BTC Chapter 525 : Fire Fighting Robot with Great Power

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The trapped woman looked at the scene in shock. She hadn’t thought about it. It wasn’t Sun Wukong who stepped on cloud in the myth to save herself, but a robot!

“Is the robot really reliable?” everyone below asked eagerly.

“I’ve never seen it before, I don’t know!”

“I’m so nervous, that woman is about to fall off!” The crowd worried for them.

“Can it work?” The mayor asked the fire brigade captain.

“It should work.” The fire brigade captain replied.

“What is it supposed? Can’t make a mistake! Any mistake is a matter of human life!” the mayor shouted.

The firefighters at the stairway also waited nervously. The fire inside got bigger and bigger, and the people inside would never get out again.

“Captain, let us in!” the firefighters shouted.

“You…” The captain gritted his teeth, he also under tremendous pressure. “Wait another three minutes. If the robot fails, try again!”

“Good!” The firefighters clenched their fists and waited for the news.

“Please stand up, I will immediately put a seat belt for you, the drone will take you safely to land!” Fire robot said.

The woman approached two steps. The robot pulled the drone’s safety rope and put it on her. The drone received new instructions and began to descend.

The woman screamed and the drone slowly descended until she was safely sent to the point. Immediately there’s a medical staff rushed over, “Quick, is there anything uncomfortable?”

“Smoke, my head is dizzy and my throat is uncomfortable!” the woman said.

“Is there anyone in the building?”

“I don’t know, they all ran! I was trapped and couldn’t get out!”

They are still busy here. Upstairs, No. 1 completed the task and rushed into the fire scene. The raging fire, the burning hot metal, and the collapsed obstacles in front of him can all be ignored!

Their body materials can withstand temperatures as high as a few thousand degrees celsius, or as low as a few hundred degrees Celsius.  A fire that can easily kill people is just a general scene for fire fighting robots.

Seeing No. 1 successfully rescued the woman from the high building, the crowd cheered.

“Awesome robot! High-altitude rescue, so handsome!”

“There’s another robots rushing in, I don’t know if other people can safely come out!”

Reporter excitedly reported: “Did you see? We still have a way. Robot rescue!”

The mayor looked up and was relieved. Fortunately, the robot didn’t make a mistake, but they still can’t relax because there’s still trapped people in the building.

The fire brigade captain still in an emergency command, his voice has become hoarse because shouting.

“Team one, team two, listen! The fire-fighting robots have entered the scene for rescue. You quickly clean up the corridor entrance and defend the rescued people from being burned a second time!”

The firefighters quickly moved to clean up the fire and obstacles at the corridor entrance as much as possible. Because the flames on the 25th, 26th, and 27th floors are too big and have burned to the balcony. It’s impossible to send them down by drone, so they can only go through the corridor.

On the 26th floor, in the bathroom of a certain company, all four employees fainted on the ground. The smoke has filled the bathroom and nothing visible inside.

They had wet their clothes with water and put them in front of their mouths and noses, but at this time there was no oxygen to breathe in the space, and they were all swallowed by flames. Three of them were already unconscious.

There’s one last person left, waiting for death in vague manner!

“The target has been, four people, carrying out rescue!” The fire-fighting robot walked in the flame, found four trapped people through the life detector and feedback the information in real time.

“Hurry to rescue!” the captain shouted. He said to mayor next to him at the same time: “Mayor, the rescue robot has found the target and is carrying out the rescue!”

“Okay, we must bring people out safely!” the mayor nodded.

In the small bathroom, Deng He, who was in a daze, saw a shadow rushing in, as if it were a person.

He tried his best to reach out and shouted: “Help… Help!”

A metal hand stretched out, pulled him up and wrapped him in a fireproof cloth. The fire-fighting robot did the same thing to the other three people. Then carried two people on its back and holding two people in front, while running in the flame without pressure.

At the entrance of the stairs, the firefighter saw a shadow rushing out of the flame, and the firefighting robot mechanically shouted: “The rescue target is four people, three are in a severe coma and need immediate rescue!”

“Leave it to us!” The firefighters is ready to took over the wounded. Then the fire fighting robot turned and entered the flame again.

“It’s amazing!” The firefighter who would risk his death to save the people exclaimed. This fire fighting robot can actually ignore the flames and carry out rescue operations. If it changed to them, they might have died in the service!

Downstairs, the captain yelled in surprise: “It’s rescued. Just got the news. Our fire fighting robot successfully rescued the four trapped people!”

“Rescued!” The woman in grief just now looked over in surprise and said: “Where is my son?”

“Don’t be excited, our medical staff will treated him, you will see him soon!”

The mayor frowning brow stretched a little bit. Fortunately, there is a robot, otherwise, the impact of this incident is too great!

“Is there anyone else?” the mayor asked.

“The robot still searching and rescuing!” the captain said, “The helicopter has arrived, we can put out the fire within 30 minutes!”


The fire-fighting work continues, and the fire-fighting robot lives up to expectations and found another wounded. The wounded man is choked by smoke before the robot found him. When the robot found him, he had severely burn and the robot immediately rescued him.

Afterwards, the robot searched for several fired floors and found no more burned persons or dead bodies. At this time, the fire fighting helicopter and subsequent firefighters has arrived and began to speed up to extinguish the fire.

Robots have also joined the firefighting process. They are more efficient than humans. They can remove heavy obstacles and extinguish key fire sources.

The fire they planned to extinguish in half an hour ended ten minutes earlier.

Two firefighters together with the firefighting robot, evacuated from the building.

The masses, when they saw the blackened firefighters and robots coming out of the building, they called out.

In particular, two fire fighting robots have attracted everyone’s attention.

“Son!” The mother of the trapped person rushed up and is very excited to see her son was fine.

The reporter hurried to learn about the news and reported it first: “According to the news we just learned. With the efforts of firefighters and firefighting robots, all trapped people has been rescued. Now, the wounded is undergoing treatment.”

“In this process, the most eye-catching performance is the firefighting robot! This is the first firefighting activity involving an intelligent robot. There is no doubt about its power!”

“I believe everyone very interested in it. We will be here and continue to understand in the next interview, please don’t go away!”

“Mayor, no people died, the injured are all undergoing treatment and a severe burn is out of danger!” The fire brigade captain reported the situation.

“Very good, it’s not right!” Mayor suddenly felt the pressure a lot smaller, “It’s thanks to this high-tech robots, but we can’t take it lightly. Quickly investigate the cause of the fire! We need to do post-disaster resettlement.”

The masses took out their mobile phones one by one and took picture of the fire-fighting robot. This magical robot that never appeared, brought them too much surprise.

The rescue work is over, and the news and video materials of the rescue have just spread. Not only the media, but the masses themselves are rushing to spread the news.

The appearance of fire fighting robots has become a new hot spot in society.

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