BTC Chapter 363 : Crazy Me!

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“Brother, what if they let go the dog?” Lu Lan followed Lu Zixin, a little frightened. She is usually a good girl and has never been to such a place, just listened to her classmates.

“Then we have dog meat to eat.” Lu Zixin played with with a smile.

Lu Hai did not speak, but clenched his fist and walked beside him.

Lu Zixin looked at the surrounding environment, and the black Internet cafes concealed the door, and some students in school uniforms were playing games.

On the roadside poles and walls, all are small advertisements, what is painless, heavy money, and hourly rooms.

“Just in front!” Lu Hai pointed to the end of the lane, there is a hidden small building.

There are no signs outside the building, and people have written a “demolition” word with paint. Several people are smoking and chatting outside, seeing them and not saying anything.

“Is this shadow?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Well, in the innermost,” Lu Hai said.

“Well, Lu Lan, go outside,” Lu Zixin said. “I am going with Lu Hai.”

“Yeah.” Lu Lan cleverly nodded and went outside the alley.

Lu Zixin and Lu Hai went in. When they entered, there was a place like a bar. There was a flat-headed youth yelling at the bar.

“The trough, really TM stimulation! That’s it!” He wore a pair of smart-projected glasses, his hands paddling in the air, and seemed to be doing something.

The glasses are embedded projections, which are of the low version, and only the wearer can see the projected picture.

Lu Zixin noticed that this is actually the equipment produced by Red Letter Electronics, but it is already the product of the previous generation.

“Boss, get on the plane!” Lu Hai shouted.

“Oh, it’s really annoying, brothers, let me go back for a minute.” The young man turned off the projection effect, and Lu Hai handed him a hundred yuan and said, “Two machines.”

The young man took two projection glasses from the locked cabinet and handed that to them. He said, “There has been a new game recently. It is very exciting. You can play and watch, don’t break things.”

The two entered the room, Lu Zixin discovered that the space inside was completely different from the outside. The interior is refurbished and has a lot of space, as well as upstairs and basement.

In these spaces, some people wear glasses to play games, screaming wildly, and some people use more advanced equipment, which is the operational virtual projection game machine launched by Red Letter.

Their game screens, direct projections, can be seen by everyone.

Lu Zixin passed a room, a person is playing a game that is not suitable for children, the projected picture makes people bloodline arrogant, and the large-scale exposed picture appears in front of the player through the projection.

And that player is actually a student in a school uniform!

The 18-forbidden game Lu Zixin has not been seen, but it is limited to the dark space of the network, rarely circulated. And that is the scale is big, there is no virtual projection so real!

When creating a projection game, Red Letter game will optimize the picture, remove those large parts, and the projection will have a virtual sense, in order to avoid being too real, let the player have an illusion of projection and reality.

However, this game is definitely not made by Red Letter game. The projection has not undergone any blurring treatment, and even strives to be more realistic!

Lu Hai was a little embarrassed, pretending not to see.

But Lu Zixin has seen more, in addition to this color game, there are violent types of games.

In a large private room, someone plays a game like a simulated city. The projected street scapes, things, people, and animals are all very real.

Players can kill, invade, rob, destroy in the game! It is a game of violent crime, and the way of expression is a super-realistic virtual projection!

Lu Zixin was shocked, because these games are definitely not made by Red Letter, and the official is not allowed to spread it.

In the picture, the bloody murder and the reaction of infringing on women are all very real. This kind of game doesn’t say that it is fun, that is, it will affect the mind of normal people!

He saw that the player was very excited and was cutting a passerby into a halves with a chainsaw. The expression was like a killer in a terrifying film, and the real blood effects and screaming recordings made people feel cold!

This is a very terrifying thing. If you indulge in such a game for a long time, will your mind change? Especially in this real projection effect, playing for a long time will not confuse reality with the game. If you spend another night, drink some wine, and you are unconscious, it is not surprising to make any crazy moves on the street!

Lu Hai saw this scene with some fear. He said: “The game is called “Crazy Me”. We have to spend money to play. I never play.”

“Crazy Me?” Lu Zixin remembered the name, and it must go deeper when it comes back!

“The few are the people who beat me.” Lu Hai pointed at the back.

On the other side, in front of a row of virtual projection game consoles, four young people are working on projection games. The game’s picture is also the city in “Crazy Me”. The four of them are teaming up to simulate a bombing of a bridge.

“Is the bomb ready? We are all red names, and the police must have come in ten minutes!” one shouted, and he controlled his role to make a car accident on the bridge.

The projected picture also has a picture of a car accident, the production is not sophisticated, there are a lot of flaws, but still can give them a different kind of excitement.

“Come on, come, blow the bridge, our sin value will be ranked in the top 100!” A guy who chewed betel nuts, shouted unclearly.

Lu Zixin is not disgusting with action games, but he likes it too. But if you magnify crime and darkness and present it in front of people with real images, then there is a big problem!

This is not a trivial matter, Lu Zixin decided to pursue it. How did the game appear, and who made the game?

“Hey!” Lu Zixin patted him on the shoulder.

“Go away.” He hadn’t finished talking yet, and he was pulled from the chair by Lu Zixin.

“Draw it, who are you!” He spit out the betel nut and wanted to vomit it on Lu Zixin’s face. Lu Zixin got stuck in the jaw and almost didn’t get stuck in his throat.

“Cough and cough!”

“What, looking for trouble?” The other three youths stood up and stared at Lu Zixin.

When they saw Lu Hai behind, they instantly understood. One person said with a smile : “Hey, let people help? Don’t look at who’s site!”

“This is a little bit better than the bastard. I haven’t had enough swearing!” One person stepped forward and pushed Lu Hai by hand. He was suddenly held by Lu Zixin. With a little effort, he screamed with pain.

“It hurts, hurts, hurts! Brother help me!”

“Grass, fight him!” The rest of the people saw the situation, holding the chair, and greeted the past with their fists and feet.

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