MST Chapter 142 : Giovanni incident results

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What Ye Guang said made Liu Chiyan have some doubts

Controlled? What controlled?

“Yeah?” Liu Chiyan has a question.

Ye Guang: “Nothing, just didn’t figure it out before, why it doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is what you do.”

Liu Chiyan listened have clouds and fog, but didn’t ask much, just sighed.

Ye Guang: “I may have to take a different teacher’s path in the future.”

Liu Chiyan: “What is a different teacher?”

“You will know later.” Ye Guang smiled. “I will tell you something we have encountered in the mountains.”

With that said, Ye Guang told the story of Doutang Village, Ding Xiang and Zhao Lei to Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan was silent for a while after listening. “Teacher Ding Xiang is a good teacher, as is Teacher Zhao Lei.”

Ye Guang sighed, “Well, they are all good teachers.”

Liu Chiyan: “So, just because they, you want to be a teacher?”

Ye Guang shook his head. “No, it can only be said that they made me more willing to be a teacher, let me know what to do.”

What Ye Guang said today has kept Liu Chiyan in the clouds.

Ye Guang also knows that Liu Chiyan will not understand it for a while, and open the subject. “Lilac is going to let you sing.”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “No problem, I must sing well and tell everyone about Ding Xiang’s story. She is a respectable teacher.”


The next day.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan go to work as usual.

Ye Guang’s main job is still to record Journey to the West storytelling, and Liu Chiyan is still busy preparing song to participate in The Strongest Voice’s. The days of The Strongest Voice are getting closer and closer.

In the afternoon, when Yang Guang had finished recording an episode, Jiang Fengxian came over.

“Old Jiang, what is going on?”

Jiang Fengxian: “There is a result of Giovanni’s business.”

Ye Guang stunned, Jiang Fengxian doesn’t mention that he is forgetting about it. “Well, how is it?”

Jiang Fengxian: “The evidence is complete. The court is going very fast. The clothes that Yiyi tears are subject to authoritative testing. There are quality problems, so the purchase of this dress is 90,000. The other party has a full refund because there is a fraud consumer problem, so the court decided to make them triple the compensation.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Is there anymore? If you just say this, it will be a little bit irritating. I spend more than three hundred and eighty-eight yuan in tearing clothes at their home.”

Jiang Fengxian: “The court said that the consumption of your clothes is your personal behavior and there is no judgment on this matter.”

Ye Guang shrugged. “It would be too cheap for them to do so, maybe someone would still call me a fool, the child bullied and gave money to others.”

Jiang Fengxian smiled. “That won’t. The court is only concerned with their affairs here. Others have industrial and commercial inspections. You have a lot of trouble, and the amount is large. Consumer associations and business inspections are involved. People who heard the business said that the store had been shut down, because when the industry and commerce inspected that store, they found that many of their clothes were inferior, and the most important thing is that they were counterfeit.”

Ye Guang stunned, “What? Counterfeit?”

Jiang Fengxian: “It means that their family bought counterfeit goods. It was originally a problem of reputation. If your business is in trouble, it will be fined by the industry and commerce. At most, it will affect the reputation. It may bring some negative effects to them, but did not expect the industry and commerce this check, incredibly grabbed their big tail, the clothing sold in this store is Giovanni, a British brand, but Giovanni broke the authorization cooperation with them as early as a year ago, that is, this year They are all selling dog meat with sheep’s heads.”

Ye Guang snorted. “What’s the matter? Can the counterfeit goods in such a big shopping mall be stationed brightly?”

Jiang Fengxian: “This can’t blame the mall. This store was originally a Giovanni authorized partner. But last year, the authorization was terminated. People didn’t say it, others didn’t know it, so they were directly seized by the industry and commerce, and they faced a huge fine for this business. I heard that Giovanni in UK is also suing this store, and there are still some troubles. It’s so troublesome, maybe you’ll lose everything.”

Ye Guang is awkward. I didn’t expect things to turn to this point. It’s true that good and evil are reported at the end.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang finished program recording and was to pick up Yiyi.

Yiyi seems to be doing well at school in the past few days, and there are no bad conditions that Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are worried about.

Yiyi saw Ye Guang to pick her up. The first sentence was actually, “Why didn’t Grandpa pick me up.”

Ye Guang is speechless. “You are a little traitor. Grandpa is good to you. You don’t want to be with your aunt.”

Yiyi is embarrassed to spit out a small tongue.

Ye Guang: “How are you today, have you made new friends at school?”

Yiyi nodded. “Yes, Yi Qing gave me snacks”

Ye Guang smiled and touched her head.

Yiyi: “Ye Guang, can you buy me some snacks tomorrow? I have finished eating my snacks. I want to divide the snacks tomorrow.”

Ye Guang: “Well, I will buy it for you at night, buy a bunch for you, and let you share with the children in your class.”

Yiyi grinned. “Do you have so much money?”

Ye Guang knows that he is poor and Yiyi knows.

Yiyi: “If you buy more, my aunt will give you the money. I don’t want my aunt to buy it. I want you to buy it.”

Ye Guang said, “Why should I buy it? I bought it the same as your aunt bought it.”

Yiyi shook her head. “No, just want you to buy it.”

Ye Guang amused, “Well, I buy, I will buy it for you. I will lose this money sooner or later, and you will not be pity for me.”

Yiyi smiled. “I am tired, Ye Guang, you are carrying me. ”

Ye Guang: “Just take a few steps, go on your own, and go to the parking place right away.”

“No, you can’t walk, you carry me.” Yiyi spoiled the road.

Ye Guang glanced at her, squatted down and patted his shoulder. “Come up.”

Yiyi smiled and went up.

Ye Guang is carrying Yiyi, facing the setting sun, slowly leaving in the laughter.

Some children saw this picture and stopped. “Dad, I want you to carry me like the father of little one.”

At nights

After dinner, Ye Guang took Yiyi to the community for a walk and bought her a big bag of snacks. Liu Chiyan didn’t follow suit. She has been busy preparing songs for The Strongest Voice in these past few days. She hummed in the mouth like a devil.

“It’s too late, don’t watch, go to bed early.”

“Oh, I know, wait until I am familiar with this one, just fine.”


“Why don’t you sleep, don’t you say a song?”

“Oh, just fine, the last one.”

Ye Guang’s pulled his face, he walked over and grabbed the song from Liu Chiyan’s hand. He took a shot on the coffee table. “No one can do it. Hurry up and go to bed.”

Liu Chiyan whispered, “I’m really the last one, I’m halfway through it.” Saying Liu Chiyan wanted to snatch the song from Ye Guang on the Sofa.

How can Ye Guang give her a chance, directly stepped forward, squatted slightly, took a step, and carried Liu Chiyan up on his shoulders.

Liu Chiyan struggled and twisted. “You let me down.”

Ye Guang was very overbearing and took a shot in a fleshy part of Liu Chiyan.

“Go to bed!”

Liu Chiyan pretty face is blushing, and dare not say anything.

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