BTC Chapter 342 : Reality and Virtual

Edited: XiaXue

“Destroy the earth? I can’t promise you old grandson!” Sun Wukong jumped up and lifted Ruyi Jingu Bang, and he hit a squadron, “I ate the old grandson!”

Iron Man and Optimus Prime also launched an attack, intertwined with light and shadow, like a movie blockbuster in reality.

At the press conference, everyone looked at the broadcast screen, and felt that this way was very novel, while curious about red letter smart glasses?

When Thanos used the power of infinite gloves to block the attack of three avatars, they finally saw the appearance of red letter smart glasses.

They saw cosplayer boy wearing a ninja costume ran out. People familiar with anime know that his cosplay is Naruto, the seventh generation of Hokage. And he has a remarkable logo, wearing that brand new red letter smart glasses.

This person is a real person, not a projection!

“Yeah!” Naruto loudly shouted, saw his smart glasses, became active, and projected a swirling image.

“Rasengan!” Naruto ninjutsu hit Thanos!

“This is!?” The audience has widened their eyes without exception. Using the projection of smart glasses to achieve the interaction between the second and third elements, the effect that can be produced in the game appears in reality!

This is a step further in virtual projection game before Red Letter game, allowing players to experience the virtual projection game with their own experience!

The appearance of Naruto is only the beginning. In the crowd, there are people wearing red letter smart projection glasses. This time, the swordsman wearing the ancient Chinese costume, they saw his finger empty, he loudly shouted: “Swords come!”

In the air, there have been thousands of sword shadows, all of which are revealed by his smart glasses with the already-prepared projection equipment.

“Go!” He ordered, and the sword shadow smashed to Thanos!

“Come and try my cannon!” A big American man came out, his glasses projected a virtual laser cannon for him, and he made a squatting posture, which was a shot against Thanos.

The huge laser light seems to destroy everything, but in the face of big villain, it is still not enough.

No one cares about the outcome of this virtual game. What they see is a brand new virtual game built by smart glasses! A century of light and shadow!

“Too shocking!” In the audience, one couldn’t help but say that he is a German scientist. It is only a coincidence that the Red Letter conference was held this time. Who knows that he has seen such a scene!

“Red Letter uses the projection technology to the extreme!”

“With smart glasses, you can project, this game is so cool!” an American audience shouted excitedly.

“I really want to experience it right away, I can’t wait for a second!”

“Too hanging!” Zhao Deyi excitedly trembled. “I didn’t expect that they have already done this! Smart projection phones, watches, glasses, I have to buy!”

“Zhao, we have to buy it too!” His American friends are also full of interest.

“This is the charm of Science and Technology!” Cook looked at the broadcast picture deeply, and was very impressed. He hopes that Apple can make this, but now this is the launch of Red Letter.

He also foresaw one thing. From today, Apple’s position in North American market will not be guaranteed. In front of such strength, those small marketing tools have become an obstacle.

“Red letter game, we took another trip!” Domestic, Tencent’s Ning Shaozhen is also watching the broadcast picture. When I saw the scenes of Times Square, I only felt deeply admired, and they still have no foundation in the virtual projection game, Red Letter took the device and the game to a new height.

People around the world have seen this scene.

The netizens of Japan are going to be excited to blow up: “It’s too burning! You can change your body when you wear glasses. Scorpio, I want to change my way!”

“Can you summon up?”

“Can you have a virtual girlfriend! When will it be available in our country!”

“I can’t think of this kind of game in my lifetime, let me play, it’s worth killing!”

American netizens, at this time no one has raised the topic of boycott, but they are applauding!

“Great! This kind of glasses is a gift from God!”

“This is smart glasses!”

“I finally know why our country wants to introduce their products! This is definitely their wise choice!”

“I can’t wait to play with them!”

“Dry Thanos! Call Godzilla!”


In Times Square, those who are in a hurry are all watching this wonder. Even the pedestrians in the surrounding streets were surrounded. Fortunately, red letter was prepared and contacted the police for security maintenance.

There was such a big movement in Times Square, and the parade team was seen there.

“This is what we resisted? Why are we going to resist such awesome things?” someone asked.

“Isn’t the Internet saying that their products are rubbish? But what I saw is not the case at all! Damn, I was deceived by online comments!” A marcher stunned himself to raise a sign.

Isaac is also shocked to see these scenes, as long as wearing this smart glasses, it seems to have the “super power”, in the world of light and shadow, you can incarnate Superman!

This is how many people yearn for the situation, but actually realized in smart products!

He didn’t have time to think too much, and he found that many people were separated from the parade.

“Tommy, what are you doing?” Isaac asked one.

“Is it seen? We have to resist this kind of thing? My brain is not in the water.” The person named Tommy said, “I am going to inquire now, where is this thing sold?”

Halfway through his words, his eyes suddenly lit up. “Oh, the Matrix! It’s my favorite hacker!”

He pointed to the square, the direction of Lu Zixin and Su Xiaomeng. Lu Zixin makes a forward posture, emits rays in the sunglasses, and shoots at Thanos.

And next Su Xiaomeng, opened the “copying” ability, a black suit, black sunglasses Su Xiaomeng appeared next to her, flying around the wall, and some still carrying guns, riding a projection motorcycle, killing Thanos!

“Ah! I am going crazy!” Tommy excitedly said, “I want to participate in them! I must! This is the coolest glasses and games I have ever seen in my life!”

He said, he got rid of Isaac directly and said: “Isaac, bye, I advise you not to march, be careful to be jealous.”

“You!” Isaac saw a friend who had agreed to march leaving.

The parade fell apart, except for some parade actors and staunch boycotts who had been paid wages. Others saw these scenes and there was no mood to march. Instead, I am interested in checking what this is.

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