BTC Chapter 351 : Piggy Page Tatto

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“How did you get this?” Lu Zixin arrived, RI-8901 sensed his approach, and a thick metal door opened automatically to meet.

“Master.” Zhang Qiang appearance has not changed, but the dress is a lot of fancy, wearing colorful, and tattoos on his arms.

“Why do you like this?” Lu Zixin frowned. Zhang Qiang is also a core member of the research center. Wearing this way, there is no serious scientist.

Zhang Qiang rolled up his sleeves, Lu Zixin saw that it was actually a pattern of a piglet.

When he thought a little, he asked: “Is this Iron Head?”

“Well, he said that this makes me look more like a human being.” Zhang Qiang answered truthfully.

“Baptized!” Lu Zixin said without words. “You don’t listen to him, the child is not reliable.”

“Yes.” Zhang Qiang directly cut his skin and replaced it with new skin.

“Daddy, how can you not rely on me?” Iron Head voice came from the house. “Your studies are still my help. I haven’t given you any trouble recently!”

In the house, a “fat” full circle of mechanical life came out. The former Iron Head, the metal backbone is very thin, and now it is loaded with a lot of metal parts, it seems a bit bloated. On it, there are also a lot of messy patterns.

“What the hell is this?” Lu Zixin asked as he pointed it.

“The left head is strong, the right side is a goat, and the pig is in the middle.” Iron Head said proudly, “This is the spray paint I bought online, how? Handsome?”

“Different mental retardation!” Lu Zixin scorned. “You haven’t gotten a good job in this brain. If you’re not good at learning, you’ll learn a bit of it.”

“Is this very bad?” Iron Head saw something from his contemptuous eyes and said to himself: “No wonder Xiao Xu is not willing to ride me now. I should change my style. Dad, what do you think about King Kong Gourd?”

“Roll! Don’t say I know you, shame!”

Lu Zixin checked the house again, except for the strange style, there was no danger. It is equipped with a robot, a mechanical transformation room, a charging room, a maintenance room, etc. As for the smoking place, it is a steam room designed by Tietou, which uses high heat to wash the steam parts of the machine.

Simply put, it is the place where it designed its own “sauna”.

“How can you do this in this place? Don’t make it into a scenic spot. Just when I came, I saw two brat taking pictures outside!” Lu Zixin said, because the building is so wonderful, some boring people also took photos.

“You will not manage it, we have fixed the head of Housing Authority,” said Iron Head.


When it comes to business, Lu Zixin takes out the relevant information about the quantum computer and shows them.

“Āiyā, this stuff is too complicated? What quantum theory, quantum computing, I can see my brain hurt.” Iron Head shook his head and said, “I don’t understand, or give it to a stupid big man!”

“Zhang Qiang is much smarter than you!” Lu Zixin criticized.

“His material is higher than me.” Iron Head said, “If the old man made me, would be willing to use some advanced materials. I am definitely better than the current fork.”

Lu Zixin is too lazy to talk to it and let Zhang Qiang read the data.

Although Iron Head is unreliable, the understanding of RI-8901 is sufficient. After reading the data, it said: “Master, detailed principles, technology I have mastered. According to the current judgment, we need to synthesize new materials to make quantum chips.”

“The existing optoelectronics research centers do not have suitable research conditions and need to establish new quantum computer research centers.”


RI-8901 lists all the conditions and makes Lu Zixin feel a little headache. Because this quantum computer research center is not built, it can be built.

There are a few things that take time, and if there are ready-made improvements, that’s about the same.

“Quantum computer research?” Knowing Lu Zixin’s latest plan, Dai Liang was a glimpse with surprised tone.

“President, this is not a project that can be studied in a year or two.” He emphasized, “In this respect, our company is still blank, and the investment is huge. If we want to target business, we will spend more effort than we do nano computer chips!”

“I know, but this project is already established. Zhang Qiang is mainly responsible,” Lu Zixin said.

“Professor Zhang?” Dai Liang was only heard, and suddenly came to the interest.

Zhang Qiang R&D team is now a god-like existence. As long as it is the project he leads, there is no unsuccessful.

Since Lu Zixin is ready to make lead Zhang Qiang, the significance of this project is completely different, which means that Red Letter Group will definitely spend a lot of money and energy to invest.

“President, wait a minute. I have an old friend who is the director of Shanghai Quantum Computer Research Institute. I talk to him. If we can cooperate, it will be much easier!” Dai Liang said.

In the study of quantum computers, many scientific research institutions are ahead of Red Letter. Even in 09, the United States developed a programmable quantum computer.

Canada, Germany and other countries have made some progress. Even China has made quantum computers, but it can only be regarded as a test product, not a quantum computer in true sense.

“Okay, then I am waiting for you.” Lu Zixin is also doing this.

Red Letter Group has not studied the foundation of quantum computers, and talents in this area are hard to find. There is a strong one, and he needs a complete team.

After the deliberation, Red Letter Group withdrew its procurement plan for the traditional chip lithography machine.

Germany, ASML Headquarters.

Fred is reporting the latest situation through projections, “Gentlemen, a bad news and a good news.”

“The bad news is that Red Letter Group is not prepared to purchase our equipment.” Fred said with regret that several core executives also showed a pity of expression. If you make this business, it is comparable to ASML profit for a year.

“What about the good news?”

“The good news is that Red Letter Group has not procured equipment from other suppliers. They are arguing that they are giving up research and development to make computer chips.” Fred reports.

“Abandoned?” Someone said with a smile, “I have been told that the company in the East is a magical company, and everything can be developed. It seems that it is no different with other Chinese computer companies, there is no difference.”

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