MST Chapter 157 : The Strongest Voice, Scene 2

Edited: XiaXue

Heavenly King Liu is on stage.

The scene is boiling.

Heavenly King Liu smiled and wanted to wave and say hello. “The first time I sang Chinese style, if I don’t sing well, please bear it.”

“Heavenly King! Heavenly King! Heavenly King Liu!”

Fans are calling in unison.

Heavenly King Liu smiled and thanked, “Thank you all, bring you a “Night as ink”.”

The music sounds slowly, listening to the rhythm is very ancient.

“White hooves roll money pond dust”

“Morning smoke is freezing and cold”


Heavenly King Liu sang it, very Chinese style. The tune is also very ancient. Ye Guang thinks this way. He is Heavenly King Liu powder, It stands to reason that he should like the song Heavenly King Liu sings, but Ye Guang listen to Heavenly King Liu singing this song. It’s not like Liu Tian Wang. Singing is not good enough, in fact, is quite nice, but Ye Guang just doesn’t like this tune, babbling, it makes people doze off easily, the whole lyrics do not know what is said, purely to meet national style abruptly fill up, still listened to slurred mouths in many places. For example, you can fill in the words ‘Su Shou’ so that the lyrics are more ancient and more charming, but the words are filled with ‘roufen’.

However, according to the conscience, Heavenly King Liu song is still of a high standard. At least it is much stronger than the songs of national style in recent years. It may be difficult to welcome the public, but the old-fashioned ones should still like this song. The words are beautiful, the tunes are not bad in the national style.

After singing a song, the audience reported applause.

Next comes the comment of judges.

Huang Bin: “Heavenly King Liu song is really good. It seems that Heavenly King Liu has done a lot of work. So far, this is the most tasteful national style song I have heard in recent years. Of course, it is, there are still a few players behind.” Huang Bin made a joke.

Sui Si: “It’s really good. I always like the ancient style. I like this song very much. Heavenly King Liu, with this song, I won’t dare to win the championship tonight, but at least it is no problem to keep for third round.”

Heavenly King Liu: “Well, there are only five people together. Are you praising me or yelling at me?”

Sui Si smiled: “Of course, I would like to praise you, Heavenly King Liu. I decided to give you this very early tonight. I like this song very much.”

The rest of judges Chun Yumin, Zong Zhengguang and Yu Fengnan is also a praise, in this stage, the top singers in the music scene are on stage, unless there is a big mistake, Otherwise, they will not pick any thorns. The review environment is actually to interact for program effect , the role of jury is the most critical to the issue and the score vote.

Heavenly King Liu sang back to the election chief.

Ren Keling: “Heavenly King Liu is Heavenly King. The first appearance has brought us such a good national song. It seems that the players who are going out will be under pressure. Next, we will invite the legendary combination, Feng Qiu Huang!”

Feng Qiu Huang. Mu Feng and Mu Huang both brother and sister sang a song “Lotus Pond”

“Cut a period of time”

“Flowing into the moonlight”

“Play a song of lotus”

“Piano sound revolving beam”

“Firefly lights up the starlight”


Ye Guang looked weird when listening to this song.

In Dream World, there is a combination that spreads all over the country, Phoenix Legend. They have a song called “Lotus Pond Moonlight”, which is very pleasant, also has the charm of Chinese style and when Feng Qiu Huang “Lotus Pond” was sung, Ye Guang was shocked, see lyrics, this is not Dream World Phoenix Legend “Lotus Pond Moonlight” revision, the lyrics are more than lotus pond moonlight. It has some ancient charm, but this tune, Ye Guang can’t bear to look directly, what a nice song, how come here, the lyrics are deleted and changed, then it becomes a lively drama.

Before it was Liu Chiyan’s turn to play, Liu Chiyan also in the lounge, “Well, Feng Qiu Huang singing is good, very nice.”

Ye Guang: “What do you say? Nice?”

Liu Chiyan: “Yes, it’s pretty good, don’t you think?”

Ye Guang: “I have a chance to let them sing the real lotus pond moonlight!”

Liu Chiyan: “What are you talking about?”

Ye Guang: “Nothing, listen to the song, I go to the bathroom.” Ye Guang can’t listen anymore.

The next one is He Xing.

He Xing very salty, please smile and say hello to audience when appear on the stage, music sounded incredibly don’t sing, but do gesture let the band teacher to stop the music, “Sorry everybody, I knew that today’s proposition is national style. At that time, I was dumbfounded. At that time, I knew that I was the one who was eliminated today. You said I was a lead singer of love songs, where did I come to national style? Last night, I finally dragged my friend to find a national style song. I practiced one day, but I can’t sing well, so I don’t want to show my ugliness anymore. I just stop here. I’m very happy to be able to show my face on this stage. Next, I will bring you a song “I Love You But You Don’t Know”.”

He Xing is really salty fish, which is a direct abandonment. If you don’t sing well, you won’t sing, lest you sing badly and leave a stain on your music career.

In fact He Xing make this decision is also temporary, he has his own consideration, just heard Heavenly King Liu and Feng Qiu Huang National Style song, He Xing compared his own song. He thought it was not as good as it was. Far away, there are Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou in the back, Han Yurou is the queen of the song, and yesterday she said that there are national style songs, full of confidence, He Xing felt that he might not be able to beat her, and the only one who could win was Liu Chiyan. However. Liu Chiyan is Heavenly Queen, her popularity is much higher than him. Unless Liu Chiyan makes a big mistake, even if she sings a mediocre national style song, her singing is not as good as him, but in the end may have more votes than him.

He Xing feels that he will be at the bottom and be eliminated. If so, it is better to be willful and show some momentum and demeanor. If we can’t sing well, we won’t fight, and we can’t add points to the audience and fans. But at least it’s better than sing it badly and then lower the score.

After all, it is an old man who has been in the entertainment industry for many years. He has considered all aspects carefully. The decision to abstain from singing is indeed the best decision for He Xing at this time.

He Xing did not sing the national style, and the song “I Love You But You Don’t Know” also won applause from the audience. I have to say that He Xing’s love songs are indeed very flavorful. Listening to him singing, Ye Guang remembered in Dream World. A famous singer, Zhang Xinzhe, who is also known as the Love Song Prince, has a similar style.

He Xing abandoned the question. The most important thing about his decision was his long-time friend Huang Bin. When he sang a love song, Huang Bin always looked at him with a look that hated iron, but there was no way. He Xing made the decision, he couldn’t control him either, he was just sorry for his old friend.

After He Xing sang, it was time for Liu Chiyan.

Ren Keling: “Next, we know our China entertainment Heavenly Queen, Liu Chiyan, Goddess Liu!”

“Goddess Liu! Goddess Liu! Goddess Liu!”

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