BTC Chapter 176 : Young people should be humble

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Su Zhirong frowned slightly asked, “Why is this?”

Su Shi said: “There is not enough function of the product, and there is another habit of not using smart home in China.”

“Last year, Amazon Echo smart speaker sales in the North American market more than 10 million units, which is comparable to the sales of smartphones and computers! However, China, the smart phone sales of the highest manufacturers, not their 1%.”

“In the United States, some homes use smart speakers as a necessity as a smartphone, but the market demand in our country has not been opened.”

Lu Zixin said: “The product features limit its development.”

To be honest, the level of Xiaoyu smart speaker will not be bought for him, and the performance is too bad.

“This is related to the development of smart home appliances! Domestic household appliances do not have a unified standard. Some families buy smart speakers, but there are no smart home appliances such as smart TVs, refrigerators, switches, and air conditioners that can be connected to management. system, the price is too low.” Su Shi said it is also very helpless.

“In any case, it must be done. Doing business must be forward-looking. It is not going to develop now. It does not mean that it will not work in the future. I am not planning to take a break this year, and urge them to improve their products as soon as possible. At that time, there is capital to convince them to continue this project.”

On the side, Su Xiaomeng interjected: “Dad, you have been drumming for two years, and you haven’t seen how smart this smart speaker has become. It’s better to find a brother-in-law to help you, and solve it in minutes!”

Su Xiaomeng gave Su Shi a crit. He said with a black face: “Children, what do you know?”

Lu Zixin said, “In fact, in terms of voice interaction and intelligent information processing, I can really help.”

“You?” Su Shi looked at him questioning. He knew that Lu Zixin was the top of Red Letter and he was very expensive. But I don’t know about him and other aspects of Red Letter.

“Do you understand this?” he asked.

“Understood. I also participated in the development of our Red Letter Smart Voice Assistant.” Lu Zixin said.

Su Shi still doesn’t believe it. He asked Lu Zixin’s education before, just like it. His so-called participation in development should be the kind of name, and there is not much technology.

Su Zhirong said: “Yes, Dad, if you have any questions, you can ask Lu Zixin directly.”

“No need.” Su Shi does not believe, and he is an elder, but also to ask the son-in-law, lost identity.

At this time, Ye Rui said: “Red letter, their intelligence, not is the red cloud voice assistant, very powerful. You may wish to let Xiao Lu go with you to see, maybe a little help?”

She asked Lu Zixin again and said, “Xiao Lu, do you have time?”

“Yeah, I will be in shanghai these days.” Lu Zixin nodded.

Su Shi will be suspicious, but he has been tortured by this trouble for too long, thinking that perhaps Lu Zixin can really give a little opinion, it is better to bring him, but also can understand the ability of this son-in-law.

He still cautiously asked: “This, does not involve the secrets of your company?”

“Nothing, I have a measure.” Lu Zixin naturally does not give the company confidential information, just help them solve a few problems, it is enough for them to use.

“Well, then you will go to the company with me now.” Su Shi immediately said.

“I want to go too!” Su Xiaomeng shouted.

“You don’t mess up, stay at home.” Su Zhirong shouted. “Wait we go out with mom to buy some new year clothes.”


Lu Zixin went to Thunderstorm Appliances Co., Ltd. with Su Shi, and after a lot of time, they went to the place.

In the building of Thunderstorm Appliances Co., Ltd., Su Shi entered, and the employees met him and said hello, “President Su is good.”

Seeing the young people behind Su Shi, they are still very curious, it seems that they have never seen it, is it a customer?

When he was on the elevator, Su Shi also met an acquaintance. The man is about the same age as him, and the nameplate on his chest reads: Thunderstorm Appliances, Vice President, Cai Yun.

“Old Su, are you not going home?” Cai Yun surprisedly said.

“Eat meal, come back and look at the project.” Su Shi simply replied.

Hearing Su Shi’s answer, Cai Yun said with a smile: “Old Su, you still don’t want to die! This project, we discussed it last time, we will cut it after the year.”

“I know that you have put a lot of effort into it, but the project will not produce results, and shareholders will not agree. R&D costs too much. We can wait for the smart home appliance market in China to open up, and then invest again no late.”

Su Shi disagreed with his point of view and said: “Now big home appliance brands are doing smart homes, and there are also companies in other fields such as Keli, Jingdong, Rice, and even those who are in other fields. We have to get involved. If we are late, we will develop the outlook is not good.”

Cai Yun did not agree, saying: “There is no need to study it yourself. It is not enough to directly represent foreign brands. Now the performance of smart speakers in North America is better than that of China.”

Su Shi shook his head and said: “Which agent is so simple? Or is it self-developed.”

Cai Yun could not convince him, simply transferred the topic and asked: “Yes, this is?”

Su Shi introduced: “The girl’s boyfriend is also a business, take him to our company to visit.”

“Oh, It’s a talent.” Cai Yun said politely, Lu Zixin also responded to him simply.

Soon, they went to the department that developed the smart speakers. When they saw Su Shi coming in, everyone was accustomed to it. Su General went to work longer than these employees, and he could be said to be a model of professionalism throughout the company.

“Old Xia, Xiao Wan, come here.” Su Shi ordered two people, only to see a middle-aged man and a young man who was almost as big as Lu Zixin came over.

Su Shi introduced Lu Zixin, “Old Xia, Xia Ankang, the director of our Xiaoyu Intelligent Speaker R&D department, has rich experience and has worked in the field of smart home appliances for more than ten years!”

“This is Wan Yongzhi, a high-school student who returned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been a graduate student in a foreign voice intelligence laboratory, and his level is not bad.”

“You and they can communicate on technical issues.”

Su Shi said, looking at Lu Zixin. Until now, he still doubts Lu Zixin’s words. When Lu Zixin criticized the smart speaker, he was dissatisfied. Later, both daughter and wife thought that the technology of Red Letter was higher than their thunderstorm level, and he was a bit awkward in his heart.

Since Lu Zixin volunteered to help, let him see, Xiaoyu research and development level is not low! When he came up, he gave Lu Zixin two expert talents and gave Lu Zixin a horse. Even if Lu Zixin is a bit level, I believe that these two people will certainly suppress him in terms of professional knowledge. Let him know that young people still have to be humble!

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