BTC Chapter 286 : Such opponent

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Lu Zixin came directly to Liu Tong’s office and asked him to find relevant performance data for the company’s quarters.

Liu Tong, Zhu An, and Yue Hui, Liu Tong Vice-President, stayed in the office to explain the operations to Lu Zixin.

“I looked at it roughly. It seems that since August last year, the company’s business has started to decline. What is the reason?” Lu Zixin asked.

Liu Tong was a lot whiter and fatter, but his speech was still very calm. He explained, “Our company’s early business, mainly “Desolate Battlegrounds” mobile game, plus the subsequent online games. At the time, it was the market boom of Eating Chicken game, so the performance rose very quickly.”

“After half a year, the situation is different.”

“At the time, when Red Letter developed Cloud host and smartphone, we mainly made online game accelerator and red letter game platform.”

“At that time, the business was growing very fast. We launched some games and also stabilized some users.”

“In June of last year, our revenue on the game was significantly less than the channel revenue of the game platform. The game market share was also compressed by Net One, Tencent, etc., and gradually reduced.”

Lu Zixin also watched the reports they submitted, and the popularity of Eating Chicken game has been declining, and with Net One and Tencent’s continuous optimization of Eating Chicken game, many users have been diverted. So in this piece, the decline in the turnover of Red Letter game is normal.

“Why didn’t Red Letter have made a new explosion game during this time?” Lu Zixin asked.

Liu Tong and others looked at each other and their faces were unspeakable. Zhu An said: “Our company is not bad in game production technology, but for the market control, the creative trend is indeed a little weaker than the old game companies.”

Yue Hui added: “In fact, we have two games in the market last year. The response is not bad. One is the mobile game “Moon Spirit”, and the other is the new open map gun battle online game “Future Warrior”.

“Well, why are these two games not being done, what is the problem with the operation?” Lu Zixin questioning made Yue Hui nervous.

After all, this is the boss of Red Letter Group, the boss of the boss!

He said: “President, this probably because of our lack of operational investment, coupled with the pressure of competitors, so these two games have not been done.”

Having said that, Zhu An said with some dissatisfaction: “President, look at this information!”

“We launched “Moon Spirit” mobile game in less than half a month, Tencent games launched the same type of mobile game “Ancient Legends”, in the launch of “Future Warrior” online games for two months, Tencent games launched the same type of online games!”

“They already had a lot of user resources, plus promotions and they took our users more than half! This is really hard to do!”

“Is this the reason?” Lu Zixin looked at Liu Tong, and Liu Tong nodded. He was quite helpless and said: “If a game company user resources are several times that of you, you can follow their work with a cheeky face, then there are really few people who can compete for them!”

Liu Tong mainly talks about Tencent game. Although other game companies have problems with the trend or the cottage, they are not as big as Tencent game.

“Of course we have problems too.” Zhu An said, “In the last year, Net One games made two explosions of mobile games. Tencent game made five more, and acquired four small games that were on fire at home and abroad. The studio coupled with their own game accumulation, is indeed a lot ahead of us!”

Lu Zixin heard these explanations and nodded with approval, saying: “If it is for this reason, it can be understood.”

The opponent is world-class gamemaster Tencent, and red letter game is overtaken is normal. After all, every game has a lifeline. The original “Desolate Battlegrounds” has been cooled in half, and Tencent game has come back, occupying an absolute market advantage.

“Have you ever thought about any countermeasures that can change this situation?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Think about it.” The three nodded, Liu Tong said: “According to the current market situation, the game needs novel patterns or ideas.”

“Many users nowadays prefer some simple and easy-to-operate games. This requires game producers to observe the market and their own ideas. We can’t guarantee that we can only do our best.”

“But in the other direction, with the player’s understanding of the game, the improvement of hardware equipment, the game’s realism and experience requirements are also improving. For example, the current VR game is a good direction.”

“I talked with Director Xie, who is responsible for red letter smart glasses. HX GLASS can fully carry advanced VR games, plus the upcoming 6G network laying, turning VR games into a simple and easy to use, ready to experience, playing game is definitely a viable thing!”

“Since we can’t competing in the traditional game market with Tencent game, it is better to turn the main direction into a virtual reality game, maybe it will have a miraculous effect!”

Zhu An also nodded: “Preisdent, as early as a few months ago, we are ready to start developing VR games. By the successful experiment of Skynet project, our confidence is even greater!”

“Fast network speed and ubiquitous coverage allow players to operate VR games from anywhere. This will eliminate traditional bulky devices and network limitations, and the immersive experience of VR games is not available in other games!”

Lu Zixin thought for a while and said: “The direction you are talking about is really fine. The network of Red Letters can be spread all over the world within three years, and users all over the world can enjoy super high-speed network services.”

“For hardware configuration, Red Letter is also improving, chip, sensor, intelligent system.”

“I support this, is there a result?”

“One thing, but not very mature,” said Liu Tong. “We tried to develop two VR games of the traditional type, but we felt that the market was not competitive enough, so it was not online.”

“Let me see.” Lu Zixin is also very curious, what kind of VR games they develop.

“This is going to experience room.”

Lu Zixin came to experience room where some equipment was placed. For example, VR games are dedicated to 360-degree omnidirectional walking machines, auxiliary experience seats and so on.

These devices are all bought from abroad by red letters, or they are made to order.

Lu Zixin first sat in auxiliary experience seat, in front of the seat, as well as steering wheel, throttle, brakes and other auxiliary devices. The first game is a traditional racing game, but it is a VR perspective.

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