BTC Chapter 199 : Low quality Batman

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Xu Wenbin has a tight heart and ordinary threats, and he can cope with the past. But the other person actually mentioned his daughter, and that was a problem.

When things got to this point, he had already played a retreat. The agent of Red Letter is now hot-selling, and he does not have the strength to catch it!

!” A loud bang was shot on the table. They saw Lu Zixin angry and yelling: “In front of me, threaten me and my partner, don’t put me, Lu in eyes?”

Tang Li laughed and said: “General Lu, we have given you a face. You have to agree, let’s sit down and have tea, eat, drink, and I have all been entertained!”

“If you disagree, of course we must first talk to Mr. Xu to see if he can transfer the agency to us. Then we will talk again!”

“Talk about a fart!” Lu Zixin said directly. “Today, Old man is not coming to negotiate with you. It is to tell you that it is in Baodao, and old man fist is harder than you!”

The other side was bullied to his face. He couldn’t bear it, and even sweared. This made Xu Wenbin and Qi Xin startled, this is the place of the other side. Is it a little too impulsive to fall out directly with the other party?

Zheng Hao’s teacup fell to the ground, started talking: “Last name Lu, here is not your mainland, give you a face, you are still rushing to heaven!”

“Let him shut up!” Lu Zixin directly ordered the robot Zhang Qiang, Zhang Qiang stood behind him, and he had already mastered the situation in the club. Others knew nothing about Zhang Qiang, because those detecting instruments could not identify Zhang Qiang’s disguise.

Zhang Qiang quickly stepped forward and pinched Zheng Hao chin. He gently lifted him in the air with one hand.

Ah!” Zheng Hao screamed in pain and kicked Zhang Qiang, but only felt that he had kicked a piece of steel plate, and his leg hurts badly.

Zhang Qiang’s movements are too fast. All this happens only in more than a second. The people around him simply can’t react.

Xu Wenbin reveals the horrified expression. In Guanghai, Zheng Hao is cleaned up! Is Lu Zixin crazy? The Guanghai Group said that it is a good group called a group, and it is a social organization of a certain color!

This kind of power, others avoid it, Lu Zixin actually dared to let his bodyguards clean up each other’s tops on the other side’s site! This is beyond his expectations!

Qi Xin was also scared, and his face turned pale in an instant. He absolutely did not expect such a wealthy businessman from the mainland to be so savage! I knew that if I borrowed a courage, he would not dare to come! This is to die!

Tang Li and Zhu Jiehao were first stunned, and they became extremely angry. The other party not only did not put them in their eyes, but actually dared to do it?

Tang Li yelled at the younger brothers next to him: “What are you doing? Give him to die!”

Five or six youngsters suddenly swarmed and rushed to Zhang Qiang. Tang Li rushed to Lu Zixin and said: “Damn it, old man has been stunned for a long time. Originally, the big brother said that he would be polite to you, go to your mother, actually dare to do it?”

He punched Lu Zixin with a punch. Tang Li was strong, He used to play underground black boxing. His fist can easily trip an adult man!

However, Lu Zixin quickly reached out and firmly caught Tang Li’s fist with a scornful smile on his face and asked, “Did you not eat?”

Originally, his own boxing was caught by Lu Zixin, which has already made Tang Li very surprised. This ridicule makes him flushed and said: “I am going to kill you!”

After that, he wanted to take out his fist and continue to attack Lu Zixin. But he found that Lu Zixin’s fist, like an industrial iron tongs, caught him and made his fists unable to move.

Not only that, but Lu Zixin gripped it like a pair of iron tongs and crushed his hand bones directly!

“Ah!” Tang Li screamed, and Lu Zixin kicked him on the kick and squatted on the leather sofa, flipping the sofa straight through the circle.

On the other hand, five or six younger brothers deal with Zhang Qiang, which perfectly explains what is called courting death! A younger brother was the first to bear the brunt, trying to save the big brother to express himself. Who knows before he came to Zhang Qiang, he slaps him to the ground and stuns directly.

The rest of the people saw the situation and took the weapons such as the wine bottle directly. They all greeted Zhang Qiang. Zhang Qiang was too lazy to hide, and he was a slap in the face, without exception, all fell to the ground.

There was even a solid wood chair lifted by a guy, and he was slapped into a piece of debris! I almost didn’t scare the younger brother. Is this fuck still a person? This is solid wood, there are steel nails inside, is his hand harder than steel?

Zhang Qiang quickly told him that this is true! A guy took out the steel pipe, move towards Zhang Qiang’s head is a slap, and the result was not caught, Zhang Qiang caught it in his hand, and then twisted into a scrap of iron like twisting a twist!

Xu Wenbin and Qi Xin are simply stupid. What is the situation, how do you feel suddenly become underground forces? And still two people are fighting a group of people! Lu Zixin will also be martial arts? What happened to his bodyguard? Did the Shaolin Temple come out? Iron cloth or gold bell?

“General Lu, what are you doing?” Xu Wenbin hurriedly shouted, “There is a big problem!”

Lu Zixin said calmly: “It’s a big deal, you can watch it.”

He said, he calmly moved to a chair and sat down. He shouted to the beauty waiter who was hiding aside: “You, give the uncle a cigarette.” Lu Zixin didn’t smoke, but he didn’t think it was this time. Root smoke, it seems not enough domineering.

The waiter was trembled and did not dare to go forward.

At this time, the younger brother standing in the living room was overturned by Zhang Qiang, and Zheng Hao was also held by Zhang Qiang with one hand and had painful expression. The ribs that Tang Li was kicked by Lu Zixin were all broken, and they could not climb on the ground.

Only Zhu Jiehao stood still and looked at the scene with shock. He first stepped back a few steps, then angered: “You are finished! Let’s put down my brother, or you can’t go out this door today!”

Lu Zixin smiled and said to him: “Let the person who can talk come over, I am waiting here, giving you ten minutes.”

“There is kind, you wait!” Zhu Jiehao pointed at him. In fact, he didn’t need his notice. The outsiders had already received the movement. A group of people rushed in and brought various weapons. Needless to say, some people still have cold weapons. Hidden firearms, ready to start.

Not only that, but the behind-the-scenes controllers of Guanghai Group, who had been watching the surveillance video, couldn’t sit still and brought people in person. He wants to tell the mainland people that the strong dragon is still unable to suppress the local snake, here is his territory!

The cold sweat of Xu Wenbin and Qi Xin has been soaked all over the body, standing on the side, not moving.

Lu Zixin was still sitting in a chair and shouting at the maid: “What about the smoke?”

He didn’t worry about danger. When he came, he deliberately put on the Batman cloak sent by Bruce Wayne, and he was able to power it up at any time, so don’t say it was a bullet, that is, a small bomb can’t take him.

He himself has injected H1 serum, although the fighting skills are better than Batman, but it is also a low-profile version of “superheroes.” There are even a super criminal here, no aliens. If the lord is facing this kind of scene, I am afraid that I will be a family.

Not to mention that RI-8901 has been scanned here, and any weapon that is dangerous to Lu Zixin is within its surveillance. As long as someone dares to attack, it can block or destroy this attack in an instant, so Lu Zixin has no fear.

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