MST Chapter 09 : Live Broadcast Accidents, Telephone Advice

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The live broadcast continues.

Ye Guang talked about 30-minute of Ghost Blows Out The Light story, then it took a long time and the second section ended smoothly.

The staff members in the room were relieved, and today it was safe. The next step was the telephone interaction. They are not worried about this link. After all, is it to answer the phone, who is not? As a Host, as long as you pay attention to the tone, pay attention to speaking words can not make a big problem.

Ye Guang took advantage of the midfield time and solved personal hygiene. The third part of the telephone interaction officially began.

Soon the first call came in.

The other party is a middle-aged male listener.

The male audience access phone is a bit excited: “Hello. Is it me? Really? ”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Hello, this big brother, yes, it is you, thank you for your call.”

Male audience: “Host?”

Ye Guang: “Hello, this big brother, I am the Host: Ye Guang.”

Male audience: “Ah, I said how the voice changed. It’s changed the Host, Bayi? I like to listen to Bayi’s show. I am keeping the warehouse. I usually work at night shifts. When I have nothing to do at night, I like to listen to the radio and listen to Bayi telling stories. Ah! This Host don’t misunderstand, I also like the story you told! It’s very good. It’s so cool that I haven’t listened to such story for a long time.”

Ye Guang: “Thank you very much! Thank you for listening to our program, we will make persistent efforts to deliver interesting stories for you to listen to. I am also grateful to all the listeners and friends who support our program, just like this big brother. thank you all.”

“Ah, thank you, we have to thank you for the show, let us people who are bored at work in the middle of night can listen to the radio to pass the time. Young man, your story is very good, come on, I am optimistic about you!”

“Okay, thank you for your support. Thank you for your call and wish you a happy life. Goodbye!”

The first call was quickly over.

The second call is connected.

“Host, your story is very good! It’s really enjoyable to listen. ”

“Thank you very much! Support and affirmation.”



The third pass, the fourth pass, the fifth pass, one after another telephone pass.

The callers basically had a simple conversation. They basically praised Ye Guang story. There are also some big brothers who are fans of Old Liu. They called to ask about Old Liu. Ye Guang is very polite, answer one by one.

The live broadcast is almost over.

“Everyone, thank you for listening. Next, we will connect the last call today.”

“Hello?” A girl with a somewhat immature voice. “Host is good.” The girl is very polite.

“This listener is little sister, hello. I am the Host: Ye Guang.” Ye Guang said.

“Ye Guang Big Brother, hello. The story you told is really good!” The girl is very polite, but her mood is somewhat low. “That is… I was a little scared when I heard the story you told, but I am outside now, I am afraid to go home.”

Ye Guang wondered: “Little sister, why don’t you dare to go home? It’s dangerous to be alone outside in this night.”

“Because… Because I made my mother angry.” The girl’s voice is lower. “I didn’t go to school today. The teacher told my mother and my mother was very angry. She also punish me for copying the text. I don’t want to copy the text. So I ran out. I just heard the story told by Ye Guang Big Brother. I am a little scared now, but I dare not go home.”


“Oh, this is something to do!”

“I rely on it, but fortunately I have not closed the broadcast. Otherwise I missed it. ”

“Whose children are this, so parents don’t have to worry about it.”

“If it was my daughter, I was looking to interrupt her leg and see how she left home.”

“I like it. No, I have to call the old iron to watch!”

“Hey, old iron, fast. Go to Jiangxi Radio station and broadcast have accident. What? Sleeping? Sleeping, you are paralyzed!”

The listener who listened to the radio exploded, and the live broadcast received a call from the little girl who left home. This is a rare thing to see. It’s too much time to have a long night’s sleepless sleep. However, this kind of people who only want to see the fun are still a minority, and most of them are still worried about this little girl who runs away from home.

Old Wang is also dumbfounded, glaring at the switchboard operator, “What happened? This kind of phone also dares to pick up? It is not fast enough for us to die!”

Ye Guang stunned, what happened? On live broadcast, how can a rebellious little girl who runs away from home call in? This is the difficulty of live broadcast which system made. Your sister!

Ye Guang is righteous, and the tone is very gentle, “Little sister, how old are you this year?”

Girl: “16 years old. Going to high school.”

Ye Guang asked again: “Little sister, why don’t you go to school?”

