BTC Chapter 219 : High efficiency motor

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Start making vehicles directly? Lu Zixin feels unrealistic. Turning technology into reality requires overcoming many difficulties. In particular, he has acquired the technology that the motor vehicle industry has not yet mastered, and the difficulty factor is multiplied!

Before doing a vehicles, you should first do a relatively simple motor vehicle for technical and capital accumulation, such as building a company, a factory, and establishing a complete upstream supply chain and downstream sales chain.

“Electric scooter seem to be the best choice at the moment?” Lu Zixin thought about it, or the Electric scooter is the best place to start.

Electric vehicles, widely defined as all electric-powered vehicles, but Lu Zixin thinks, is the two-wheeled electric vehicle that everyone rides in their daily lives, commonly known as small electric eel.

Small electric rafts are much simpler to construct than four-wheelers, and they are relatively simple to manufacture and less demanding on the industry.

Moreover, even an Electric scooter does not mean that there is no black Science and Technology!

Lu Zixin asked RI-8901 to look it up in the Simple Mechanical Construction Atlas and quickly found several Black Science and Technology that he could try to develop.

The first is multi-core control of intelligent high-efficiency motors, motors, that is, the engines of electric vehicles.

It is made of high-strength magnetic steel and incorporates an intelligent control chip that can be instantly activated by electrical or wireless signals.

This kind of motor can reduce the current loss and increase the power. Some ordinary electric vehicles can travel on a flat road, but once they climb a slope with a high slope, they are very difficult and even have to reduce the load.

But for multi-core control intelligent high-efficiency motors, these are small problems, and the power generated by them can even make users feel the car’s accelerated push back!

There is also an electromagnetic brake system, electromagnetic brakes, is an existing technology, but the application level is only on large mechanical equipment, such as mine electric drills, roller coasters and the like.

The traditional friction brakes will have instability, such as raining on the rainy days and snowy days, causing the braking effect to deteriorate.

Electromagnetic brakes rely on the interaction between the magnetic pole and the magnetic pole to achieve braking. When the metal sheet cuts the magnetic induction line, it will generate eddy current inside the metal, which will generate a magnetic field to resist the motion. In fact, the magnetic brake device does not make direct contact with the car body! Therefore, it will not be affected by external road conditions and weather.

Such an electromagnetic brake device often requires a fixed magnetic pole fit, so it is rarely used in a general motor vehicle. Even if some cars are used, they are only electromagnetic brakes, mainly relying on friction braking.

In the mechanical map given by Optimus Prime, this technical obstacle has been overcome, and the electromagnetic brake device can be installed on the moving machine, not only the vehicle, but also other sports machines.

In addition, there are some designs, such as the body, the transmission, and the like, if carefully built, the Electric scooter can be built to exceed the fuel motorcycle in terms of speed and performance!

Of course, the pursuit of speed is the high-end racing type, Lu Zixin is not considered for the time being, he wants a household electric vehicle first. Only when the products that have been made have a market, and with profit, can we form a virtuous circle and continue to invest in research and development.

Don’t look at the money earned by Red Letter, Lu Zixin almost throws two-thirds into research and development. The various subsidiaries of the Red Letter Group add up to five R&D centers under construction, more than one hundred in the laboratory, and each new project is established. This number will be added.

The investment in research and development is as small as a million, and more than a billion, and has been burning money!

This is also a no-brainer. Comparing Red Letter’s research is the technical field of “breakthrough”. For other companies, it is the state support that can’t get so much money to invest.

In addition to the mechanical equipment and structure, Lu Zixin believes that improvements are needed and that modifications are needed in the smart direction.

He recruited several professionals and discussed them with them.

A total of three people, one of whom was the professor of mechanical power and engineering at Jiangda, was invited by Lu Zixin.

One is Jiang Xunmei, a forty-something lady who is a bit blessed. She is a senior manager of a vehicles brand and has been resigned and experienced.

Another one is Han Jia of Hongxin Software Development Co., Ltd. He is also very good at Intelligent System.

Lu Zixin said his own ideas, and he thought about it for a while and made the first comment.

Compared with other professors, Cheng Mu is younger and more than thirty. He said: “Multi-core control intelligent high-efficiency motor has several problems. It uses high-strength magnetic steel material, super-hard magnetic alloy, which is It’s a bit hard to manufacture.”

“To improve the horsepower of the motor, it is necessary to have a strong current, so the requirements for the battery should be improved. The general electric vehicle battery, if it supports this kind of motor, the power reserve is insufficient, resulting in no endurance.”


“There is also an electromagnetic brake device. There is no problem in the manufacture of an auxiliary electromagnetic brake device. However, if all of the electromagnetic brakes are required, a larger braking force is required, which may cause the metal sheet to overheat…”

Lu Zixin nodded, his smart glasses wrote down the words of the professor, and these problems were solved by Lu Zixin.

Jiang Xunmei said: “General Lu, if your lithium-air battery can achieve the theoretical effect, I think it is not lacking in the market.”

“So if you just said this, what is your market situation?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Is it all done?” Jiang Xunmei said, “If you can really make it, it will definitely be second to none in terms of performance. But now the electric scooter brands, domestic Emma, ​​Yadi, Luyuan, etc. already occupy half of the country, their products Performance is not bad. There are some foreign brands that are not competitive.”

“In terms of manufacturing costs, they are definitely cheaper and more competitive. So I estimate that the market will not exceed them, but it will not be bad.”

Lu Zixin’s theoretical electric scooter, although sounds good, but as a professional, she knows that this manufacturing cost has at least doubled!

As the majority of consumers, would they rather spend more than twice the price to buy an electric vehicles? Only a few!

“Our red letter has always been the most advanced product!” Lu Zixin said. “So we have to improve its competitiveness and let electric vehicles be included in smart products.”

Han Jia surprisedly said: “General Lu, do we have to do the driverless electric vehicles first?”

“Autonomous driving is a separate project, doing it, and not doing it now,” Lu Zixin said. “Are we not making a smart home system? My idea is to first incorporate our electric vehicles into intelligent management. In System, make it a smart product, not an ordinary electric vehicles.”

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