MST Chapter 158 : Millennium Tour

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Liu Chiyan is on stage.

Still so beautiful and elegant.

“Good evening everyone.” Liu Chiyan’s greeted the audience with a sweet voice, smiling, causing a howling of wolves. “A Millennium Tour is brought to you, the style may be different, I hope everyone likes it.”

The music sounded.

Zi said: Learn and practice with time. Have friends come from afar. People don’t know but they don’t look like a gentleman

This is a side of ‘Rapid Panther’ band. The middle part of song has a three-character scripture, but that paragraph needs a child’s voice. For a moment, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang can’t find it. A child can only delete this paragraph, but it will not have much impact on the song.

Liu Chiyan slowly opens.

“The early morning bells echoed in the mountains and flowing water among the white clouds.”

    “Four books, five classics, six art, learning master sage”

    “The teachings of benevolence, justice, etiquette, wisdom and faith are still in my ears”

    “Gentle, courteous and frugal, let me remember in heart.”

The cheerful style of music surprised the audience.

What is this singing? Say good national style? Is this a national style? Will national style sing like this?

Liu Chiyan doesn’t matter what everyone thinks, anyway, sing a song, what else can be.

“The warm sun shines on the moss-covered window.”

    “Looking forward to the past, you will appear again”

    “Cool breeze brushes the case, pen, ink, paper and inkstone, my poems”

    “The spring swallows in front of white tiled brick hall flew into whose house?”

After a song was sung, the scene was quiet for a few seconds before the applause broke out.

The audience talked a lot.

“Is this a national style?”

“Forget it, the lyrics also have some national style charm. This is the singing method. No one sang the national style like this before? I don’t know, listen to what the judges say.”

Of course, the judges judges have something to say, they were shocked and unclear.

Sui Si: “Chiyan, first of all, let me talk about it first. Your song is very good. It is really good, but I think that your song is not a national style. The lyrics are somewhat of a national style, but the singing is completely popular singing method, I think this song is not a national style.”

“I don’t think so.” The answer is Huang Bin, “There is no one who rules national style must how to sing, at least I listen to this song I feel good, and this song does have the charm of national style, but relative to other national style songs, lyrics is little more vernacular, but undeniable is this is national style lyrics, breeze brushes the case, pen, ink, paper, inkstone, white tiles and blue bricks, aren’t these are not very Chinese style lingering lyrics?”

Yu Fengnan: “First of all, I have to admit that the lyrics of this song are correct in Chinese style, the lyrics are also very good, the rhymes are neat, and they are catchy, this song is really nice, but this song is not a Chinese style is really a problem. You used the popular music singing method to sing the songs of national style. I did not have this precedent before.”

Chun Yumin: “As a songwriter, I admire some people who made this song. The composition of the lyrics is really good. The song is also very good, but I have the same opinion as Teacher Yu Fengnan. The song is nice, but the song is good, but it is a problem that it is not a national style song.”

The judges expressed their opinions, and finally the oldest Teacher Zong Zhengguang said, “This song Let my old eye-opener, my opinion and Huang Bin is the same, I like this song, very good, I think this song is completely in line with Chinese style, actually said, the national style, as long as it is Chinese style is a national song, in fact singing do not have to be too rigidly, these years, but also we ourselves into a misunderstanding, always with old vision of national song, think national style should be so sung, only then singing is national style song, but today, this Chiyan song let me enlightened, Huang Bin is right, no one has ever stipulated singing how to national style, but we thought we should sing it. The times are changing. Nowadays, the public likes modern popular music. The original national style singing is somewhat biased towards the drama. The audience is already small. I think Chiyan has a good start. The Chinese style should not stick to a singing method and multi-element development. Maybe there will be a better future, and the audience will prefer it. Take Chiyan’s “Millennium Tour” today, perfect combines Chinese style and modern singing. I believe that this song will be liked by many audiences from tonight, as long as the fans like it, why can’t you sing it like this. I make music, and sing it for fans, isn’t it?”

Zong Zhengguang long commentary was reasonable. Many audiences at the scene nodded and praised, and some audiences who thought Liu Chiyan’s song was not a national style had listened to Zong Zhengguang words. The concept is also reversed.

That’s right, as long as it sounds good, it doesn’t matter how he sings, it is true that no one stipulates how the national style is to sing and how to sing, good sound is the king!

After Liu Chiyan finished singing, she was invited to the election. When she was seated, Heavenly King Liu gave a thumbs up to Liu Chiyan. “It’s really amazing. If the song is considered to be Chinese, then you have started a new genre.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “Not so exaggerated.”

He Xing whispered aside, “Why not, I regret it now, why I never thought I could sing like this. Is this song from your big gifted scholar?”

Liu Chiyan nodded with a smile. “Well, it’s his work. I am participating in this competition. If nothing happens, it will be his composition.”

Heavenly King Liu, “It’s really talent, Chiyan, how do we discuss it, I will pay a high price and give me this big gifted scholar.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “As long as he is willing, I will send you. It is also a curse to stay in Studio anyway.” Liu Chiyan is full of confidence, and the truth is that Ye Guang can’t be dug away by Heavenly King Liu, and they don’t look at their relationship. Of course, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan don’t know anything about Liu Tianwang.

Heavenly King Liu, “Hey, Chiyan, how much benefit did you give him, so confident? Oh, I will go lobbying later. If I succeeded in digging, you can’t regret it.”

Liu Chiyan: “Go ahead.”

After the four people sang, Han Yurou appeared on the finale.

Han Yurou, a woman who spoke a few words, appeared.

Han Yurou is not a loss, it is a typhoon, wearing a white costume, it is very ancient and beautiful, it is very beautiful.

Han Yurou sang the song “Avocado Snow”.

“When the green carp came, I heard the sound of Chunxi broken. I can smell it and plant the pear with a light yellow core.”

Han Yurou opened her mouth, her voice ethereal.

“The branches of the old year were fine snow, but now the carmine pear leaves are falling.”

“The candle flames are dying, but I can chat with her all night.”

“Early spring and late spring wine is warm and deep”

After singing a song, it was full of surprises.



The audience exclaimed loudly, and there were constant conversations in the audience.

“Good, really nice, this is the ancient style.”

“Yeah, I was the first to hear such a good old-fashioned national style song. It was really nice. I felt like I was circled.”

The audience kept admiring.

Several judges also nodded secretly.

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