BTC Chapter 175 : Sitting and talking without backache

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I saw the doorway, a forty-year-old middle-aged man was changing shoes. He is tall, short-haired, wearing a dark suit, and his face is well-defined. When he doesn’t talk, his brows are slightly down, giving a serious, unsmiling feeling.

This, presumably is Su Zhirong father, Su Shi.

Su Shi glanced at her and his eyes quickly fell on Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin stood up and said, “Uncle is good.”

“Yeah.” Su Shi just snorted, expression is not too happy. As a father, the daughter who saw multi-year-old daughter was taken away by someone else’s man, and the mood was very complicated.

He changed his shoes and asked: “Do you say it is an artificial mental retardation?”

When it comes to this problem, Su Xiaomeng’s fashion looks like an emoticon, surprisedly said: “No, who said? No one said. Dad, you must have got it wrong.”

Su Zhirong also coughed twice and got up and said: “Dad, I will pour you a cup of tea.”

“Hey, I heard it.” Su Shi continue, “Xiaoyu is the most advanced artificial intelligence appliance in our company, but there are still some technical defects. But it will soon be improved and enter thousands of households!”

“I think so too.” Su Xiaomeng nodded.

Su Shi looked at Lu Zixin and asked: “I heard that you are also engaged in this aspect. What do you think of this smart speaker?”

Lu Zixin didn’t expect that when he first came to his father-in-law’s house, he was asked this question. It is no wonder that Ye Rui reminded him before that Su Shi’s temper was strange. According to common sense, shouldn’t you ask what family, work, etc.?

However, since the other party asked, Lu Zixin also replied truthfully: “The voice interaction function is very poor, the speech recognition is not accurate, and it is susceptible to interference.”

Hearing what he said, Su Shi’s face had been pulled down a bit, and then Lu Zixin did not notice that he still wanted to answer this question, and he seemed to be more professional.

He continued: “The sound quality is not good, the smart speaker, the first function is to play songs, I feel that the sound quality of it is not as good as the smart phone.”

“Then is a very important feature, coordination.”

“The main goal of this smart speaker design, in addition to play songs, should be as a hub of the smart home system, through voice commands to control other smart home appliances. For example, remote control appliances switch.”

“But I only found that he has such a simple function as a switch, and maybe there are other functions. Every smart home appliance should be a unique part of this ‘Internet of Things’, like an app in a smartphone, has a unique role.”

“These appliances need all the connections between each other. For example, the sensor feels the light, the sound, the temperature change, then the size of light, air conditioner, air purifier, or speaker sound will change. This Xiaoyu smart speaker should still do not enough.”

Lu Zixin said that he still wants to talk about it, but he finds that Su Xiaomeng is squinting at him. He looked at Su Shi’s face and was already half black.

Lu Zixin wondered: “Maybe I don’t know about it, some are wrong, don’t care.”

At this time, Ye Rui came out of the kitchen, said with a smile: “Nothing wrong, you just said it is right!”

“What is right?” Su Shi dissatisfied. “These are just the most superficial status quo, and the inside is complicated!”

He frowned and said to Lu Zixin: “Some of the problems you said do exist. But this is not a problem with Xiaoyu smart speaker, but a problem in the entire smart home industry.”

Lu Zixin said: “In fact, it is not difficult to improve. Just do a good job for voice interaction and sensor technology, and then make a smart home management system.”

“It’s not difficult?” Su Shi coldly snorted and said, “You are sitting and talking, no pain, let yourself study, the fur can not touch.”

As he said, the scene was a bit embarrassing. Ye Rui quickly made a round trip: “You guys, how do you bring the company’s temper to home? You have to change your clothes first, and you still wear a suit at home, making us uncomfortable, like a meeting.”

Su Shi was reluctant to go to the bedroom to change clothes. Su Zhirong quickly whispered in Lu Zixin’s ear: “You don’t mind, my dad is like this. Other things are fine, if you are working with him, Things, he will not let anyone.”

Su Xiaomeng nodded: “Brother-in-law, my dad expression, it’s getting dark. You don’t know, this Xiaoyu smart speaker is the project he led the development. These are the efforts of him and his team. You say that he doesn’t happy.”

Lu Zixin This is a sudden realization, no wonder so. It is inevitable that some people will be unhappy when they hear others criticizing their own efforts. As a “researcher” he can understand this feeling.

After a while, I opened the meal. Ye Rui made a table full of meals, and the atmosphere was relaxed when eating.

At the beginning, Su Shi first reprimanded Su Xiaomeng, saying that she was too busy at school, and the teacher sent a text message. Su Xiaomeng pretended to be a pair of babies, saying that she would never make trouble again.

Then it was Su Zhirong’s turn, and Su Shi asked: “How are you working at the company now?”

“Alright, the company is developing very well.” Su Zhirong replied truthfully.

Su Shi was somewhat unhappy and said: “You said that you can’t work in shanghai? This is one of the most developed cities in China, and it is in line with international standards. You can use everything you learn!”

Su Zhirong was helpless, and Su Shi was still worried about her not going to the company to help him.

Ye Rui said: “The child is older, have her own career, you will have less fun.”

“I can’t say anything?” Su Shi asked.

“Yes, Dad, you eat,” Su Zhirong said.

Lu Zixin also said on the side: “Our company is also considering building a branch in shanghai, so that Su Zhirong can go home from time to time.”

“That good feelings.” Ye Rui said with a smile.

They also talked about Lu Zixin’s body and simply asked about the situation and there was nothing to say.

Su Shi said: “I have to return to the company, let me arrange it myself.”

Ye Rui asked: “What’s wrong? It’s going to be a New Year. Is the company work still so much?”

Referring to this, Su Shi’s mood is worse. Said: “It’s not a smart speaker! The few shareholders are short-sighted. If you don’t have sales for a short time, they have to cut this project.”

“I am really mad, and now I am studying smart homes abroad. They are good, and they are not willing to invest a little money.”

“They can’t see that the annual growth rate of smart homes in US has reached 5.8%, and China’s 0.1% is only a big market prospect!”

When talking, Su Shi’s voice was filled with deep depression. They are preparing to use smart speakers as the backbone of the smart home system. However, the function of this “hub” has been unsatisfactory, and Su Shi has been questioned in the company.

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