MST Chapter 08 : On-spot story

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Time passed quickly, and it was 11 o’clock in the evening. It’s almost time to broadcast.

Old Liu and the staff members in group are getting ready early.

Old Liu sat in live studio against the manuscript.

At 11:25, the show was finally prepared.

All staff members are in place. Ye Guang followed the script attendant wearing headphones and looking at Old Liu through the glass wall, waiting for the show to begin.

Suddenly, Old Liu, holding the manuscript for final collation, dragged the manuscript on his hand and rubbed his stomach and became painful.

“Teacher Liu, Teacher Liu, What happened to you?” The soundproofing effect of studio is particularly good, and the script attendant asks through the microphone.

Old Liu endured the pain and made a gesture, and the staff member rushed into the studio.

Old Liu’s assistant Ma Tao raised Old Liu and asked with concern: “Teacher Liu, how are you?”

Old Liu’s lips are white and can’t speak. Ye Guang also rushed forward to help Old Liu.

“Fast, call the ambulance.” Ma Tao shouted.

“No!” Ye Guang said, “It’s a lot of time to call the ambulance back and forth. I sent Liu Lao directly to the hospital.”

“Alright!” Ma Tao nodded.

“So, what about the show today…” A female staff member said a word.

Yeah, the show is about to start. Host suddenly has a problem at this juncture. What about the show?

“Call Xu Rui and let him come to the top.” Ma Tao said.

“It’s still starting in 3 minutes, and Xu Rui can’t fly even if he had wings.” A staff member said.

“Let him.” Old Liu bit his teeth and endured the pain, pointing to Ye Guang, “Let…Little Ye …come.”

Everyone was surprised to see Ye Guang.

Let Ye Guang go? He only came for a few days. Can he get on?

Ye Guang was also a little surprised and said: “Teacher Liu, I…Not so good……”

Old Liu opened his mouth and wanted to say something. It was really unbearable for his abdominal pain. His lips didn’t say anything. He bit his teeth and finally took out two words: “You… come.”

“Okay!” Ma Tao shouted, “Little Ye, Teacher Liu let you go up, just read the manuscript, no problem!”

“Okay, I am.” Now, there is no other way, Ye Guang has to deal with it.

“Old Wang, I sent Teacher Liu to the hospital, you look at it!” Ma Tao is facing the script attendant, Old Wang. Finished, and another staff member helped him with Teacher Liu.

“Little Ye, you go, rest assured, you just read the manuscript, audio and equipment I will help you control.” Script attendant Old Wang said. “Everyone has it all. The live broadcast begins right away.”

The staff members are rushing back to their jobs, and they are all waiting for you.

The live broadcast time was approaching by a minute, and the live broadcast room suppressed a heavy atmosphere inside and outside.

Ye Guang sat in host position. Bring your headphones. Cough twice, clear the throat. Then found out…

Oh shit! What about the manuscript?!

Where did the manuscript go? Old Liu has been squatting the manuscript. Everyone has been paying attention to Old Liu and who is on the show, and they have forgotten the manuscript that Old Liu has on hand.

How can this be good?

“Ding, Task release: good resilience is an essential capability of Host. Please host to solve the current live broadcast crisis. In order to let the host have a better live broadcast experience, system has improved the difficulty of this live broadcast. Task punishment: three days of serious illness.”


What does System jump out at this time, Ye Guang was depressed in the heart, and what is  improving the difficulty of live broadcast? Why don’t you have a little more explanation?

There is no time to consider other things, the show is already counting down. Put it on your head!

“Countdown, five, four, three, two, start”

The live broadcast begins.

Ye Guang has a very magnetic sound:

“The world is really small. It seems that when I turn around, I don’t know who I will meet. The world is really big. It seems that when I turn around, I don’t know who will disappear.

Tonight with bright stars, at this moment, who you are missing, who you are meeting, what kind of story you started or ended.

Good story to tell you.

Hello everyone, here is Jiangxi Radio station Late night story, I am today’s Host: Ye Guang.”

There aren’t many listeners in the late night, but some people still listen, and some people like Old Liu’s Late night story, listening to it every night.

“Hey, how do you change people? What about Bayi?”

“Listening to the sound is like a young man, can you tell a good story?”

“Wow, the sound is good.”

“Rolling the dice, inexplicably changing host. Humph! Do not listen.”

The outside audience has been talking about it. Of course, these discussions Ye Guang do not know.

Ye Guang determines. Lowered his voice.

“Today, Little Ye tells story to everyone called “Ghost Blows Out The Light”.”

“Wang brother, that’s not right, this is not the manuscript.” Luo Zhiyuan, a flat-headed male editor next to script attendant Old Wang said. Today’s manuscript is that he is responsible for print layout, so he has some impressions about the content of manuscript.

“No!” The editor Luo screamed, “Little Ye has no manuscript on his desk!”

Because it was blocked by the equipment, the location of the script attendant Old Wang is that the studio work surface is not visible. Editor Luo squinted and glanced at the studio, only to find that Ye Guang desk was empty.

“What about the manuscript?” Script attendant Old Wang is in a hurry, “Where is the manuscript?”

