BTC Chapter 524 : Trapped and Desperate

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The firefighters had reached the 22nd floor. There’s dense smoke and heat waves. Some people staggered out of the stairs. The firefighters hurried to save people.

“Is there anyone in there?” the fireman asked him, while handing him a gas mask.

“Yes, there are a few more people!” said the other person.

“Fast, go in, search as much as possible!” Two firefighters rushed in with their equipment and the rest continued upstairs.

The fire didn’t just affect one floor, it has already affected five floors!

Under the building, people continued to come. The mayor of this administrative district also rushed to the scene to give guidance on disaster relief.

“Hurry to evacuate the masses, police comrades maintain order, let firefighters go to the rescue!” the district mayor shouted with a megaphone.

Every second is crucial in the process of disaster relief. One by one, people evacuated from the Yinlong Building. However, some of the people who came down from the upper floors were trapped by the smoke and flames.

“When will the fire be extinguished?” the district mayor asked the fire brigade captain anxiously.

“At least one hour!” said the captain, “The building is too high. Our high-level rescue fire truck can’t rush even if it is connected to the high-pressure nozzle. You have to bring fire-fighting equipment upstairs until the fire-fighting helicopter arrives!”

“How many people still trapped? Quickly rescue people, one can’t be less!” The district mayor ordered, “If there is any need, our other comrades will fully cooperate!”

The fire brigade captain also very anxious. The fire broke out very quickly this time. Leading to many people trapped. The firefighters has climbed to more than 20 floors, most of their physical strength has exhausted, but they continued to break into the fire scene to save people.

Another five minutes passed, the fire is still growing, while the rescue is getting harder and harder.

“How? How many people are trapped?” asked the captain.

“Hooho!” The firefighter took a few breaths and said in a very anxious tone: “The searches on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th floors have finished. Five people injured and all have came down. There’s still people on 25, 26, and 27, but the fire was too strong. I can’t break in. Our firefighters have injured two people!”

The fire is spreading upwards quickly. The fire brigade captain knows that these team members are professionally trained. They say it’s difficult to break in. It must be already dangerous situation where people can’t resist.

Can’t save it, can it work?

“I beg you! I beg you!” At this moment, a mother cried out at the scene downstairs, “My son is still on the 26th floor!”

“Calm down, is your son on the 26th floor?” The police helped her.

“Yes, he is on the 26th floor. He was still on the phone with me just now. All four of them were trapped inside. He had difficulty breathing just now. Please help them!” Many-year-old women cried and described the situation.

“You can rest assured, we will definitely rescue them!” the on-site personnel comforted.

The fire brigade captain was under tremendous pressure and shouted: “There are still people on the 26th floor, think of a way to save people!”

Several black fire brigades were at the top of the smoke-filled staircase. The fire was blazing into the sky, the heat wave made them their skins burned to varying degrees and the electronic devices inside have exploded. If they break in, they will probably never go back.

“Go in!” One of them gritted his teeth, “I thought about it a long time ago, didn’t you?”

“In!” another person said.

“Captain, we are ready to go in! The wills in the cabinet. Help us give them to our parents!” Several firefighters shouted in the communicator

“Wait! Don’t be impulsive!” the captain shouted.

“No, it’s too late if I don’t go!” The firefighters have already begun preparations.

“This is the order, wait!” the captain yelled, “You will wait in the same place, the rescue is coming!”

“What rescue?” the firefighter yelled, “If I don’t go, they will burn to death!”

“This is an order! Waiting for support, our fire robot is here!” the captain shouted.

“What? Robot, can you do it?” The firefighters stunned.

At this time, the newly arrived fire truck arrived. There’s nothing else on this fire truck. It is just equipment that two fire robot need to use.

“Look, there is someone upstairs!” Someone raised their binoculars and looked at the 28th floor of the building. There was a young female stationmaster on the balcony. She looked downstairs in despair and waved constantly.

“She is surrounded by fire, my God, is she going to jump down?” the crowd exclaimed.

“Fast, prepare air cushion!” the captain shouted.

Someone immediately prepared an inflatable cushion, but the height is too high. Even if there is an air cushion, it’s probably useless. The height of more than 20 layers is enough to shock a person’s internal organs, and the distance is too high, the trapped person may not accurately jump on the air cushion.

The cameraman pointed the camera at the trapped person, and the reporter hurriedly reported: “We can see, this trapped person is very desperate. There is fire behind her. If she didn’t jump down, she will probably be engulfed by the fire. Now that the air cushion is ready, let us wish her good luck!”

“So poor!” The crowd below looked upstairs nervously.

On the 28th floor, the trapped woman kept coughing. The black smoke produced by the burning of chemicals made her brain dizzy and can barely stand steady. Behind her, the fire had spread over and seemed to engulf her.

She looked outside the balcony, it was a desperate height, and if she jumped like this, she would probably die.

To retreat is also to die, to advance is also to die. She is already in deep despair!

Under the building, the captain is giving instructions to the rescue robot, “No. 1, target the 28th floor, the woman who is going to jump outside!”

“No. 2, target the trapped person on the 26th floor! Speed!”

The fire robot receives the command and starts to start. Two firefighting robots took out the small drone from the car, grabbed the drone, and flew directly to the building.

“Look, what is that?” Everyone saw this scene. Not only the people downstairs, the police and media workers, but there’s also people from the surrounding buildings who is watching.

In their field of vision, two small drones carried the robots into the air, the target is the fire area.

“It’s a robot! What it’s going to do?” They had never seen such a robot.

No. 2 has already flown to the 26th floor. The drone directly placed it on the wall. No. 2 metal palm directly grabbed the smooth wall. Crawling like a gecko, then rushed into the smoky 26th floor.

“The robot is in!”

“Damn, this robot is too hanging, it can actually climb walls! Can it save people?”

The crowd couldn’t see the scene in the 26th floor, but they could see the scene on the 28th floor. No. 1 firefighting has arrived to the sky above the 28th floor with drone. It immediately jumped down and landed firmly on the balcony.

“The trapped person has been locked, starting the rescue plan, drone rescue.” The sound of No. 1 machine sounded, and it quickly said to the trapped woman: “Please don’t worry, I am the fire rescue robot No. 1, please follow my instructions for operation.”

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