BTC Chapter 201 : Stimulus?

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin put the cigarette on the table and said, “Zhao Yibai, look at it!”

Zhao Yibai looked at him with amazement, and he couldn’t understand. Suddenly he noticed that Lu Zixin’s figure had disappeared into the hall and appeared outside the hall!

On the sixth floor in the distance, a sniper was staring nervously at Lu Zixin. Originally, according to the plan, 99% did not use his shot. Even Guanghai didn’t think about it, they just wanted to threaten Lu Zixin and Xu Wenbin, who knows things are like this!

After that, the sniper saw an incredible side. The bodyguard of the mainlander actually impervious to sword or spear. One person hits a hundred, and the gas does not take a breath, it is simply a metamorphosis!

He really doubts whether his sniper rifle can scratch his skin. Maybe the rocket launcher is a bit useful?

At this time, the boss from the mainland suddenly rushed out to him, and the impact even exceeded the Olympic world record!

He has widened his eyes. Since the sniper, this is the first time he has encountered this situation. People are running as fast as the car? Seeing that Lu Zixin has ran halfway, he no longer hesitates to shoot the gun directly. It is necessary to design Lu Zixin. But it flashed in front of me. A beam of holes pierced his guns and palms was scrapped!

Run! The sniper didn’t hesitate. Although he couldn’t understand what happened, he knew that he had missed the opportunity and could only run. Here is the sixth floor, there are people on the ground floor, and that person should not be able to catch up.

But when he thought so, Lu Zixin had already climbed the stairs by hand. He jumped hard, it was a few meters high, and then used the balcony to level the building.

Unfortunately, Lu Zixin didn’t have a spider’s silk launcher at this time, or he tied the sniper directly downstairs!

“General Lu!” Xu Wenbin was simply forced. “Is he Superman?”

Zhao Yibai and others were also stupidly watching Lu Zixin’s performance. On the sixth floor, Lu Zixin easily climbed up!

Then, just hearing a few screams, they saw Lu Zixin screwing a guy on the balcony on the sixth floor, the sniper!

“Who is he?” Tang Li asked in horror, but no one could answer him.

“How did you do it?” the sniper asked.

Lu Zixin smiled and said, “You want to know? Ask the king of hell.”

As he said, he threw the sniper down the sixth floor and the sniper screamed in horror. He hadn’t landed yet, but he found himself caught again. It was Lu Zixin, who actually jumped from the sixth floor!

The sniper was scared to death, Lu Zixin said with a smile : “Is it exciting? Do you want to come again?”

“He…he…” Xu Wenbin simply didn’t know what to say, Lu Zixin was crazy? That is the sixth floor!

“He wants to commit suicide?” The thoughts poured out from the hearts of the people. Before they could understand, they saw a bat-shaped cloak suddenly unfolding, such as a hang gliding, allowing Lu Zixin to glides safely to the ground, in his hands, Twist the sniper like a chicken.

Lu Zixin grabbed the sniper, walked into the hall, and threw him to the ground. At this time, the smoke he had just erected was still burning, and he did not even see the obvious shortening, because it happened too fast!

Lu Zixin indicated to Zhang Qiang immediately moved to the chair and let him sit down. Opposite Lu Zixin, Zhao Yibai and Zhu Jiehao of Guanghai Group, as well as a large number of mourners and frightened younger brothers.

“Sniper, old Zhao, good, are you going to kill me?” Lu Zixin asked with a smile.

At this time, Zhao Yibai, the Hainan of Guanghai Group, walked across the island. Even the important party members saw a call from the old people. Now they are unable to speak by Lu Zixin!

There is only one thought in his heart. Am I dreaming?

“What about you? Have an idea with him?” Lu Zixin looked at Zhu Jiehao and others. These are just a few of the prestige, and they have scared the cold sweat of Xu Wenbin, the boss of Yayuan Telecom, and the head of the city of Beitai characters, this time actually took a step back, for fear that Lu Zixin or Zhang Qiang shot them!

There are a few younger brothers who want to slip away, Lu Zixin shouted: “Who dares to try?”

The few people suddenly frightened and smashed their urine, holding their heads on the ground.

Lu Zixin nodded. “This is right. Everyone here is a joke, don’t tell anyone.”

When I just hit it, RI-8901 has already destroyed the electronic equipment here by electromagnetic shock, and the signal is isolated. So no one can record the scene just now.

“But—” Lu Zixin’s voice turned a turn and said to Zhao Yibai and others: “Our things are still clear.”

“Who are you, what do you want?” Zhao Yibai’s voice was frightened. Until now, he did not know what the other party used. Unknown and powerful to terrifying enemies, he can’t think of a way to deal with it!

“Hahaha.” Lu Zixin stood up and walked to Zhao Yibai, patted him on the shoulder and shocked the people around him, thinking he wanted to do it.

“You said that you are all old, and you still learn to fight and kill, how bad?” Lu Zixin educated him with the same tone of education junior, and said to Tang Li and others: “And you Don’t know if it is a harmonious society now?”

“What is harmony? Controlled knives must be collected, playing with firearms is even more excessive! Not at all obeying the law!”

Talk about compliance in the interior of Guanghai? If they used to, they would definitely laugh at the big teeth, because Guanghai did not rely on these unruly means to make a home. Although it is now called the group, but those who can’t see the light, there is nothing at all.

But now, when Lu Zixin said this, they couldn’t laugh at all, only feeling fear.

A bodyguard, endless, impervious to sword or spear. A boss, running faster than the world record, grabbed the sniper on the sixth floor, and jumped from the sixth floor!

It’s the special forces in movie that doesn’t dare to play like this! What happened to this world?

Tang Li asked in amazement: “Are you, is the legendary martial arts master?”

Zhao Yibai looked at him, and Tang Li said quickly: “I have seen it in the book. There are many hidden sects in the mainland, practicing internal strength, qigong or something, flying away, impervious to sword or spear!”

Lu Zixin was simply amused by him. This is obviously a means of Science and Technology, but he is said to be a master of martial arts. What internal power is there, is it still necessary to cultivate immortals!

Lu Zixin smirked, emoticon changed slightly, did not explain at all, but even more determined his ideas. Even Zhao Yibai began to doubt, is there such a person in the world? He has never been to the mainland. Is there such a mysterious person in China?

“Less nonsense, now you know what to do?” Lu Zixin shouted, he didn’t want to stay here for a long time, if nothing happened in Guanghai, it would be hard to say.

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