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Thunderstorm Appliances Co., Ltd., they are busy with another thing, that is to develop product standards for intelligent home appliances!

Different home appliance brands have different rules and standards. Although smart controllers can adapt to most brands, some brands of home appliances cannot install intelligent controllers.

Therefore, Thunderstorm appliances should announce the standards for adapting their intelligent controllers. Once widely adopted by the home appliance industry, the significance is far-reaching, meaning that they will become a flag of the home appliance industry. In the future, no matter who is doing smart home, they must refer to the standard of thunderstorm appliances!

For the user’s popularity, it will also rise!

Soon, Thunderstorm Appliances announced their standards for various smart appliances, and stated that only smart home appliances that meet the standards can install intelligent controllers for thunderstorm appliances, using Xiaoyu smart home housekeeper.

When you find a statement, small brands don’t matter, big brands are not satisfied.

Formulating production standards for smart home appliances, what is this equivalent? In the past, it is the martial arts alliance lord, which can formulate the rules of the martial arts conference.

Thunderstorm appliances, but a company that has just started to pick up, wants them to recognize the thunderstorm standards for these big companies with a market value of 100 billion yuan. I can’t talk about it on the face, and I have been in charge of some aspects of the initiative.

Immediately, the media stood up and questioned what thunderstorm appliances set standards, and the response of Thunderstorm appliances was very simple.

Their standards are only in line with the standards of intelligent control, they are for the partners to see, and everyone does not have to comply.

That is to say, those home appliance companies that cannot install intelligent controllers. For example, Panasonic and Siemens Group have found that their product sales are gradually falling.

In order not to be eliminated by the smart home era, they can only silently modify the production standards of some smart appliances to adapt them to the intelligent controller of Red Letter.

Su Shi, who knows these news, is even more happy. I don’t think there is such a day, Thunderstorm appliances can have such strength, so that the peers have to adapt to their rules!

Naturally, he also became a hundred percent recognition of the strength of the Red Letter Group, and he often prides himself on having a good son-in-law.


Pengcheng, Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Lu Zixin’s office, Su Zhirong came in with a file.

Although Lu Zixin has a new assistant, Su Zhirong is already a vice president, but she is still used to find Lu Zixin personally.

Neat OL suit, white shirt buttons are set against the high ground, swan-like neck, face pretty. Over the past year, Su Zhirong has been accumulating hair, and the hair is longer than before, but it has a different style.

Really never tired of it, Lu Zixin’s sight was attracted to her, especially the black silk socks wrapped in a professional skirt, with black high heels, is simply fatal temptation!

Su Zhirong closed the door and said: “There is progress in the Photoelectric Research Center. The development of the camera under the screen is successful, and the micro-laser projection device is also completed. The launch of smart glasses can be put on the agenda.”

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Look, come here, I have a question I want to study with you.”

Su Zhirong brow made a slight move and asked: “What?”

She had just walked to Lu Zixin and was suddenly attacked by him and broke into his arms.

“You…” Su Zhirong was blocked by his mouth before she could talk.

“Don’t… here is the office!” She gasped and she was full of red clouds.

“Reassure, my office has smart sensors, who can know in advance, and I don’t think anyone will come.” Lu Zixin said proudly.

After being unspeakable for long time, Su Zhirong was able to escape. Lu Zixin’s office have inside lounge, and she simply went to the lounge to organize herself, so as not to be disappointed.

Lu Zixin Viewing the information and reports she brought, the sales of HX2 smartphones have begun to decline, but still can maintain monthly shipments of more than two million, while HX2 MOUDLE phones, although small, but diverse Module sales are increasing.

There are even a lot of cottage module mobile phones and cottage modules on the market. The legal department of Red Letter is also in court with them, but there is no way to stop them.

On the other hand, after Zhang Qiang joined the R&D team with the information Lu Zixin sent to him, the progress was several times faster. Some of the difficulties were quickly overcome, and Lu Zixin’s previously required camera technology was basically available for use on the next HX3 phone.

Not only that, but because of the successful development of micro-laser projection equipment, smart glasses can also begin to enter research and development. Smart chips, intelligent voice communication, and sensor technology are also mature, but there are still some technical gaps in lens manufacturing and eye movement interaction, which takes time to supplement.

Outside the office of “General!”, Tang Gang was knocking at the door.

“Into!” Lu Zixin sound control, the smart lock will automatically open.

As soon as he came in, Tang Gang said: “General, good news, our mobile phones are ready to go public in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan!”

As early as a few months ago, they submitted an audit. The Hong Kong and Macao regions were relatively faster. Fortunately, they all passed the electronic product review and could be released.

“How about the branch?” Lu Zixin asked. The company is bigger. In addition to the subsidiaries, it is natural to establish a branch to handle more convenient business.

“Hong Kong Island’s company has applied for it, and is preparing for construction. Macao is not available for a while, and it is looking for a cooperative dealer.” Tang Gang said that because of different local policies, the company’s business is handled differently.

“Well, strive to do the market in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, so that everyone can enjoy our company’s smart products!” Lu Zixin and Tang Gang exchanged details for a while, Tang just left.

Su Zhirong came out of the lounge and complained: “I blame you, I haven’t finished my work today.” She can’t afford it now.

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “Let the assistant do it.”

“Which assistant is clear? Or let me go.” Su Zhirong insists that in this respect, she is very similar to her father Su Shi, who does not do things well and feels uncomfortable.

Fortunately, now Thunderstorm appliances are booming, things can’t be done, or Su Shi can get rid of Lu Zixin every day for abducting his daughter.

Lu Zixin thought, it would be much better to find Red Queen and then have some H1 serum to improve the body for some relatives and friends.

Thinking of this, he remembered that he still owed Red Queen a Red envelope. Go online look at Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group to see group activity.

Finally, this time the activity was finally full, and a new random Red envelope quota appeared. Not only that, but the group invitation option has also cooled down by four-fifths, and it will take a long time to refresh.

In the group, Mr. L : “@Red Queen !”

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