MST Chapter 12 : First meeting

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Cough, cough, cough.” Chen Jie is squatting.

“Mr. Chen, is it okay? Slow down when drinking water.” Li Delong stopped talking about the topics and asked with concern.

Chen Jie waved his hands again and said. “Cough, cough, nothing, nothing, just accidentally stunned, Director, you continue. You continue.”

The meeting continues.

Chen Jie was surprised to see Ye Guang, Ye Guang felt Chen Jie’s gaze and returned a puzzled look.

Chen Jie refers to Ye Guang’s notebook.

Well, the contents of the first half on notebook did not remember, and I painted a hellokitty.

Ye Guang smiled at Chen Jie, his mischievous wink.

Chen Jie is very speechless, this product is a talent, just like the performance, I really thought he was serious. It’s nodding, it’s a sudden realization, and it’s taking notes. Who knows that this goods are all loaded. Also painted a hellokitty, and he managed to hold his smile, but he was still drinking.

Chen Jie wrote a line of words in his notebook and then quietly pushed Ye Guang over.

Ye Guang squinted.

The notebook says: It’s too much like it. It’s a pity that you don’t want to be an actor.

“Liu Bayi teacher’s retirement procedures have been completed, but there are still ten days left before the official departure.”

As soon as I heard about Old Liu, Ye Guang got the spirit.

“Late night story. This program has always been hosted by Teacher Liu Bayi. Although it is a late-night channel, the program has not been very good, but the program still has a reputation. The platform still attaches great importance to this program. It’s easy and won’t be withdrawn, so it’s more appropriate to discuss the Late night story.”

It was Li Delong who spoke, and after a brief pause and then said: “I see, Comrade Ye Guang is good, yesterday’s host is also a good point, taking over the Late night story will be no problem, I propose it. Ye Guang took over.”

Everyone is a little silent. No expression, all thinking in my heart.

“I don’t think so good…” Radio station Director is who talking, it is Radio station second-in-command, surnamed Yang, Director Yang went on to say: “Ye Guang comrade ability is good. Young and energetic. However, Comrade Ye Guang came only two days after all, and was not familiar with the work. Moreover, when you come to the show, it will inevitably give some thoughts to the old employees under our hands.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“I agree with Director Yang.”

There are a few who should sit together.

“I have a personal choice, and I will tell you for reference.” Director Yang continued, “I have an editor called Xu Rui under my hand. The editor has been working for more than a year. All the parties in the station are familiar with each other. They are humble, practical, and capable. I think it is most appropriate for him to pick up Teacher Liu program.”

“Xu Rui is really good.”

“Yes, I am also very optimistic about him.”

Ye Guang took a closer look at the few people who should be in harmony.

Ye Guang did not feel anything about Director Yang taking the lead in opposing him to take over the program. After all, he knew that the time was too short and the qualifications were too shallow.

But Li Delong is black. In my heart, I was on fire. I was convinced that I was almost patted with the chest and Ye Guang said that he had to go to the show. If there was a problem, where was his old face? Moreover, this is not the default for everyone. Ye Guang came to Li Delong to give everyone a vaccination. Later, with the directors, Vice-president, supervisor, program Producer, etc., they all insinuated their attitudes and tested their tone, you were not the default at the time, now it is noisy?

In fact, this is also the embarrassment of Ye Guang and Li Delong.

Originally, the Late night story would be at the bottom, and the big guys didn’t look too much. Receive this program, can you do it first, at least you have to work hard. It is a dispensable chicken rib. It is a pity that the food is tasteless. Since the Radio station Chief is open, everyone will sell the boat and sell their personal feelings.

But nowadays it’s different. Today’s Late night story will really scare the people who are sitting in to jump. The sixth place, except for the one or two thundering programs, the other programs are not all competing for four or six. The sixth place is already a very good result. Therefore, some people who are sitting in the mind are somewhat alive. A bottom late night channel and a sixth late night channel are incomparable. The former can also say to a Radio station Chief face, don’t want it, but the latter is how to fight, can hold, it’s best in your own hands.

Li Delong made a special reading of the rankings of the various programs at the beginning of meeting. Originally, I wanted to show the meaning of Ye Guang’s ability: See, Ye Guang’s ranking of the program has risen so much.

Who knows, but it is a self-defeating, let some people sitting in the idea of ​​playing this late night channel.

