MST Chapter 19 : Goddess Wants To Marry Me

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Father bowed his head and thought a little. “Children’s things, the children themselves are the masters, and the girl is not clear, who is the family, how is the character?”

Mother waved her hand: “Take her! As long as I can hold my grandson, I can do it all!”

Mother mighty domineering!

Father shook his head, “Oh, don’t guard, go back to the house and go to sleep, don’t look at it.”

Mother decisively refused, “Don’t go, I will keep here! Can’t give this youngster a chance to escape!”

“Okay, you are willing to guard and keep it.” Father didn’t persuade, “Are you sitting like this?”

Mother refers to the TV. “I don’t watch TV.”

Father is happy, “You really watch TV, there is no sound at all.”

“Hum, I love to mute, can you manage it?” Mother arrogantly, “Well, don’t say, this TV series is really good, Liu Chiyan is really good. People are so smart, look at her bodies. If she could be my daughter-in-law.”

Father disdain, “Cut, think about it, your son, still want toad to eat swan meat? Also, make Liu Chiyan your daughter-in-law? Dreaming.”

Mother pouting, “I just say it casually, what wrong with my son, my son is toad, so what is your father!”

Father snorted. “No matter what you do, just keep it for your reasons. I went back to bed to sleep.”

Mother waved her hand: “Get out of here.”


The next day.


Ye Guang woke up and didn’t open his eyes.

Eh? How is the arm sour?  How do you feel someone in your arms? What seems to be holding in my hand?

Ye Guang subconsciously pinched.

So big.

So soft.

It feels like…

Ye Guang is sober.

Liu Chiyan was in his arms, clutching Ye Guang’s waist tightly, and her head rested in Ye Guang’s arms. Ye Guang was pillowed by Liu Chiyan with one hand, and Liu Chiyan back was wrapped in his forearm, the other hand was not honestly passed through Liu Chiyan’s clothes, and even Liu Chiyan’s clothes was solved in his sleep. It was opened, and then the big hand was covered in the sacred peak of Liu Chiyan.

Whoops! what’s the situation. I have been very honest in my sleep. Of course, this kind of accident that can make him unfair, he still hopes to have more drops.

Did you count the beasts last night or was it worse? Ye Guang suddenly thought of this problem.

The person in his arms suddenly became a little heavy, and then immediately calmed down. Ye Guang knew that Liu Chiyan woke up and now is pretending to sleep. No way, such a sly scene, what can I do? In addition pretending to sleep, what is the solution?

Ye Guang pulled out the hand placed on Liu Chiyan’s chest with a bit of reluctance and rubbed his fingers across Liu Chiyan’s skin, causing her unconscious body to tremble slightly. Ye Guang pretended not to know that Liu Chiyan had woke up, gently took Liu Chiyan’s hand around his waist, gently picked up her head, pulled her arm back, and slowly got up from bed.

“Bang.” Ye Guang closed the door and went out.

Liu Chiyan’s eyes opened, she sat up and her face turned red and became pig liver. Gnashing her teeth and a helpless expression on her face.

Liu Chiyan quickly got out of the bed and tidy up some messy clothes and hair. After a while, Ye Guang pushed the door in.

Liu Chiyan tried to pretend that nothing had happened, but she didn’t dare to look at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang also pretends that nothing has happened. Such awkward things can’t be said. Ye Guang has nothing to say: “Fast, my parents are not here now, let’s go!”

Liu Chiyan nodded, talked about it, put on her sunglasses and a big mask, put on her bag, and Ye Guang carefully opened the door and looked at the living room. After confirming that my parents were not there, he went to pull Liu Chiyan and went out. Liu Chiyan didn’t even break free, let Ye Guang pull her hand and sneak out of their house like a thief.

From the door, Ye Guang took Liu Chiyan all the way to the trot, and finally got on the car of his own house, and raised the window all the time to take a long breath, “It is safe.”

Liu Chiyan is also a heavy sigh of relief.

This night, really… Eh…

Liu Chiyan was trotting by Ye Guang, her hair was a little scattered, and Ye Guang saw it and reached out to help her. For him, this is completely a subconscious movement.

Liu Chiyan froze, staring at Ye Guang without blinking, letting him smile and gently flatten her messy hair.

Ye Guang suddenly reacted, and Liu Chiyan stared at him without blinking. He could see that he had some hair in his heart, and he laughed and then took it back.

Liu Chiyan continued to look at him.

“The hair is a little messy.” Ye Guang’s explanation.

Liu Chiyan continued to look at him.

“I didn’t mean it. Just look at your hair and mess with it.” Ye Guang continues to explain.

Liu Chiyan continued to look at him.

“Okay, I’m sorry. What do you say?” Ye Guang admits.

