BTC Chapter 475 : Coveting of Mining giants

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His series of questions immediately caused everyone to think deeply. They felt what he said was very reasonable.

“I have thought about Vice president Xin question.” Sheng Wenyan quickly responded to his question and said: “Red Letter Group also intends to cooperate with us to develop the mineral business in Africa. If we are willing to let Red Letter inject capital, this cooperation is no problem.”

“What, capital injection?” Xin Zhe immediately questioned, “Our Guangtu Mining internal structure has been stabilized. I think it is not suitable for now, and there is no need to accept other capital injections!”

Capital injection is a big deal, which means that Red Letter Group wants to control a certain percentage of the company shares and has some say.

This is inevitable for Lu Zixin. . Every company or group he cooperates must have a certain right to speak, so as to ensure that its own technology and interests will not become his own competitors.

But for Guangtu Mining Group, they are not short of money! Guangtu Mining Group has achieved tens of billions of annual revenues in China. They have invested in many companies themselves, so they are very vigilant against foreign capital injections, not to mention the fact that the other party is still a relatively strong group.

“I don’t agree.” Another vice president spoke up, supporting Xin Zhe views.

“This is just a proposal. Everyone has ideas to discuss. But it’s not a voting decision.” Sheng Wenyan said, “When the matter in Nigeria is resolved. We will decide this. Now, if other people have nothing to do, then the meeting is over.”

No one spoke, Sheng Wenyan walked out of the meeting room alone.

Xin Zhe still sat in the same place, and his eyes swept through the crowd. From the performance of everyone today, Sheng Wenyan support rate fell again. As long as the problems in Nigeria appear, it must be the time for him to go to the top.

“You want to rely on Red Letter Group to establish a firm foothold? The board of directors will certainly not agree.” Xin Zhe is full of confidence.


Nigeria, Kaduna State, the iron ore mine mined by Guangtu mining group.

This piece of iron ore is a piece of rich iron ore with a very high iron ore content ratio and can be used after a little refining. Guangtu Mining Group has made detailed explorations in this area, and it has paid a huge price to obtain the mining rights here.

They expected to return home after several years of mining. However, the recent political turmoil in Nigeria and the rumors of new policies have already spread, which has put enormous pressure on Guangtu Mining.

“Hah, the company has tripled its production target at once, and it will not be possible even we work overtime!” the head of the mine, Lin Zhiyuan sighed.

“The company is doing this to reduce the risk. I remember last year, the mine in South Africa, because of the local armed conflict, we suffered heavy losses. In those days, President Sheng turned his head. This time we encounter this problem, President Sheng pressure does not have to be small for us.” His colleague comforted.

“That’s what I said, but doing so can’t make up for anything. The workers have complained, and the dissatisfaction is very high. I think that if this continues, there will still be problems. Now, I can only act according to the command, hope they don’t make trouble.” Lin Zhiyuan is not very optimistic about the prospects of minerals. If there heavy losses here. He, as Sheng Wenyan cadre, have to decline along with Sheng Wenyan position in the group.

He was only forty years old. When he was young and strong, he didn’t want to encounter Waterloo in his career.

“A few days ago, did President Sheng say that, we will cooperate with Red Letter Group. When there will be intelligent machines and System, it will improve our efficiency by more than five times!”

“I mean, I also hope to be like that. But if there really is that kind of technology and things. The mining giants in Europe and America have already used it, and when it is our turn?” Lin Zhiyuan is somewhat pessimistic. “Don’t expect those too much, we will do our best.”


In Kaduna State, in a state-of-the-art luxury city, several British and several Nigerian officials are talking and laughing.

“Mr. Esmidala, our BHP company is very sincere in helping the local mining industry in Nigeria. Our respect, you must have received it.” A high-nosed British said that he is from Australian BHP Mining Company. One of the top executives, named Joyce.

Australia’s BHP Mining Company, one of the world’s top mining groups. Founded in the middle of 19 century, it has a long history. In the world’s mineral trade, BHP Mining has a large share, and only US mining giant can compete with it.

Although BHP Mining registered in Australia. Australia was once British colony and is now one of commonwealth countries. The main controlling BHP Mining assets are also from big consortiums in the UK.

In recent years, with the rise of African mineral market, these mineral giants have turned their attention to African market and returned strongly.

“Mr. Joyce is really kind, we like your gift very much!” Esmidala responded with a smile. He is an important official in Nigeria’s land and resources department. He is European and African, so his skin is not as dark as other blacks.

Like many Nigerian officials, he has been very enthusiastic and friendly to Europeans because he has followed European culture since childhood.

Joyce said with a smile: “Then please ask you to solve the problem of iron ore as soon as possible. Our BHP Mining Company will definitely mine according to the mining method of Nigeria, and it will bring more profits to your country.”

The mine he referring is the places where Guangtu mining industry is now mined. For an iron ore mine, BHP Mining is not so optimistic or even using some means.

But they found that there is more than just an iron mine. It has also caught up with the good opportunity of the policy change in Nigeria. Fortunately, I have used my resources and strength to take over the current mining mines.

For this reason, they gave great benefits to Nigerian officials such as Esmidala, which is enough for them to help BHP Mining.

As long as the mine successfully obtained, these interests are small heads.

Another African official beside Esmidala said with a smile: “You can rest assured. Mr. XX, who will take office next year, also appreciates the company’s courage, and Guangtu mining group ignores the rights and interests of our own workers and destroys the ecological environment. As long as we wait for the next year’s election, our Ministry of Land and Resources will be able to take back their mining rights and hand them over to more trusted companies for mining.”

Even if they want to take back the mining rights of Guangtu mining industry, they can’t be arrogant and must find reasons and excuses. Otherwise, the above leaders will not allow it, and it will also hurt international investors’ confidence in investing in their national mineral resources.

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