BTC Chapter 64 : Reception

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“You wait, I will come soon.” Xue Yao said to Lu Zixin.


Xue Yao walked over and Dong Yan said: “boss Ma comes, you are entertained.”

“boss Ma is always good.” Xue Yao first said hello, and then some embarrassed whispered next to Dong Yan: “I have customers on the other side.”

“What kind of customer is that?” Dong Yan yelled. “Do you think I can’t see it? Is that acquaintance? Is it acquaintance to come over during work hours, do you ignore work discipline?”

“It is an acquaintance, but also a customer!” Xue Yao stressed.

“I don’t care so much about you, your task now is to entertain boss Ma!” Dong Yan said coldly.

Xue Yao looked at Ma Zhiyuan, who was looking at her thighs in a positive color, and felt a little disgusting. The last time she received Ma Zhiyuan, this bald-headed fat man always wanted to move his hands on her feet. Fortunately, Luckily, I was so alert that I pushed it away, this time again?

Ma Zhiyuan said while he was arranging his beads. “Xiao Xue, I didn’t understand what you said last time. Let’s talk again this time?”

“Sorry, boss Ma.” Xue Yao said, “There is just a business, let other colleagues receive you.”

In the face of Dong Yan, she refused directly. The faces of Dong Yan and Ma Zhiyuan instantly cooled down. Ma Zhiyuan put the beads on his hands and patted them on the table. He asked: “Yan sister, are you here to receive customers?”

Dong Yan said with a hurry: “Boss Ma, I really can’t help it. This girl is too ignorant. I have to talk a few words.”

She turned her face to Xue Yao and said to her face: “Xue Yao, do you want to do it? Let you receive the customer, you don’t receive it? Who do you think you are?”

Xue Yao heart was also on fire. She resisted dissatisfaction and said: “I’m having business now, can’t everyone else receive boss Ma? I’m not lazy!”

“Xue Yao!” Dong Yan said, “Do you not have long eyes? boss Ma and your client, which is important? Let you receive boss Ma, is to give you the opportunity! This is a single talk, commission at least 20,000! You No, then I just gave it to someone!”

“Just give it!” Xue Yao said, “Whoever loves to go!”

If the business is going to be cheaper by boss Ma, she would rather not go. She is coming to sell a house, is it not selling her body?

“You! I am really mad at you!” Dong Yan is not light, actually does not listen to her, this Xue Yao is too oneself infallible, must let her long memory!

She walked to Ma Zhiyuan and squeezed a smile. She said, “Boss Ma, you wait. Xue Yao, she is a little busy now, I will arrange a salesman to introduce you.”

“No need!” Ma Zhiyuan coldly snorted and said, “Since you are so sincere, I don’t think there is any need to talk anymore. I went to the Dajiang Real Estate next to it!”

“Boss Ma, don’t. This girl is a bit embarrassed, I will arrange it for you again?” Dong Yan lost with a smile.

Ma Zhiyuan calmly fiddled with his own beads and said: “I will come again next time, and I am a stubborn person. I only recognize her, Yan sister understands?”

“You can rest assured that we will definitely show sincerity.” Dong Yan said.

On the other hand, Lu Zixin asks: “Senior Sister, is there any trouble? If you are busy, you don’t have to worry about me. I can always find someone to arrange.”

“What are you talking about?” Xue Yao blamed him for a sigh of relief. “Who is the sister? Go, sister will invite you to dinner now!”

She went out with Lu Zixin, and Dong Yan looked at her background, showing a disdainful smile.

Xue Yao found a signpost restaurant and asked Lu Zixin to eat at noon.

“It’s so bitter, but I want to eat whatever I want,” Xue Yao said.

“OK!” Lu Zixin was more comfortable, and immediately ordered two side dishes.

“Boss, come two more bottles of beer!” Xue Yao shouted.

“Senior Sister, are you still drinking?” Lu Zixin surprisedly said.

“How, can’t you?” Xue Yao asked. “You guys are not, do you have a few bottles to meet?”

“It’s big noon now!” Lu Zixin stressed. “We drink at night.”

“There is a lot of nonsense, drink or not? Not drinking is mine.” Xue Yao Liu Mei twisted and asked.

“Drink!” Lu Zixin is also unpretentious. He sees that Xue Yao is in a bad mood.

Fortunately, Xue Yao still remembers the work and did not drink too much. In the afternoon, she took Lu Zixin to see the office building.

“What kind of building do you want to see?” Xue Yao asked. “I prepared a few yesterday, you see.” She took the information out and Lu Zixin shook his head directly: “Not this.”

“I want a new real estate, you see, how about these?” He handed the company’s employees information to Xue Yao for several places he screened.

Xue Yao looked at it, said: “These are the office buildings that were rebuilt or not completed soon. They have not been sold yet!”

“And this office building is in the hands of developers, not renting, unless you buy.”

“Just buy it,” Lu Zixin said.

“Buy?” Hearing this word, Xue Yao was surprised and stared at Lu Zixin and said, “Hey? Can’t see it. Lu Zixin, it’s a good mix in the company, the task of buying an office is handed over to you!”

In this area, even a small office area, it has millions. If it is a layer – it can’t be a layer, it is a million levels, and Xue Yao does not feel that Lu Zixin has the ability to decide on the purchase.

“Alright.” Lu Zixin said modestly.

“It’s really good!” Xue Yao praised. “I just graduated, I can’t even support myself! Of course, there is no good place to go now.”

“That’s bad luck, Senior Sister, you must be rich in life!”

“Forget it, I feel that I am rich and rich. Lu Zixin, don’t forget the sister after the development, after all, the sister is the first woman to give you a Valentine’s Day gift.” Xue Yao said jokingly.

She refers to Valentine’s Day gift to all the boys in the department in order to comfort the single dog during the student union, not the kind between male and female friends.

“No problem.” Lu Zixin promised, for example, to change Xue Yao to work, is easy for him to do it.

“The promise is so refreshing, but the heart.” Xue Yao said, “I don’t care about you, let’s go to the office building. Half of the ones you give don’t have to go.”

“Why?” Lu Zixin asked.

“These developers are very pitted. Their construction materials are shoddy, black-hearted, and they are not responsible for any problems.”

“There is still this?” These materials were carefully selected by the company’s employees. There are just a few key points that Xue Yao pointed out.

Lu Zixin secretly frowned, not knowing the employees who worked for him, was it intentional. If it is intentional, then the finger may be benefited by the developer. Go back and check it out.

“Of course, there are more doorways here!” Xue Yao said with pride. “You can rest assured that there is a sister who will never hang you.”

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