MST Chapter 85 : You have to change your mouth next time

Edited: XiaXue

Father and Mother face has changed again. Today’s things really make them difficult to digest. Goddess Liu Chiyan and their son got married and became their own daughter-in-law? It feels a bit like being dreaming, but the facts happen in front of you and you have to believe.

Mother sighed and glanced at Ye Guang, then looked at Liu Chiyan again, “That…Liu female… girl.”

Liu Chiyan hurried, “Aunt, please call me directly.”

Mother is also awkward, Goddess Liu, Miss Liu, Liu Chiyan, since she said, she is not polite, “Oh, then I will call you Chiyan, Chiyan, just aunt and uncle said nothing is unintentional, don’t worry about it, it’s all this reckless kid fault.” Said, and took a look at Ye Guang.

Liu Chiyan waved again and again. “Don’t say that, aunt, it’s okay, it’s our fault, I’m sorry, we shouldn’t hide it from you, you can do and say whatever.”

“I don’t know what kind of blessings this boy has cultivated in his life, you are such a good girl, and you will fall in love with him.” Mother looked at Liu Chiyan and sighed, “Look at you like this, Chiyan, your family also didn’t know, right?”

Liu Chiyan nodded in guilty conscience.

Mother sighed again. I really don’t know what to say. You got married just like the underground spies, even the parents of both sides no one knows. “If you can tell me, tell your family as soon as possible. You can’t hide it. You should talk to your parents about such a big marriage.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and didn’t make a sound. How dare she dare to tell her parents now?

Mother also did not say anything, just said a sentence, did not force Liu Chiyan must and her parents said such, and not deeds what parents meet, mother is a wise man, since this done, has become a foregone conclusion, unless let two people divorced, otherwise this son wife is not change, How Liu Chiyan’s family, mother do not know, but do not say that the family is good or bad, to Liu Chiyan achievement and identity, Ye Guang married Liu Chiyan, that is certainly Ye Guang blessing, his parents in the helplessly up said both sides parents meet, it seems a little impatient to think social climber, then son and their home how in front of woman family looked up, mother of course not do so confused things, Liu Chiyan home over there let her own to deal with it, their young couple how to deal with what to do.

Father saw Ye Guang, have looked at Liu Chiyan, just made a fire, the angry heart also spread out, son married, although they deceive parents, but the child can marry and have family, do parents for him feel happy, as long as the children good, other also not important, said also said, scold also scold, gas also sprinkle, since this done, then recognize it.

This is our Chinese-style parent, no matter what the children do, but the heart is always directed at their children.

Father: “Liu… Chiyan, just uncle said something wrong, uncle apologizes to you, don’t go to the heart. ”

Liu Chiyan waved, “Uncle, nothing, you should never say that.”

Ye Guang suddenly spoke up. “Dad, since the words are all open, there is one more thing I have to explain to you.”

Father and Mother were shocked, what else? What is this going to sing again?

Father and Mother looked at him doubtfully.

Liu Chiyan guessed a little about what Ye Guang was going to say.

Sure enough, Ye Guang got up and said, “Dad, you wait.” Said, Ye Guang went to Yiyi’s room.

Yiyi played with toys in the room and saw Ye Guang come in and looked up. “Ye Guang, is your father and mother yelling at you? The sound is so big, I have heard it.”

Ye Guang: “The matter of adults, children don’t need to worry, Yiyi, come, come out with me.”

Yiyi snorted and was pulled out of the room by Ye Guang.

When Yiyi came out, she began to look at Ye Guang’s parents. Father mother also looked up and down at little girl who was so cute.

Ye Guang: “Parents, tell you about her, this is Yiyi, it is Liu’er niece.”

Yiyi is very polite, “Grandpa and grandma are good.”

Father and Mother finally looked a lot better, such a beautiful and well-behaved little girl, how can they shameless in front of her, Father and Mother smiled at Yiyi, “Yiyi you too.”

Ye Guang didn’t hide, and said it directly. “Parents, Yiyi’s family has some special relationships, so she didn’t have household register. The child is at the age of school, so I made my own claim and registered her to our house.”

Father and Mother stunned, Father pointed to Ye Guang, “You… You…… Ah, you let me say what you are good for.” Father squatted down, looked at Ye Guang, and looked at the pretty and lovely Yiyi next to him, not talking.

Ye Guang know, Father do not speak, this is really angry, even is not merely angry, he now even hope, Father can be angry with him, even if beat him a meal also line, to Father temperament, as long as he is angry, he will not be too tangled. He does not say anything now, but makes Ye Guang worry. It is estimated that this time, Father will not be able to dissipate his anger for a while..

Mother also frown, Liu Chiyan look also some displeasure and worry, to this matter, she is also against, also has been punished Ye Guang, but this is done, no way, on this matter, She is even more than married things can not and home account, their children on the other family’s household register, this is how one thing ah, but Ye Guang this bastard matter has been made, how to do it?

The room was suddenly quiet and the atmosphere was a bit heavy.

Father suddenly stood up and lifted his legs and went out.

Mother quickly asked, “Old Ye, what are you doing?”

Father’s head will not look back, he replied faintly, “Go home! My son is big, his wings are hard, and I can’t control him. Let him go.”

Ye Guang face bitterly, his heart stunned. To be honest, he really hadn’t seen Father look like this when he was angry. It seems that this is disappointing to him.

Mother glanced at him, got up and wanted to go, suddenly remembered something, and quickly turned around and took a jade bracelet from her hand and put it in Liu Chiyan hands. “Chiyan, we met for the first time, I have nothing to give you. This is what his grandmother passed to me. I will send it to you today.”

Liu Chiyan quickly refused, “Aunt, no, I can’t accept this, it’s too expensive…”

Mother interrupted Liu Chiyan’s words. “This is passed to our Old Ye family wife. Later, we will pass on the children, grandchildren, obedient, and accept it.”

Ye Guang also said, “Mom let you take it away.”

Liu Chiyan still hesitated to take it, then nodded gently, “Thank you aunt.”

Mother snorted, look at Ye Guang, and sighed, “Okay, I won’t say it, you two are good, have a good time, I am going to chase your dad.” Then she took two steps and added another sentence. “Chiyan, you have to change your mouth next time.”

Liu Chiyan’s face was red.

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