BTC Chapter 372 : How many people came in?

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It’s been a week since Red Letter launched a 10 million reward, and some people are beginning to wonder if they have the ability to maintain stability and harmony in this market.

However, Red Letter Group is working closely with the police to prepare for it.

The first is the tracking of network addresses. Red Letter Group has identified several network information stations of this gang, two of which are in China and two in foreign countries, all of which have been locked.

Then the specific address, Red Letter Group and the police pretend to order from the seller, and then track the source of supply.

This progress is also very fast, the police quickly locked in the source of goods, is the low-end electronic products exported through a Southeast Asian country mixed into the customs.

The only trouble is that although they know the generality of the group, but the location is in other countries, it is difficult to arrest.

“President Lu, the police are in contact with police of the other country to fight for a joint case…” The assistant conveyed the latest news to Lu Zixin.

“Know it.” Lu Zixin signaled him to go out.

On his computer screen, it is the pattern of the electronics factory. At this time, the electronics factory is undergoing demolition and taking some important equipment.

If the joint arrests are implemented, it is estimated that important people have long since ran away. There is a reason why the other side’s self-confidence will not be caught because they have an insider relationship in the local area, and China police contacted each other and they received the news.

This is also the reason why it is difficult to capture foreign gangs. The strictness of China’s investigation here requires the cooperation of the other side.

“Master, I still have ten minutes to arrive!” Ten kilometers away from the electronics factory, it is the blue sea. A burly man was riding a jet ski in arrogance. They were RI-8901 and Iron Head, and they were sent by Lu Zixin to perform the mission.

Lu Zixin naturally won’t wait for this group to easily escape, so I decided to start with a strong hand.

“Well, a few important people, one can’t let go.” Lu Zixin ordered.

“Daddy, I swear, I will not give this stupid big ride in my life!” Iron Head said, “It’s really heavy. If I don’t take him, I can get it in a minute!”

“You give me a point, remember, wait for them to go in and stun them. Don’t do more, leave it to the police!” Lu Zixin warned repeatedly.

His main purpose is to kill chickens and monkeys, and to successfully capture these people to the country, so that everyone can look at them, and they will be able to go abroad in the future, there is no such thing!

“Hahaha, the car man is leaving!” Iron Head yelled.

Inside the electronics factory, Adi is directing subordinates to disassemble equipment and personnel transfer.

“Boss, are we not doing it?” asked one of the subordinates.

“Of course you have to do it!” Adi said. “I don’t know how Chinese people find us. They will come to search in a few days. We will change the location and arrange.”

“Easy everyone, you will take a vacation this month, and the money will hit your account. Luxury cars, watches, beautiful girls, you will have!”

“Long live the boss!” The crowd cheered and continued to disassemble the equipment.

Adi looked at the equipment one by one and his eyes were slightly picked up. These people, these devices are his wealth.

As long as people and things are there, he can continue to make money by simply transferring places! He is the first developer in this profitable industry, and he may become a godfather in the near future.

As for what rewards for trace? It’s all shit. This is not China, his relationship here is complicated, and the police in China can’t catch him!

Adi thought of the money in his account, and the digital currency that was not exchanged, my heart was dark. This is a wealth that ordinary people can’t earn in a lifetime, and it can be enough for him to spend a long time.

Suddenly, the noisy voice broke his fantasy. It seems to be coming from outside factory, like playing a large loudspeaker in the song, and it seems to be Chinese song, the rhythm is still lit.

“The new storm has already appeared, how can it stop…” The voice of Iron Head destroys the rhythm of the music, but it is no longer important.

Two robots appeared at the door of the electronics factory, and Iron Head was modified to look like a motorcycle, where it was sung loudly.

RI-8901 is watching them coldly, and it is positioning the people here by sensing devices to lock the target.

“Who are you?” The security guard at the door yelled at them with an electric baton. “Go away, you can’t come here!”

RI-8901 walked slowly toward the gate. The gate was a solid iron fence gate and surrounded by a power grid.

“Not gone?” Several security guards went out to get rid of it, but RI-8901 grabbed a person, and the chicks seemed to have lost and shocked them.

“Hit him!” They opened the electric baton and greeted RI-8901. The ending was obvious and there was no use for it. These people flew out in minutes.

“Come close! He is a monster!” someone shouted inside, and the people inside quickly slammed the iron door.

“Haha, it’s time for me! Look at me, electric light [Duron drill]!” Iron Head directly rushed to the iron gate, it appeared in the front of the diamond bit, in a fast rotation.

Lu Zixin frowned, how much did this guy put himself? And this strange move name, where did you learn it from?

The iron gate did not resist in the next second, and was directly smashed by Iron Head. Not only that, because Iron Head power was too big, the factory wall was directly smashed and rushed inside!

“Zhang Qiang, look at it, don’t let it play big!” Lu Zixin quickly ordered.

“Yes, master!” RI-8901 took a step and rushed into the factory.

The workers I met also had a thug, and they were too lazy to use the remote current to paralyze directly.

“What happened?” Adi didn’t respond at this time. He only heard a few loud noises. “Is this idiot blasting something?”

“Boss, not good, the monitoring is all broken! It seems that someone has rushed over!” The subordinates quickly reported.

As soon as RI-8901 came in, it destroyed the monitoring circuit with high-intensity current to avoid leaving evidence.

“How come there are people? They told me that they will come to check next week!” Adi said angrily. “Who is it?”

“I don’t know, they rushed in directly. It seems that they have used explosives. The wall in front of our factory has fallen!” the subordinate shouted in a panic. “Hey, let’s go!”

Adi is also a person who has experienced the storm, and he did not panic. He asked: “Take equipment to the car first. We ride the motorcycle and go directly to the beach to take the speedboat!”

“Right. How many people came in?” he asked as he ran.

“It seems, one person!” the subordinate replied.

“What?” Adi’s backhand is a slap in the face of his face. “One person running alone, are you fucking playing me?”

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