MST Chapter 151 : A big talent is very confident!

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Heavenly King Liu appearance caused the scene to explode.

This is the second place, Heavenly King Liu has appeared, The Strongest Voice really did not let the audience in front of TV disappointing, first is love song prince He Xing, second is Heavenly King Liu, behind is Goddess Liu Chiyan, the rest will certainly not be bad.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

After the interaction between hosts and Heavenly King Liu, Heavenly King Liu also sat down in the exclusive area.

Then the next singer came out.

This did not disappoint everyone. After the song, Han Yurou, this one is also remarkable. Liu Chiyan compares with her. Although Liu Chiyan is much more popular than her, it is only because Liu Chiyan is all-round development. However, this position in the music world has vaguely suppressed Liu Chiyan. In recent years, there is no hottest female singers in China.

Han Yurou is also a beautiful person. It is reasonable to say that the invitations to various films and television works will naturally come to him, but Han Yurou is also very individual. She only sings and refuses everything except singing. She once said this: I only come for music, I will only walk on the road to music.

She is also the only artist in China who has been rated as a national first-class performer in singing in recent years.

Liu Chiyan brow wrinkled when she saw Han Yurou. “I had guessed she might come, but I couldn’t help but feel a little upset when I saw her coming.”

Ye Guang was startled, “Is it not happy?” Why?

Jiang Xin explained for Liu Chiyan: “Yan’er and Han Yurou have always had some problems.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Why?

Jiang Xin: “Don’t look at her name is Han Yurou. The long one is also quiet, but this person is very arrogant and eager to win, especially in music. She may indeed be better at singing than Yan’er, but Yan’er popularity is higher than her, so if you hit her with a new song, Yan’er popularity and sales volume of her new songs often can overwhelm her, but she feels that Yan’er is not as good as her, so she remembers to hate Yan’er when she comes and goes. She once slander Yan’er in public.”

Ye Guang: “There is still this thing.”

Ye Guang said, someone knocked at the door.

The person who came is Chen Xue, “Teacher Liu, the next one will be up to you. You are ready?”

Liu Chiyan nodded and went out with Chen Xue.

Ye Guang and Jiang Xin are left in the lounge. Ye Guang followed the topic just now, “Sister Jiang, you are telling me, what’s wrong with this Han Yurou.”

Jiang Xin: “It’s not the right way. This person is very proud. I don’t know how to tell you about it for a while. You can watch it, and when she sings this song, you will know.”

Han Yurou singing is really good, at least Ye Guang feels is very good, very infectious, and the sound is very good, and it is also strong. Listening to Han Yurou singing, Ye Guang didn’t have a heart,It seems that some underestimated the singers of this world. I don’t know if the classics of Dream World can pass her.

After a song, Ren Keling and Yi Shan communicated with Han Yurou as usual.

Ren Keling: “Yurou, you are a famous singer. I don’t know if you have confidence in this game of The Strongest Voice.”

Han Yurou: “Of course, I have confidence. I don’t have to worry about singing. Heavenly King Liu, I am not afraid. I am coming to the championship this time.”

Han Yurou answer is very confident, she bluntly wanted to win the championship. Speaking, the strongest voice is not only singing, but also very important in lyrics composition, but also to meet the proposition, and all the players who come to the competition are top singers, who can win the championship is possible, but Han Yurou is so arrogant and confident, that she has given Heavenly King Liu a war before the game has officially started, perhaps she thought the game most likely to give her a threat is Heavenly King Liu.

Sitting in the exclusive area on the right side of the stage, Heavenly King Liu smiled bitterly

Ye Guang: “Oh, this is really”

Jiang Xin: “Look, it’s still light, look at this time The Strongest Voice is guaranteed to be very lively.”

After a while, Han Yurou was also invited to the election chief.

Yi Shan: “The next one is going to be a very big one. I believe that her appearance will definitely make everyone feel surprised. To be honest, I was surprised when I saw her to participate in The Strongest Voice.”

Ren Keling: “There is not much to say, I believe that the audience and friends are also anxious. Next, we invite the next contestant, please come to stage!”

The lights on the stage are closed again and the stage is dark.

The screen slowly opened, and Liu Chiyan model came out. The audience couldn’t see who it was, but it was faintly recognizable as a female singer,  wearing a long dress, and several feathers on her head and hair on her back. The translucent wings with blue light are very eye-catching.

The melodious music sounded slowly, the lights on the stage were also turned on, some were dim, and the front row of viewers recognized Liu Chiyan.

“God! It is Liu Chiyan!”

“Goddess Liu!”

“Goddess Liu is here too, it’s amazing for me.”

“Goddess Liu, I love you!”

The shouts of male compatriots on the scene came one after another.

Liu Chiyan waved at the audience and sang with the accompaniment.


    All in the middle of the lonely single strong  


    It’s a lot of injuries. Also not flashing tears  

    I know, I have a straight, two hidden wings 

    Take me fly

    Fly through despair

After singing “Invisible Wings”, the scene was a tsunami. I don’t know if they really liked this song or just because of Liu Chiyan’s popularity and her appearance, the audience was surprised and excited.

Ren Keling: “Goddess Liu, I didn’t expect you to come to The Strongest Voice. I was shocked when I saw you on the list.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and joked. “How, Keling, do you mean that I am not qualified to participate in The Strongest Voice?”

Ren Keling laughed. “It’s hard, Goddess Liu is really joking. I mean, you are goddess, we are the goddess catkins. You can come to The Strongest Voice and it really surprises us.”

Liu Chiyan laughed. “What happened to goddess? There is still an old Heavenly King.” Liu Chiyan pointed to Heavenly King Liu and smiled and nodded to him.

Heavenly King Liu also raised his hand and said hello to her.

Yi Shan: “Goddess Liu said that all of us on the stage are big in the industry, and after the song is the song king, goddess Tianwang also appeared. To be honest, I really look forward to the next one. Who is the player?”

Ren Keling: “Goddess Liu, is there any feeling for attending The Strongest Voice this time? I don’t know if you are as confident as Yurou to win the championship? To be honest, Goddess Liu, I am also one of your catkins, but the players on this stage are all strong, I am really worried about you.”

Liu Chiyan: “I don’t have any confidence to win the championship. To be honest, I was surprised to receive the notice from The Strongest Voice. I was content to be able to show my face here.”

Ren Keling: “Goddess Liu is really modest. It’s not surprising that anyone who wins the championship on this stage.”

Liu Chiyan: “It’s not that I am modest. Some time ago, all songs that were finally collected were destroyed. I really have no confidence, but…”

Yi Shan: “But what?”

Liu Chiyan: “But I have a big gifted scholar in my Studio and I am very confident.”

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