BTC Chapter 407 : Really have this material?

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A few people looked at him, Lu Zixin continued: “We dare to throw out such an agreement, naturally it can guarantee the results and time of research and development.”

Wang Wei asked: “How to ensure that light is the problem of superconducting materials to maintain superconducting properties at room temperature, there are not many research institutions in the world to overcome this problem!”

Feng Weijun also said: “More importantly, we have to create a new type of superconducting materials for industrial production. We must consider the constraints of cost, equipment, practical application, etc., and we cannot use the laboratory method. This is not Solution!”

At this time, the boss of Taiguang Magnetic Materials, Sima Jin, did not speak, and their doubts were also questioned by Sima Jin. If this is not resolved, he will never sign the cooperation contract.

“Others can’t solve it, it doesn’t mean we can’t solve!” Lu Zixin’s words surprised a few people. This is a worldwide problem in the field of new materials. Can Red Letter have a solution?

“Two, you are all technical experts in this field. I ask you, if you let Taiguang magnetic materials solve the problem of quantum computer superconducting materials, what will you do?”

Lu Zixin’s problems made Wang Wei and Feng Weijun very embarrassed. If they knew, why bother to come here?

Wang Wei has already played a retreat in his heart. The president of Red Letter does not seem to be reliable. After talking for a long time, I still have to ask them! It seems that today’s business is not going to happen.

“Talk to President Lu.” Sima Jin still has a hint of luck and wants to continue talking. Even if this business can’t be done, you have to show the strength of your company, and maybe you can talk about business in other materials.

Wang Wei had to bite the bullet and say: “Now in the international frontier quantum computing, it is generally necessary to cool the material to absolute zero to achieve superconducting properties. The materials that can superconduct at room temperature are not yet available.”

“Internationally, the University of Tokyo and Science and Technology Agency have used fiber optics and programmable semiconductors to achieve normal temperature superconducting technology; Stanford University has proposed a semiconductor crystal based material that adjusts the atomic array within the crystal to create a single spin electron that can be confined in structural unit that made up, the material that is made can also realize the normal temperature quantum chip.”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “What you are talking about is the normal temperature superconducting method for optical quantum computers, and it can only exist in the laboratory. What we need is the normal temperature superconducting material required for superconducting quantum computers.”

“President Lu, this is something international colleagues can’t do. We can’t accept your request like this!” Feng Weijun said with dissatisfaction in his voice. “You said that red letter can resolved it. Then what can Red Letter Group do?”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “To do superconducting materials, it is not necessary to use alloy materials, metal-like materials are also feasible, such as the use of carbon structure to make metal-like materials.”

“You mean graphene? Can this material make quantum chips?”

“It’s not a graphene, it’s a new material that can fully realize normal temperature superconductivity and industrial production,” Lu Zixin said. “If you don’t mind, let’s take a look now.”

“What? Is there such a material?” Several people from Taiguang Magnetics are surprised. If there is such a material, the new material industry should have been reported long ago!

However, they have never heard of it. The leading institutions and enterprises of international new materials have not heard of it.

Lu Zixin had previously synthesized this new material in the physical laboratory of Red Letter, and gave it to the staff to make a superconducting quantum chip for testing. He just got the result and the test result was satisfactory. Now I will take them to visit. .

The business car that Sima Jin and others took was behind Lu Zixin’s car. Several people tacitly took out their mobile phones and exchanged them in the program group.

Wang Wei first said : “Boss, I don’t think it’s possible to talk about this time. The contract of Red Letter Group is too overbearing. The materials they want are not yet developed by our company.”

Feng Weijun : “Yes, it must be room temperature superconducting, industrial production, but also for quantum computing. Each of these is a worldwide problem! Not to mention us, it is enough for Red Letter Group to find the top material suppliers in United States and Japan.”

“I see their quantum computers commercialization is estimated to have to drag on for a few years! Our company is best not to sign this contract, when it is time to go in, not to come back in a few years, we have to be dragged!”

Sima Jin wondered: “I understand this, but President Lu has always said that they have a solution. If it is true, then we only use production and processing, which is equivalent to signing a big customer, and it will not worry in the next few years.”

Assistant Hu Cai advised: “Boss, people are deliberately creating this illusion, let us feel that we can invest.”

“Hu Cai said right!” Wang Wei, chief technical officer, continued to speak. “There are too many such routines. When we go, we will definitely come to an expert and boast about how good their technology is. Soon it will be realized. Then, there is nothing to come out.”

“In the end, we have to invest in R&D. They want to transfer the cost of research and development to us and cannot be fooled!”

“That’s true? The reputation of Red Letter Group has been very good, will it be so pitted?” Sima Jin was shaken by what they said.

“In any case, I have to keep my eyes open.” Feng Weijun said, “When you can go, as long as they can’t get results, we shouldn’t promise anything, no matter what they brag about and I am 100% sure, they definitely haven’t solved this problem, otherwise why are they looking for Cooperation with us?”

“Okay, you are experts in technology, you will see.” Sima Jin agreed.


Soon, they went to one of Red Letter research centers and were introduced to the test lab.

“President Lu, this is the chip, this is the test result.” A staff member handed him the superconducting quantum chip made with the new material and the test results.

Lu Zixin has a general look, and there are already a few in my heart. Reed Richards is a genius scientist. The new material he has not only overcomes the problem of super-temperature superconductivity, but also has many characteristics. The superconducting quantum chip runs more smoothly, and industrial production has no problem at all.

“Several, look!” Lu Zixin picked up the superconducting quantum chip and said, “This is the new materials that our red letter uses to make superconducting quantum chip. There is no problem with the performance of the chip.”

“And this new material is composed of carbon nanosphere arrays, which integrates high-density quantum bits and can perfectly maintain superconducting performance under normal temperature conditions without cryogenic cooling.”

“Not only that, but our carbon extraction methods and material synthesis costs are also greatly reduced, and industrial production can be achieved!”

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