BTC Chapter 343 : Primary Semi-Dive Device

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“Boss, are we still marching?” A black man asked, he received a salary of one hundred dollars and ran to join the crowd.

At this time everyone is watching the crowds in Times Square, who is watching them marching! There was a crowd of people over there, and their protests here were ignored, and they were so extreme.

“Marching a fart!” Isaac threw the banner into the trash can and rushed away.

“Wait, you haven’t given money yet!” A group of people chased him and the parade disappeared into the crowd.


On the other hand, players with smart glasses to fight Thanos appear one by one, Science and Technology, magic, and magical special effects in Times Square, let the road people dizzying.

Under the bombardment of various skills, Thanos infinite gloves were smashed, and a few infinite gems broke into the void, turning into rainbow and disappearing.

Those performers, turning off the projections, everything seems to have never happened, but people have stood still for a long time, and have not returned.

Some curious and excited passers-by also took the performers to ask and take photos.

“Semi-Dive virtual game!” Lu Zixin also put away his glasses, thinking about the way the game was described in the group before.

This is a technique that combines special effects in the game with real-life scenes using smart projection glasses. Even without nerve induction, the effect is already very novel and interesting.

If you want to do a little better, you need to add nerve-sensing equipment to your glasses. Red Letter has not been involved in this field.

“Too interesting!” Next to him, Su Xiaomeng said excitedly, “Brother-in-law, you said that we can fight in the streets, like street fighters!”

“Of course!” Lu Zixin nodded. “But that kind of activity has to be organized in advance.”

Like this kind of street virtual game war, we must first face the problem of public security management, and then game experience, player’s personal safety and so on.

Su Xiaomeng didn’t want so much trouble. She put her hands on her chest and made a wave of movements. Her mouth was shouted: “Live six stalks!”

Lu Zixin cooperated with the upright arm block, then rushed to Su Xiaomeng and made a shoulder-shoulder action.

“Ah! Brother-in-law, I am joking!” Su Xiaomeng screamed for mercy, but the whole person had been lifted easily by Lu Zixin. Of course, she did not fall, but was on his shoulders.

“Now I won, I won a reward for my sister.” Lu Zixin took Su Xiaomeng, who was dancing in the air, for a moment.

At the press conference, after watching the smart glasses and virtual game performances in Times Square, the audience here will applaud!

“It turned out to be red letter!” said one guest, “It’s really amazing!”

“They redefine smart products and virtual projection technology!” A well-known American entrepreneur from an Internet Science and Technology company wrote this in his personal social space.

“I finally understand why Federal Communications Commission had previously issued a ban on Red Letter, then lifted the ban and the Ministry of Commerce allowed Red Letter to enter United States.” In a villa, the old man watching the conference through live broadcasts.

He is a giant in science and technology world and is now one of the famous capital crocodiles.

“Dad, why is this?” one of his children asked.

“If they are allowed to enter US market, our US Science and Technology companies will face unprecedented competition. But if they are blocked, we will derail from the frontier Science and Technology, causing more serious consequences.” Old man said, “Time Change, you remember, you can no longer be a small to China’s Science and Technology business.”

The press conference is coming to an end and Su Zhirong announces the price and sales channels for various products.

The HXV-1 smart projection phone costs $200 more than the previous generation of Red Letter smartphones. Smart projection watches range in price from $500 to $3,000. Similarly, the price of smart projection glasses has risen by more than $200.

In China, users can buy cheaper products. In the United States, the price is subject to a partial tax rate, so it is more expensive than the purchase on China.

Some high-end versions of the product are more expensive than those of companies such as Samsung and Apple! Its function is completely worthy of this price, and you can buy a low-end version with tight hands, and the market price is similar.

These smart products can be purchased under the channels of the three major telecom operators in United States. In addition, they can be purchased on the official website of Red Letter (US), Amazon, eBAY and other e-commerce platforms.

In addition, Red Letter Group is establishing Red Letter International Headquarters in  United States, and will also add the official flagship store of Red Letter.

China users are more convenient, direct online ordering, physical store purchases are OK.

The press conference has just ended, and the topic of Red Letter conference has become a hot spot on the Internet. Not only on the Internet on China Internet, the United States, and Japan, there are people discussing this matter.

On the official website of Red Letter in China, HXV-1 mobile phone sold just over 100,000 units in one hour!

It can be said that China’s sales have no need to worry, Red Letter this time to fight, is North American market, the world’s largest intelligent product sales market!

The sales model of American mobile phones is completely different from that in China. For example, now, even if the release of Red Letter is on the Internet, on the official website of Red Letter (US), the scheduled amount of data for five minutes of China official website has not been reached.

In the United States, most users consider the mobile phone brand, but also consider the carrier network compatibility issues.

In fact, this problem has been solved by Red Letter. Now the three major operators in the United States can access the network of Red Letter, using 6G network, there is no network problem. It’s just that American users are not used to this way, so the market reaction is still unclear in a short time.

The US media has also made various evaluations on this. A well-known investor asserted: “Red Letter’s products are indeed good, but the performance in US market is not optimistic. Its high price, low brand trust, The reasons for the design style and habits of American users are all obstacles to opening US market.”

“The North American mobile phone market is still dominated by companies such as Apple and Samsung!”

Like him, mainstream US media are trying to lower the valuation of Red Letter. This is also a means of public opinion. It is extremely reluctant behavior for Americans to let Red Letter enter North American market. Naturally, it is necessary to press a red letter in other aspects.

Not only that, but other mobile phone companies have also done activities to resist this market competition storm. Apple products launched rebate activities, now buy Apple products, you can reduce a certain amount, Samsung’s hot money to reduce the price, LG’s curved folding phone provides free screen insurance and so on.

A few days after the conference, the scheduled volume of Red Letter products in China market soared, and the major foundries of Red Letter were working overtime in the day and night.

In North America, the number of reservations for the official website of Red Letter (US) is very small, and the number of reservations on the operator’s electronic mall is a little more. With the increase in the predetermined amount, the global release date of Red Letter products will also arrive.

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