The girl said: “I just don’t like going to school, I don’t like studying. It is too boring to go to class every day. I don’t want to write homework, but I have a lot of homework every day. I really can’t stand it, I really don’t want to study.”

Ye Guang voice is mild: “Then you don’t want to study, what do you want to do? If you really don’t go to school, what do you want to do?”

The girl was silent for a while, and when she was stunned, she began to suffer. “I don’t know, but I just don’t want to study. Every day at school, I feel like I am living like a walking dead, and I can’t breathe. I want freedom, I want to be happy and alive. I have several junior high school students friend. They didn’t study after they finished junior high school. Now they are working, and the salary is not low. Two students are very mixed. I can often see them making various kinds on Weibo. Food, travel, or new clothes. They are very free and very happy. I want to be free and want to be as happy as they are.

At school, I face language, mathematics, english, and physics textbooks and homework exercises every day. There is only one theme every day, learning! Then, when you go to the exam, you will score the scores one by one. I don’t want to suffer so much. I don’t want to pay for my youth and time at school. Are those nerds with good grades better than I have ever been? I doubt that. Youth should be arrogant, I don’t want to find out in my youth that I only have transcripts in my youth!”

The girl said that her emotions seemed to be a little excited, and finally the voice was a little trembling.

Ye Guang is silent.

The girl saw Ye Guang not talking, and said: “Is it wrong? I just don’t want to study, is it wrong?”

Ye Guang gave a sigh of relief and said slowly: “Little sister, you are right, it is not you. A few days ago, I was still a teacher. When I heard little sister, I was very sad and disappointed to tell the truth.”

“The wrong is not, it is me, it is a teacher! It is school!”

“School, a place to study. A place where you can learn a few words and physics, etc., for each subject. Every subject will let you learn, and every subject will teach you. However, I am very disappointed. What disappoints is that they teach you how to study, but they forget to tell you why you study.”

Ye Guang is heavy: “As a teacher, child, I want to talk to you today, I hope you can listen.”

“It may be cruel, but I still want to break it. Every student who doesn’t want to study will have a classmate who can seem to be successful without studying. And as a final psychological comfort for his indulgence. You may say that youth is not the case? Youth that is not rebellious and not crazy is also called youth?”

Ye Guang’s voice is a lot louder: “So I regret to tell you that this is China, here is not United States, here is not Europe.”

“The survival of the fittest is here, The weak are prey to the strong.” Having said that, Ye Guang almost shouted out loud. To be honest, from the perspective of Host, he is a mistake.

Old Wang is very anxious, how can you say such a heavy word? Isn’t this add fuel on the fire? If this child who runs away from home is stimulated by this and makes any extraordinary moves, how can it end?

“Is this Host sick? Young people are not reliable. How can they stimulate her at this time?”

“No, I think it’s quite right.”

“Hey, the children now, I really don’t know how to say good things.”

“To be honest, my family also has this kind of thinking. I really don’t know how to educate.”

“Host is right! Here is the survival of the fittest, here is the weak are prey to the strong, it is difficult to get out of the head after not studying!”

The audience who insisted on listening to the live broadcast talked a lot.

Maybe it was the emotion of the girl on the phone, Ye Guang took a deep breath, and his voice softened again. “Of course, rebellious and crazy youth can be, you just prematurely advance. Everything has a price. Several years of indulgence may result in a life of lowliness and the bottom! Of course, the bottom people need someone to be the boss, so everyone will not be blowing the air conditioner in the office. But why do some people sit comfortably blowing air conditioner in the office?”

“Children, you should think about why, why the teacher wants you to study, and the parents ask you to study. Even if I am a stranger today, I am asking you to study.”

“Children, I hope that you can listen carefully and remember with your heart.”

“I tell you why you should study.”

Ye Guang has a long heart and a good temperature.

“Children, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others, but because I hope that you will have the right to choose in the future, choose meaningful, time-based work, not forced to make a living.

When your work makes sense in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment.

When your work gives you time and does not deprive you of your life, you have dignity.

A sense of accomplishment and dignity give you happiness.”

This is a very popular passage from Dream World, written by Long Yingtai “Dear Andreas”. This passage is a good interpretation of parents expectations of why their children are studying. There is no Long Yingtai in this world, and naturally there is no such thing. But this passage was cited as a Bible by many parents and teachers at Dream World.


The girl is froze.

The staff member outside the broadcast is also froze.

This passage… Is it really what a young man can said?

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