MST Chapter 22 : Do You Love Me

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There was still light rain outside the window, and there were not many pedestrians on the road. Occasionally one or a pair of pedestrians hurried through with umbrella. Liu Chiyan leaned on Ye Guang’s shoulder and was already asleep. It was not cold in April, but it was still a little cool. Ye Guang put his coat on Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan felt it, twisted her body, but didn’t wake up.

Ye Guang stared at Liu Chiyan, who was sleeping sweetly, his eyes full of gentleness, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Very lucky to meet you in this world!

Liu Chiyan woke up almost at four o’clock, and she slept on Ye Guang’s shoulder for more than two hours.

“It’s good to have a shoulder.” Liu Chiyan snorted.

Ye Guang smiled. “You didn’t sleep well last night?”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “It was too tired from work during this time. I slept very well last night.” Liu Chiyan said that her face suddenly became red. “Otherwise, I won’t know if you are a bad guy.”

“Cough.” Ye Guang has quickly transferred the topic. “When you are busy at work, you should pay attention to rest. You are so successful. There is nothing wrong with fewer notifications. The body is the most important.”

Liu Chiyan: “It’s not a notice. It’s a matter of my Studio. It’s not long before it’s established. Everything has to be done personally.”

Ye Guang knows that Liu Chiyan and Century Media problem, and have not signed up for other brokerage companies after they have fallen out of contract, and she has set up a Studio.

Ye Guang: “How many people is there, you are a boss, where you can do it yourself.”

Liu Chiyan sighed. “I thought it was quite simple to open a Studio. I really didn’t know that it was so tired. Some people are not assured of leaving things to their subordinates. I still have to worry about it unless they are the most closest and most trusted…”

Liu Chiyan said that, suddenly her eyes lit up! Sit up straight, facing Ye Guang, smiling at Ye Guang, with small stars in her eyes.

Ye Guang clearly felt that Liu Chiyan was brewing another small plot.

Liu Chiyan leaned over, “Say! do you love me!”

Ye Guang suddenly have cold sweat came down. Isn’t this the absolute signal of the female compatriot’s conspiracy against men? I believe that the majority of male compatriots have a deep understanding. This is simply a question of no solution. How do male compatriots answer and do not want to discuss the benefits, say love? Good. Go and empty my shopping cart. Or at 1 o’clock in the morning, let you run eight streets to buy her strawberries, or to have bags, clothes, watch, and so on. Say no love? You have to have this courage! If you really say no, you have to face her crying and hanging, then she will perform inhuman revenge on your body and spirit. In the end, you can only succumb to her arrogance, empty her shopping cart, and bought her new bag, bought her clothes, and ran eight streets at 1 am to buy her strawberries. [A-N: To mourn for the male compatriots who have a wife who has won this routine.]

Ye Guang touched the sweat on his head and forced to calm down, “…Don’t make trouble.”

“Speak, do you love me!” Liu Chiyan’s voice has increased by a few decibels.

“This…” Ye Guang is shivered, “We are getting married today…”

Liu Chiyan glared at him and continued to akimbo, “No matter! That is also married! Say it! do you love me!”

“We only know three days…” Ye Guang is determined not to give in.

“Speak, do you love me!” Liu Chiyan sees Ye Guang still not loose, with one hand on her hips, one finger at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang ignored her and made a haha. “The weather is so good today.” Said, turned to look out the window, it rained today. Then he added a sentence, “This rain is very good.”

See Ye Guang, who has been playing haha, Liu Chiyan is angry, don’t know what to think. she grabbed Ye Guang’s arm. “Let you not say, I will bite you!”

Take a bite.

Ye Guang face is green, you really bite, you say bite, you don’t give a signal. At least I have to be mentally prepared.

“It hurts, hurts, hurts. Release it quickly.” Ye Guang shouted, but did not dare to push Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan is not sloppy, but it is even harder.

“I rely! Still exerting force, hurt…” Ye Guang grinning, “Don’t bite, I am wrong, I love! I love! I love you! Quickly let go! love you!”

Liu Chiyan heard the words, and then she was relieved, then she looked up with some blush. One of the most wanted words in a woman’s life: I love you. She did not expect Ye Guang to tell her the first time in this situation.

Ye Guang quickly rubbed the arm where Liu Chiyan’s biting and started to wet. It was Liu Chiyan’s saliva, and the two rows of deep teeth marks were printed. Liu Chiyan left a bit of love under her mouth and did not give him to bleed.

“You are a dog, and you can bite when you bite.” Ye Guang still hurts.

Liu Chiyan was a little embarrassed with a red face, but she still snorted with a sigh of relief. “Whoever keeps you from saying it.”

Ye Guang said with no anger: “Yes, that’s what I said now, why do you want me to say it. There is nothing good about it.”

Liu Chiyan is very cute and spits out her tongue. “You resign.”

Ye Guang, “What do you say?”

“You resigned!”

“No! Why should I resign? Resigned, you raise me.”

Liu Chiyan nodded like chicken glutinous rice, Ye Guang shook his head. “That doesn’t work. I just got to work for a few days, and I just got on the right track. The good future is here. How can I resign?”

Liu Chiyan cut aloud. “Working at TV station, can you still give you a director? How old are you, just a small staff member.”

Ye Guang was not happy, retorted: “Who is a small staff member, but a Host is coming.”

Liu Chiyan glanced at him in disbelief.

Ye Guang added weakly: “The late night radio host is also a good host.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “That wouldn’t matter. How promising is it to be a radio host, you resign, go to Beijing with me, come to my Studio, and sister will give you a Vice-president.”

Liu Chiyan claimed to be his elder sister, and Ye Guang doesn’t think there is any awkwardness. He is only 24 years old and Liu Chiyan is 27 years old, 3 years older than him. As the saying goes, the female senior holds the golden brick.

“That’s not OK.” Ye Guang refused.

Going to Beijing, what a joke, Ye Guang, when the college entrance examination champion gave up Tsinghua, he was not willing to leave his hometown. How could he just agree to leave his hometown and resign to Beijing! Ok, this is an excuse he made for himself. The college entrance examination chooses the local Nanchang University… art department… painting major is actually because of the pothole system task.

Liu Chiyan squinted. “You still say that you love me, let you resign to help me, you are not willing, hmph!”

“This is two different things.” Ye Guang argues “work is work, you woman, there is a problem with your mind.”

“Huh, You lie, you just don’t love me.” Liu Chiyan is wronged.

“Two things!” Ye Guang said, “Don’t come here, I can’t be fooled.”

Liu Chiyan said pitifully: “Then you will have the heart to let your wife get up early and sleep late every day?”

Ye Guang is a little soft, but still bites his teeth.

“Tend your heart!”

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