BTC Chapter 198 : Banquet

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin took the RI-8901, accompanying staff and Xu Wenbin on the plane and went to Beitai City on Baodao.

As soon as they arrived at the airport, Xu Wenbin arranged to pick up. He was not at ease with Tang Gang. He sent six bodyguards directly and drove Lu Zixin to one of his villas.

Outside the villa, there are also people who stand guard.

Lu Zixin wondered: “Is it necessary to be so cautious?”

Xu Wenbin nodded: “Of course it is necessary! The major event should not be there, I am afraid that those people will do some small movements and disgust you.”

“After all, in our case, the entrepreneurs of the United States, Japan and South Korea are more popular. Some brands in the mainland, such as birch, are selling in other places, but they are everywhere.”

Xu Wenbin did not say much, the reason behind it is very complicated, he does not want to discuss. Lu Zixin doesn’t say much, his goal is only to solve the problem of Baokang Telecom.

Lu Zixin’s forefoot just arrived at the villa, and the rest of the matter came. A bodyguard hurried in and said: “General Xu, they sent invitations.”

“What to write on?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Please go to the Guanghai Private Club with Mr. Xu and say that you are going to pick up the dust.”

“This group of people is really fast!” Lu Zixin said with a smile. “It is estimated that they are staring at us from the airport.”

Xu Wenbin was worried and said: “Guanghai Private Club is their site. This is a banquet, or refused.”

“No, it’s good, solve things as soon as possible,” Lu Zixin said, “Go tonight.”


The Guanghai Private Club is a large private club under the name of Guanghai Group. There are frequent celebrities, corporate executives and even some political party members.

In the clubhouse, the splendid decoration, legal and illegal entertainment facilities are all available. There used to be a reporter who wanted to sneak in and sneak shots. He went to the hospital on the same day and was discharged after half a year.

Today, several high-level members of the Guanghai Group, the so-called “owner” inside, have hosted a banquet here to host the CEOs of Red Letter Group from the mainland and prepare to “negotiate” for the agency.

Three cars drove together to the private club in Guanghai, and Lu Zixin and others arrived. In order to be on the safe side, Xu Wenbin not only brought a few bodyguards, but also invited a friend.

The name of the man is Qi Yuxin. Now he is the head of a district in Beitai City, and he has some powers. He came to help Xu Wenbin sit in the situation.

As soon as they arrived at the clubhouse, there were young and beautiful waiters who guided them, but those bodyguards were all stopped outside, but Zhang Qiang went in with Lu Zixin, and also searched to see if there were dangerous weapons.

When he arrived at the main hall, Lu Zixin saw the three sitting there. All three of them were in suits. When they saw them, they stood up and smiled with a smile. They didn’t know that they were really good friends.

“I heard that General Lu came to Baodao, and this Tang immediately opened welcome banquet. I hope that General Lu will not disapprove the place we have here.” Tang Li said with a smile.

Lu Zixin looked at the hall, leather sofa, gold and silver beadwork, fur stalls, etc., the decoration style is quite a bit of a wealthy owner. In addition to the three people in the hall, there are also a few younger brothers in the hall, all wearing black suits and standing.

In addition, it was a young waitress with a low-cut, long-legged leg. When Lu Zixin saw them, they all smiled and bowed to Lu Zixin, not paying attention to some scenery.

“The place is small, but people are still very enthusiastic,” Lu Zixin said. “The employees of my company said that they were treated warmly by you.”

As soon as he spoke, he pointed out that the Red Letter employees were being defamed. Xu Wenbin suddenly complexion changed, Tang Li and others also slightly revealed some dissatisfaction.

One of them said with a smile: “The original General Lu was ask for sin. This is a misunderstanding. Our company employees accidentally rubbed against you, not a major event.”

His name is Zhu Jiehao, and he is also the owner of Guanghai Group, one of the bosses behind Baokang Telecom.

Lu Zixin continued: “Not a major event? If we have a misunderstanding with you, don’t care.”

“You can give it a try!” The third person spoke up and the words were not good. His name is Zheng Hao, not only the owner of the Guanghai Group, but also the city councilor of Beitai City. Although there is no power on the bright side, everyone knows his background well, and his words are very weighty.

Qi Xin heart saw him, and he could not help but lower his head and laughed haha.

“Qi Xin, are you coming to Xu Wenbin as a lobbyist today?” Zheng Hao asked.

Qi Xin quickly said: “Don’t dare, don’t dare, I just passed by.”

For Zheng Hao, he is very afraid in his heart. This person, but the guy who dares to send people to threaten political opponents. His opponents often compromise and quit for various reasons, and even individuals who have acute illnesses can see the Buddha directly.

Qi Xin’s heart is in the faction, and there is no big backing. So when Zheng Yi asked, he immediately recognized it. Upon seeing it, Xu Wenbin secretly complained in his heart. The helper who came here did not use it at all. It seems that I have to suffer a big loss today!

Zhu Jiehao sees the atmosphere is not right, round the field: “General Lu, please sit. You are the guest, we are responsible for your hospitality.”

He only took care of Lu Zixin and regarded Xu Wenbin and Qi Xin as aside, and they were very embarrassed.

Lu Zixin just sat down, and Tang Li haha ​​said with a smile : “General Lu, I heard that there are many bans in the mainland, you can’t play. You can rest assured that we are free to drink and eat here, what do you want to smoke, what do you want to play!”

He said, also pointed to the waitress next to him and said: “Which of these you can call to accompany the wine. If you like local stars, models, right, and two local stars are in Beitai, I can get it for you!”

Lu Zixin waved directly and said, “No, I am here to talk about business. Let’s not waste time, let’s get started.”

“General Lu is a refreshing person, that line, we will start directly.” Tang Li said, “Red letter products want to find an agent in Baodao, I think we can cooperate with each other.”

When he finished speaking, Lu Zixin said directly: “No, we have chosen an agent, that is, Yayuan Telecom. What I want to talk to you is some rules for doing things.”

Lu Zixin really didn’t give a little face, and Tang Li and others couldn’t hold a false smile anymore, and his face was directly cold.

Tang Li icily said: “Lu Yan, business is not doing this. We ask you, is to give you face. Your attitude is very unfriendly.”

Zheng Hao said directly to Xu Wenbin: “You surnamed Xu, do you want to fight with me?”

Xu Wenbin smiled and said: “Zheng brother, doing business, isn’t it all you want? If you don’t feel good, Yayuan Telecom can give you a certain bonus every year…”

“Shit!” Zheng Hao directly yelled, “I want you to have a bonus?”

“You want to be clear, you have to grab it with me, OK, then wait. If you are interested, I am not embarrassed.”

Zhu Jiehao on the side is said with a smile: “I heard that in recent days, Yayuan Telecom has been reviewed? Hey, Lao Xu, isn’t your daughter reading NUS? Why didn’t you bring her to dinner together today?”

Although he laughs again, the threat of words in the words can be heard. If Xu Wenbin does not let, white and black, they have the means to deal with Xu Wenbin!

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