Liu Chiyan finally stared at him, turned her head and said, “Do you know where your household register?”

Ye Guang said: “Know, what happened?”

Liu Chiyan said: “You go take it.”

Ye Guang is puzzled. “What about the household register?”

Liu Chiyan continued to look at him again.

Ye Guang said, “Okay, I am going!”

Ye Guang ran back home again. A few minutes later, Ye Guang lit up the stolen house register book in front of Liu Chiyan. “Get it.”

Liu Chiyan nodded with satisfaction and said, “Drive.”


Ye Guang started the car and drove Liu Chiyan out of the community.

“Where to go?” Ye Guang asked.

Liu Chiyan faintly replies: “Civil Affairs Bureau!”


Ye Guang stepped on the brakes and panicked. I asked: “Don’t tell me to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register!”

Liu Chiyan still faintly replies: “Well, get married, me, and you.”

“What international jokes!” Ye Guang came out.

“You do not want?” Liu Chiyan’s voice was a little trembling, turning to look at Ye Guang, her eyes were watery.

Liu Chiyan’s resentment, the expression of grievances, and the tears in her eyes, instantly made Ye Guang’s heart, “I… Not unwilling, just… Some suddenly, some… Too fast!

Liu Chiyan is even more wronged. “You just don’t want to! We have sleep together, you are not willing.”

Ye Guang sweats, “What sleeps, one is one, two is two, ah, the problem should be made clear, we slept in a bed all night, but we did nothing, this is not counted!”

What do you say, sleep, sleep, sleep on a bed? This pot Ye Guang does not back, this is a matter of principle!

Liu Chiyan’s tears tears were almost coming out, pouting a small mouth, and can’t tell the grievances. “Nothing? Then why do you pinch the chest of others in the morning! The innocence of others is in your hands, and you still don’t want to.”

Ye Guang has a black line. The embarrassing thing in the morning is so straightforward. Ye Guang doesn’t know how to pick it up.

See Ye Guang for a long time without talking, and the tears in Liu Chiyan’s grievances can’t stand it anymore, and it started to drop.

Ye Guang can’t see the girl crying, let alone Liu Chiyan, and hurriedly helped her wipe her tears. “Hey, don’t cry.”

Liu Chiyan opens Ye Guang’s hand and swears: “You are not allowed to touch me, you don’t have to.”

Ye Guang’s took back his hand, lowered his car window, and a cool breeze came in from the window.

He needs to calm his head.

In a matter of ten seconds, Ye Guang closed the window.


Gear up.



Liu Chiyan wiped her tears for a while and found that Ye Guang restarted the car and dropped her head. The pear flower said with rain: “Where to go, you give me a stop! I have to get off! You stop!”

Ye Guang didn’t stop, faint said: “Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau!”

Liu Chiyan didn’t ask Ye Guang to stop and get off, her face twisted to the side and muttered, “You are not unwilling.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want.” Ye Guang replied.

Liu Chiyan snorted, “Then you just…”

Ye Guang slowly stopped the car on the side of the road, turned around, reached out and rubbed the tears on Liu Chiyan’s face, and Liu Chiyan did not escape.

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan’s eyes and said softly: “I don’t mean not, really, on the contrary, you are the biggest wish after I met you!”

The woman is really an emotional animal. As soon as Ye Guang said, Liu Chiyan’s grievances went to disappear a moment. “When did you meet me?”

Ye Guang smiled. “My biggest wish before meeting you was to meet you.”

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help but lift her mouth. She didn’t seem to be seen by Ye Guang. She snorted and turned her head. “I don’t believe it.”

The car starts again.

The journey to the Civil Affairs Bureau is not far away. In about twenty minutes, Ye Guang’s car stopped at the door of Civil Affairs Bureau.

Along the way, the two were not talking, they were silent.

Before getting off the car, Ye Guang took a deep breath and said to Liu Chiyan: “Do you really think about it? Marriage is not a trivial matter. Moreover, you are a Heavenly Queen. How does your marriage affect your fans and your career? There are also our own families. I guess your family doesn’t know about this. Have you ever thought about how to face them? Also, do you really want to spend this life with me? For you, we counted today for three days. Marriage is not a child’s play. You have to think clearly. You still have time to turn back, you know.” Ye Guang was quite attentive.

Liu Chiyan told him to go back in one sentence: “Do not talk nonsense! Just say you can’t go!”

Ye Guang gritted, “I am going!”

Liu Chiyan opens the bag and takes the household register from the bag and hands it to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang took Liu Chiyan’s household register book and felt like a thousand dollars. “I still have a problem.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a blank look and said that he would not make nonsense, she did not want to hear.

“The last question, let’s go in after we have finished.”


“Why would you carry the household register book with you?”

“Just like you.”


“Hmph, Don’t worry about it!”

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