BTC Chapter 511 : Admission

Edited: XiaXue


“Master Gammel said. If his cancer can be cured. There’s no need to worry about the cost of treatment!” In the doctor’s office, Gammel housekeeper explained to the doctor.

“For every patient, we will do our best!” The attending doctor affirmed.

After talking, the doctor sent Gammel for inspection. In terms of medical equipment, Red Letter own detection equipment for use, which can accurately detect the spread of cancer cells and determine the location of drug molecules.

After the examination, Gammel moved to the luxurious ward. There’s he had several private doctors taking care of him besides the medical staff from hospital itself.

The news media quickly reported the news. The world is concerned about the treatment of Garmel, which will prove the effectiveness of the drugs and programs for nausea cancer treatment at Hongxin International Hospital.

The New York Times reported on the front page, the British BBC radio station stationed a reporter for the first time to visit the medical situation. In the Middle East, Gammel’s royal brother said in the media that he wished Gammel could recover soon. If Red Letter International Hospital could cure Gammel disease, the doctors of Red Letter International Hospital will become permanent VIPs in their country!


On the website of Red Letter International Hospital, there are countless patients who apply for free medical care. Hong Xiaoxiao directly used intelligence system to filter out the unqualified part, and left the rest to the netizens to vote. Everything was under Hong Xiaoxiao supervision to prevent illegal ticket brushing.

A few days later, the voting results came out.

The first place is a middle school teacher. She has served for more than 30 years. She has worked diligently and has trained countless elites. After she found out to have liver cancer, she exhausted her family’s wealth. After this incident reported by the media, netizens voted for her.

The second place was a firefighter who had participated in many disaster relief missions. After suffering from cancer. Fiancée never gave up and sent his deeds online. Netizens also expressed their support.

The third place is a laid-off grassroots worker who has been working at the grassroots for decades and has stomach cancer. It is also carrying heavy burdens and is on the verge of breaking people at home. His eleven-year-old daughter rushed around for him, only to get a ticket for him.

Other patients who have not selected also had their own tragic stories, and Red Letter International Hospital was unable to take care of them all. Patients with good conditions can apply for treatment by themselves.

Red Letter International Hospital announced the list of free medical services as soon as possible, and notified the families of patients to send medical staff to pick up and drop off.


“Dad, we get the quota!” In the small room in the small city, the girl excitedly conveyed the news to her father.

“Really? Is there really a hospital willing to treat me for free?” The man also very excited.

“Really, they said that tomorrow, there will be uncles and aunts coming to pick you up and send you for treatment!” said the girl.

“Great! Great!” The man was excited, and even coughed violently.

“My baby, it really hurts you! Having you is the blessing of Dad’s life!”


In another city, the old teacher and his wife hung up the phone and equally delighted.

“Wife, your illness is finally hopeful!” The old teacher with half white hair looked at his wife, who was also a teacher, and choked.

“Well, you must help me to thank my students. If not them, we wouldn’t apply for this place.” The haggard woman said weakly on the bed.

“I know, I will definitely. You can treat it with peace of mind. I believe Red Letter International Hospital will definitely bring us a miracle and bring a miracle to the world!”


In a small hospital, firefighter soldier Zhang Zheng was full of tears and looked at the news on the phone.

“Brother, don’t worry about treatment. We will take care of your family members!” His comrade-in-arms comforted by the hospital bed.

“I… I really don’t know how to thank you! For me, you donate money and help apply for places…” Zhang Zheng said incoherently because of his emotions.

“It’s okay, we all understand.” The comrades comforted, “When you get well, we will fight again together!”

“Yeah!” Zhang Zheng nodded hard.

“Thank you.” Zhang Zheng’s fiancée also thanked in touch.

“Sister-in-law, you are the hardest.” The comrades said admiringly. Now, there are too few women who will never leave.

“Wanwan!” Zhang Zheng looked at his fiancée Wanwan. She was not as beautiful as a fairy, or even a little ordinary, but in his eyes she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

After learning that he had cancer, Zhang Zheng once wanted to break the marriage contract with fiancée. However, However, the other party disagrees life and death, and even takes care of him despite her parent’s opposition, which makes him very moved.

“If my illness really cured this time, I’ll definitely marry you!”

“Yeah!” Wanwan covered her mouth and agreed seriously.


Red Letter International Hospital received three cancer patients who received free treatment quotas in future city within three days.

All media are following up on reports, and the new city in the desert is attracting the attention of the whole world.

Cancer treatment process can’t know to the public, but this doesn’t prevent them from paying attention.

These days, no matter where they are, there are people discussing this matter.

“Hey, do you think Red Letter International Hospital can really treat cancer?” Jingcheng Medical University, several medical graduate students enthusiastically discussed.

“Maybe! The former dean of our Cancer Research Institute became the dean there! He is a big brother in the medical world!” said a graduate student.

“People have spoken to the whole world, surely it can, right?”

“It’s not good. Who can cure cancer? At the press conference, didn’t Mr. Wu say that it’s just suppressing cancer? It means it’s impossible to cured it!”


A month later, Red Letter International Hospital allowed the media to interview the patients for the first time.

The media can’t interview local tyrants from the Middle East, but patients who receive treatment free of charge are willing to be interviewed.

CCTV sent special reporters to directly conduct live interviews and broadcast them in the news of the day. To this end, the TV station has reserved for one and a half hours time as a special program time.

“Patients will rest inside. I hope when you talk, don’t let the patients get too emotional, so as not to affect the interview, and you must respect the wishes of the patients.” The doctor explained to the reporter.

“I will pay attention, thank you.” A young female reporter from CCTV came to the ward. The three free treatment patients are here waiting for interviews. The audience has itching for waiting, really wanting to know their situation right away. However, the camera turned to the three patients situation before hospitalized.

The old teacher, described as withered and thin as a bamboo pole; laid-off workers, black face, hard to swallow, unable to sleep at night; firefighters, thin 10 kilograms, face withered yellow. The three of them looked like a serious illness, which made people feel distressed.

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