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Su Zhirong family conditions are also relatively affluent, living in a high-end residential area in Central District of Shanghai. Lu Zixin took a good gift and went to visit with Su Zhirong sister.

When they arrived at doorstep, the door opened automatically. A middle-aged woman smiled and greeted her and said, “Xiaoyu reminds me, you are here.”

According to Su Zhirong, her mother is called Ye Rui. Now she is in her early forties, but the skin care is especially good. It looks like thirty. The appearance and temperament are naturally not bad, otherwise how to produce two beautiful daughters like Su Zhirong and Su Xiaomeng.

“My dear mother, do you think me?” Su Xiaomeng plunged into Ye Rui’s arms as soon as she entered the door.

Like Su Zhirong, Ye Rui also likes to pinch Su Xiaomeng’s face, said with a smile: “You crazy, don’t make a fuss in school? When your dad comes back, I am sure, he is to find you!”

“Mom, then you have to help me.” Su Xiaomeng looked at her with puppy eye. Ye Rui couldn’t help but say with a smile. “You, don’t grow up! It’s not like your sister!”

Su Xiaomeng said with dissatisfaction: “The next time I go home, I will bring boyfriend back.”

She finished, and she smashed on her head. Ye Rui taught: “The high school has not finished reading, and want to think about some messy things.”

“I finished reading next year.” Su Xiaomeng finished, and smelled the food in the kitchen, and his attention was shifted. “Good fragrance, I will go and see.” Then she sneaked into the kitchen.

“Auntie, I am Lu Zixin.” Lu Zixin introduced himself.

“I know, welcome you to our house.” Ye Rui’s attitude is still affectionate. She looked at Lu Zixin and said: “The real person looks much more handsome than the photo. My daughter’s vision is not bad.”

Su Zhirong’s face was reddish. She took her boyfriend home for the first time. She was nervous than Lu Zixin, and she was afraid that her parents would have any opinions.

In short, the temporary relationship is still very harmonious. Ye Rui talked with them in the living room for a while, and Su Zhirong introduced some Lu Zixin cases more or less before.

Ye Rui said with emotion: “It’s really young and promising. Young people have such a career, it’s rare.”

“It’s okay, it’s all lucky.” Lu Zixin said modestly.

“I told her that her father is also a business entrepreneur, and I have some understanding of this. It is not enough luck, or people have the ability.” Ye Rui said.

Lu Zixin smiled and said a few words of praise, such as what is young and temperament, which makes Ye Rui very happy.

She said with a smile : “Okay, Xiao Lu, you come to our house, I am very welcome. You will treat this as your own home.”

“But waiting for her dad to come back, if he is not good, don’t care, he is a temper.”

“I know.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Well, then I will go to cook first. Xiaomeng, are you still eating in the kitchen? The dishes have been eaten by you!” Ye Rui rushed to the kitchen. Let Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong watch TV in living room.

“Xiaoyu, turn on the TV!” Su Zhirong shouted, and then the smart LCD TV hanging on the wall in the living room was automatically turned on.

Lu Zixin’s eyes were positioned on a small rectangular object placed on the living room table. He asked with amazement: “Smart speakers? Your home is really trendy.”

“You forgot? My dad is doing this. Of course, we have these in our homes. Air conditioners, TVs, and air purifiers are all smart.” Su Zhirong explained.

She also said before that her father Su Shi was originally a Jiangcheng person, doing home appliance business. Later, when the business grew a little bigger, it moved to shanghai. Now he is one of the shareholders of Shanghai Thunderstorm Appliances, owning 12.3% of the company’s shares, and is also the vice president of Thunderstorm Appliances.

Lu Zixin has checked Thunderstorm Appliances Co., Ltd., which is a company with more achievements in the field of home appliances. Their LCD TVs, air conditioners, rice cookers, microwave ovens, etc. have a certain market in China. However, compared to Haier, the United States, the various forces and other brands are still a lot worse.

Lu Zixin asked curiously: “Is the products of thunderstorm appliances already use intelligent?”

“Which is so simple?” Su Zhirong shook her head. “Now everyone is doing smart homes, and my dad’s company is also doing it. This ‘Xiaoyu’ smart speaker is the product that their company produces.”

“In fact, it is smart, but I think it is very general, far worse than the intelligence of our red letter.”

“It’s function, now only to play songs, turn on the TV, turn on the lights, adjust the air purifier. It is almost impossible to communicate with it like Red Cloud. It is still unstable, and there is more interference from outside. This smart speaker is also useless.”

Said Su Zhirong, she also gave Lu Zixin a demonstration. For example, she said to the smart speaker: “Xiaoyu, turn on the light in the bedroom.”

After a few seconds of delay, the bedroom lights are on.

“Xiaoyu, play a song.” The smart speaker randomly play a song, this time Su Zhirong said: “Xiaoyu, turn off the bedroom lights.”

However, at this time, the smart speaker did not respond. At this time, Su Xiaomeng, who had just sneaked a wave in the kitchen, ran out and shouted at the smart speaker: “Xiaoyu, turn off the lights in the bedroom!”

The smart speaker still didn’t respond. She added decibel and shouted: “Close the bedroom light!”

The smart speaker finally reacted, but this time it was not to turn off the lights in the bedroom, but to double the sound of the music.

In the kitchen, Ye Rui asked: “What are you talking about?”

“I am mad at this, this is artificial intelligence, it is simply an artificial mental retardation!” Su Xiaomeng went forward and directly turned off the switch of Xiaoyu smart speaker.

“Look, this is the so-called smart speaker. This is just one of its ‘mental obstacles’. When it sings, the sound interferes, it can’t recognize our voice commands. Or when watching TV, it will also be affected the interference.”

“There are also other appliances, such as air purifiers, room temperature adjustments, and they often make mistakes, and the connection between home appliances is very bad.” Su Zhirong said.

Lu Zixin was speechless and said: “That said, it feels useless. Sometimes it is more troublesome than not using it.”

“Yeah, so this artificial mental retardation can’t be sold out!” Su Xiaomeng said, “Brother-in-law, if you want to design a smart home with your red letter, the Red Cloud is definitely better than Xiaoyu!”

“Who said it was an artificial mental retardation?” A deep male voice came, and there was dissatisfaction in the voice.

Lu Zixin clearly saw that Su Xiaomeng’s complexion changed, and immediately stood upright, facing the person who just opened the door, with a smile: “Dad, you are back.”

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