining table and went to the living room to chat with Father Liu in a low voice.

Yiyi no longer interested in eating breakfast, her face looks sad when she has done something wrong, and her mouth is already pouting slightly.

Father Liu and Mother Liu had a conversation in the living room, then Father Liu looked at Yiyi in the dining room and Yiyi hurriedly avoided Father Liu’s eyes.

Liu Father: “Come here if you don’t eat.”

Aunt Lian took Yiyi to the living room. Yiyi was obviously a little scared and didn’t dare to look at Father Liu.

Father Liu and Mother Liu looked normal at this meeting, and couldn’t see the meaning of anger.

Mother Liu took Yiyi into her arms, touched her little head, and said in a pleasant tone, “Yiyi, you tell grandparents, what’s the matter with your aunt and Ye Guang?”

Yiyi lowered her head and didn’t speak.

Father Liu also looked at Yiyi, and said with a gentle tone, “Yiyi, tell grandpa quickly and don’t lie.”

Yiyi glanced at Father Liu, and she was so scared that she quickly got into Mother Liu arms. Mother Liu quickly touched Yiyi’s head and then scolded Father Liu, “Don’t scare the child.”

Father Liu looked speechless, didn’t we say it? Although my heart also anxious, I still had a gentle attitude towards Yiyi.

Father Liu is still too powerful for Yiyi. At least Yiyi is a little afraid of him. Maybe he is born with a face that makes children afraid.

Mother Liu: “Yiyi, listen to your grandparents and tell them everything you know. You can’t lie. If you lie, you’re not behaved child.”

Yiyi under Mother Liu soft-hearted questioning, did what an honest child should do.

In fact, Father Liu and Mother Liu don’t have to ask anymore. Yiyi has said that she has missed her mouth and said that Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are sleeping… Still need to ask more?

It’s just that Father Liu and Mother Liu are both more rigorous people. They asked Yiyi again to confirm the matter and not to make any misunderstandings.  However, I don’t know if I ask, she shocked them when they ask. What Yiyi told them was to let the three present made them shocked and angry. If it weren’t for Yiyi’s presence and Father Liu was afraid of frightening her, he almost smashed the cup with anger.

In fact, Yiyi didn’t say much. But, she said a very important point, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan got married.

Married… This words kept circling in the minds of Father Liu and Mother Liu.

At first, when Father Liu and Mother Liu heard Yiyi’s words. They just surprised, but they weren’t really angry. After all, their daughter is not young anymore, and it’s normal to fall in love. Now, the times are open. If you fall in love, you just live together. This things are also normal.

At first Father Liu thought that the two just getting involved. Although Father Liu might not feel very good about Ye Guang, , he was a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t really have much opinion. He is still a relatively open-minded person. Who does Liu Chiyan like to be with? He didn’t want to intervene too much when they were together. They didn’t need anything in their family. When Liu Chiyan was looking for a partner, Father Liu didn’t think he would have to be a good person. Only Liu Chiyan liked him, looking for someone who would treat her well and Father Liu will also happy.

Father Liu and Mother Liu are more of a calf-protecting mentality. This is the norm of parents, but when it comes to getting angry, it’s not enough.

However, this is not the same for getting married, the nature is completely different.

Damn it! Are you married?

What is special about you, your father, your mother, we don’t even know you are married?

Unbearable, absolutely unbearable!

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