MST Chapter 246 : When have I become so popular?

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That’s it, Running Man online copyright is suppressed again by Beijing Satellite TV and Ye Guang. They were ready to carry forward the style of a profiteer, waiting the show became popular.

Running Man, this program didn’t disappoint the two of them. On the first day of the first broadcast, it achieved a good score of 1.43, became the new first in the whole country.

Zhang Zhi completely relieved now. His attitude towards Ye Guang also undergone a great change. Originally, Zhang Zhi subconsciously regarded them as a cooperative relationship. Of course, now is also cooperative relationship, but Zhang Zhi’s mentality has changed. Ye Guang’s ability made him have to look with admiration. When Ye Guang dictated the running man’s plan on the spot. He felt Ye Guang is a bit sloppy, but he didn’t expect that Ye Guang could really do this show to this degree. On the first day like this, and it will definitely increase in the future. The current reviews on the Internet also very good, there are hardly any bad reviews, all of which are praise.

So, Zhang Zhi found Ye Guang about the right to broadcast on the Internet.

However, it was a surprise that Ye Guang refused again, “Let’s wait, Brother Zhang. We don’t worry about this two-phase period. As long as the ratings go up, the price of the later issues will not be too different.”

Zhang Zhi didn’t understand. Ye Guang originally said that he waited until the show became popular before selling it. Now the show has become popular, with a ratings of 1.43, No. 1 in the country. Isn’t it sold now? Until when you wait?

People’s current price has reached 100 million. 100 million, the total investment of this program is only 100 million. With this 100 million network copyright, the remaining naming fees and advertising fees has become net profits, but they are still not sold. What else do you want?

Ye Guang really doesn’t want to sell it. He wants to wait for the first episode. The first episode has a ratings of 1.43, becoming the first in the country. It is indeed a good result, but the gap between this achievement and Happy Camp is not big.

One hundred million of network broadcasting rights is indeed not low, but Yeguang can clearly remember that in the dream world, a certain site has spent 400 million to buy online copyrights, 400 million is indeed a sky-high price, and Ye Guang doesn’t dare to think about it. Based on the current market conditions in this world, it is absolutely impossible to reach 400 million in recent years. After all, the two worlds are different.

However, 400 million not, half the price, 200 million, or 150 million should have. Moreover, Dream world is not only running man’s dominating the family, there are other hot variety shows, in this case all Sold for such a high price, and if the ratings of runners in this world continue to increase, it is a real dominance. No variety show can compete with it, in addition to the three-year The Strongest Voice, , a special program that has been excluded from the ratings ranking, has strongly crushed all other variety shows, so Yeguang is not satisfied with the price of 100 million.

On the other hand, major online video platforms also in a hurry, and several responsible persons are anxiously turning around.

TT video.

“How? What did the other party say?”

“No, they still say that they don’t consider selling online copyright for the time being, and they haven’t talked about it.”

“Have you quoted the price?”

“I have reported, I have increased the price to 100 million, but the other party still has no intention to sell.”

“How come, it’s so weird, how can there a TV variety shows that don’t sell online copyrights. F*ck, it’s too expensive.”

The person in charge of TT video even broke the swear words, “You continue to contact them, and immediately notify me as soon as there is a news. As long as the other party has the intention to sell, then we will definitely take down the copyright of this program!”

The person in charge of contacting Beijing Satellite TV responded, then hesitated, and asked, “Director, we don’t have to be so persistent with this show, right? This show is hot, but we have reached 100 million. No matter how much it is, the gain will not be worth the loss.”

The director of TT Video glared at him, “What do you know? This show is no longer a question of fire, the first day 1.43, according to this trend, this show will create a new variety show era! It will even become a textbook-like Variety miracle! Now, even if we lose money, we have to take down the copyright of this show and it will be doubled in the future.”

The person in charge of contacting Beijing Satellite TV nodded and said nothing, but he still couldn’t figure out why the leader saw this show. Isn’t it better to watch? As for? It sounds like something, is it possible that this show can still have a rating of 3 or 4, and surpass The Strongest Voice, so awesome? Can’t figure it out, don’t want to, maybe this is the reason why people are the leader.

The show is on fire.

It’s really hot.

There’s a lot of praise on the Internet, and the response was very enthusiastic. People who watched it talked about the content of show with relish, chatting about the jokes inside. People who haven’t seen it have been watching this topic. Through a few words, many people understand some of the program content, and their heart was tickled. Unfortunately, there is no place to watch the show, you say it’s irritating but not irritating.

After the show was broadcast. Ye Guang suddenly felt that his contacts had become particularly good, likes those with a wide social circle.

It turned out that Ye Guang was a dead house man. After four years of college, he has been patronizing and sleeping, and there are only a few friends he made during college. At least half of his classmates couldn’t name him, and his interpersonal relationship is very poor. The main contacts still in the immediate family members such as parents and elder relatives in the family.

However, since the show broadcasted, Ye Guang discovered, fucking! When did I have such a wide social circle? When have you been so popular? Those who knew and didn’t, called him to congratulate the show on fire. Among them, Heavenly King Liu, He Xing, and Lan Bao are the guests on the show. Needless to say, these few people will definitely call him to congratulate. He knows and understands. Although everyone doesn’t have much contact, they are still friends. The strange thing is those who don’t know.

What second-line star Zhang Leilei, first-line singer Yu Feifei, and 18-line group play passerby, a lot of inexplicable. He has heard their name, and he has not heard some name. They are all magically get his phone number and call to congratulations to him, and their attitude is very polite. The verbal intimacy is as if the two have been old friends for many years, but in fact? Some people have never seen Ye Guang before, and he never heard of their names.

Of course, when these people call, they also have a common feature, that is, they implicitly say that their last drama has just ended, recently it is relatively empty, and there are schedules.

Ye Guang understood immediately, co-authored, this is all for Running Man program and want to catch the heat. Although it is annoying for these phone calls, but this also shows that the show is hot. Otherwise, why these big or small coffee want to come and catch the heat? Thinking that way, Ye Guang still feels a little bit happy.

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