Editor Luo thought about it and said: “Teacher Liu! Teacher Liu has been holding the manuscript in his hand.”

Script attendant Old Wang excited: “Fast, go back!”

Editor Luo: “It’s too late, this… person have gone far!”

Script attendant Old Wang also asked: “What about the draft? Go find the manuscript and reprint it!”

Editor Luo nodded: “The draft is fine, but it takes seven or eight minutes to get back and forth again. What should I do during this time?”

Old Wang is frowning, the live broadcast has already begun, and he can’t just pull the music to the audience when live broadcast just starting, this is a serious program accident. “No way, only this way, look at Little Ye. Listen to the fate.” Old Wang sighed.

At this time, Ye Guang has started to talk about Ghost Blows Out The Light with a slightly low voice:

  ”Introduction – Grave robbing isn’t sightseeing. It’s not reciting poems, nor is it painting. It can’t be that elegant, leisurely or respectful. Grave robbing is a skill, a skill that requires destruction.…

All of these stories begin with an incomplete book that my father left to me called 《Sixteen Symbol Yin Yang Feng Shui Mystic Technique》. However, no one knows where the last half of this book has gone. Only the first part of the Feng Shui mystic technique is left. The book mostly describes the secret of how to read and decipher the patterns of Feng Shui for tombs…”

Ye Guang’s voice is slightly low, not ill, and the words are clear and snarled.

When I found out that there was no manuscript, time was already in a hurry, and Ye Guang thought of the Ghost Blows Out The Light and The Lost Tomb from Dream World.

These two novels are all novel types of novels about tombs. Some of them are quite horrifying and very suitable for late night.

Moreover, in Dream World, these two novels have also been published in audio novel, the market response is very good, should be no problem to deal with this live broadcast.

Ghost Blows Out The Light and The Lost Tomb have their own merits. Ye Guang both like it. Ghost Blows Out The Light is relatively refined, the structure is more rigorous, and the sense of times is deep, readability and substitution are stronger. Moreover, relatively speaking, Ghost Blows Out The Light is more suitable for telling, so in the end, Ye Guang chose Ghost Blows Out The Light!

Everything about Dream World, Ye Guang remembers clearly and with Highly Retentive Memory skill, Ghost Blows Out The Light is like it is printed in his mind.

Plus The Gift of Gab skill, so even if there is no manuscript, Ye Guang can recite the entire Ghost Blows Out The Light from his mind.

Ghost Blows Out The Light story continues.

“First chapter, The White Paper Doll. My grandfather is called Hu Guohua. His ancestors were large landowners that were famous in the surrounding areas. During their most glorious and prosperous period, they purchased three alleyways in the city that linked together forty houses. They were also involved in politics and trade, donating provisions to the city and assisting with transportation.”

Old Wang took a deep breath, “It seems to be good.”

Not long after, editor Luo took the newly printed manuscript and touched some of the fascinating Old Wang who was listening to the story.

Editor Luo: “Wang brother, the manuscript is ready.”

Old Wang thought about it and said, “Let’s wait, Little Ye’s story is not bad.”

The first section of live broadcast is finally over, followed by an ad and music. Ye Guang made an OK gesture to Old Wang outside the glass wall and took off the headphones.

“Little Ye, drink some water.” Old Wang took a bottle of mineral water into the studio.

“Thank you, Wang brother.” Ye Guang took the water, unscrewed it, and drink half bottle.

“Little Ye, I really have you! Genius, Teacher Liu really didn’t read you wrong. Thanks to you.” Old Wang smiled and patted Ye Guang’s shoulder.

Ye Guang didn’t have a manuscript, and the staff members in the group that had been released from the live broadcast also knew that the first quarter ended.

“30 minutes, the whole process was released. My goodness!”

“Yeah, yeah. Little Ye, you are too good.”

“The story is also very nice. I have all been fascinated.”

“Little Ye, how did you do it, shocked to heaven!”

The staff member swarmed over and said, screaming.

Ye Guang smiled for the hand: “Everyone has won the prize.”

“Wang brother, Little Ye.” The editor Luo took the manuscript, “This manuscript?”

Old Wang took the manuscript, smiled and said to Ye Guang: “Little Ye, do you want this manuscript?”

Ye Guang looked at the manuscript and hesitated. He said, “Wang brother, I want to go down the story just now.”

Old Wang: “Can you do it?”

Ye Guang confidently nodded: “Yes!”

“Okay! Then you go on.” Old Wang promised without hesitation.

In just 30 minutes, he witnessed Ye Guang’s amazing ability to release manuscripts. Now he is very confident in Ye Guang’s ability, and he also wants to listen to the follow-up story.

“Yes, yes. Just that Ghost Blows Out The Light is so good, it’s a pity not to continue. I still want to continue listening. Little Ye, you can talk a little more about it later.” A girl voice said.

“Yeah, Little Ye’s Ghost Blows Out The Light is really great.”

“I listened a bit, I didn’t dare to listen later, I was a little scared…”

“Right, Little Ye, where did you find this story?”

Ye Guang touched the nose and grinned said: “I think about it myself.”


Everyone is silent.

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