There is a program Producer who is also slow and open: “Little comrade just came, the ability is very good, but you should first understand more about our work in the station. I see, the staff who hosted the late night channel should still find a senior person to take over. I have a personal selection. The seven groups of editors have been working for five or six years. The business is very familiar, the foundation is solid, mature and stable, very suitable.”

“I have also chosen to recommend…”

“I have it too……”

Several Producers have come to me and they recommend their employees.

The dispute between five or six people was a bit of dispute, they refuse to give up to each other, and the scene is a bit stalemate.

Li Delong knocked on the table and said, “I look at the problem of this late-night Host. You will not be able to discuss who will be good for a while. If you do, don’t argue. Teacher Liu Bayi temporarily let Little Ye save the scene yesterday, indicating that Teacher Liu still recognizes the ability of Little Ye. Teacher Liu is an old employee in station. He is qualified, and the opinions of veteran comrades should be respected. Moreover, Little Ye’s ability is there, everyone knows everything, and there is no difference in whoever comes in, whoever has the ability to go! I see, this show is taken over by Little Ye.”

Of course, everyone did not agree, and they were arguing with each other. The scene was not lively.

Finally Li Delong cold face, said: “Since everyone’s opinion is not unified, that this program Host things next time, but, Liu Bayi teacher is still in the hospital, the program can not be done, I see this, first let Little Ye temporary top days, just can test his ability, at the next meeting, you have unified your opinion and determined who will take over the show in exchange for little Ye.”

Radio station Chief has said this, no matter what you think, the face you should give on the bright side is still to be given. Besides, the late-night channel have sprung up. I don’t know if it’s a flash in the pan. Now I can’t fight for a result. Instead giving it to others, I’ll leave it in the hands of Radio station Chief. If this show is really hot, in the future, it is not a bad idea.

There was a Producer who still had some unwillingness to say something. Li Delong blinked and quickly retracted his neck.

The meeting is finally over.

The whole meeting, Ye Guang did not say a word in the whole process, and there is nothing to say. Others have low micro-positions. They only need to obey the leadership arrangements. The whole meeting can speak a few people who are actually fixed. Others It’s all a matter of numbers.

Ye Guang didn’t eat too much at noon, and in the afternoon he was in a hurry. Ye Guang’s five-dirty temple was already protesting. At 5:51 in the afternoon, I was about to go to work.

No matter what, anyway, I have already checked in to work. Before going out to eat, the world is big, and the biggest meal!

Go downstairs and go out.

Just out of the building, Ye Guang suddenly felt a whole body shake, just like being charged, there is a feeling that can’t be said. This feeling Ye Guang also experienced once when he rushed to work the day before.

Ye Guang stopped and looked around.

Ye Guang glanced around and then stared at the woman next to the flower bed on the edge of the parking lot.

The woman covered her face tightly, wearing a long trench coat, a mask with sunglasses and a straight hair.

It was the woman who passed by when he went to work that day. Ye Guang wanted to stop her, but he still didn’t speak.

Although Ye Guang couldn’t see the woman’s eyes through the sunglasses, he felt that she was also watching him, and his eyes met her eyes, and there seemed to be some kind of chemical reaction.

The woman noticed that Ye Guang was watching her, then she was a little confused, turned and went to make a move.

Ye Guang chased her up without thinking.

From the entrance of the building to the parking lot is not far, but also a little distance, the woman has opened the door.

Ye Guang ran wildly, he was anxious, he always felt that if he let her go, he would regret it.

That day, he has already missed it once.

Seeing that the woman is about to get on the car, Ye Guang yelled angrily: “Hey! Wait!”

The woman heard Ye Guang’s shouting, trembled and held the door, but did not sit up and did not turn around.

“Wait!” Ye Guang finally arrived.

Maybe it was a little anxious. Ye Guang took a few deep breaths and then tried to say something, but when he spoke, he said one: “You…” Then it was like being stuck in the throat, I don’t know what to say.

Ye Guang has no experience in dealing with strange women, and he is now very fast in heartbeat. He usually feels stupid and bold, but he is nervous at this moment.

The woman turned slowly and looked at him up and down. “Is there… a problems?” The woman’s voice is very crisp and very pleasant.

“I…” Ye Guang is like a fool, can’t speak, nods and shakes his head.

“Are you working here?” The woman asked.

Ye Guang nodded and looked at the woman.

The woman seems to be somewhat cramped by Ye Guang’s gaze, and her eyes are dodging. “If nothing happens, I will leave.” The woman said that she would return to the car.

Ye Guang is anxious, and the stuttering problem seems to be a good one. “Wait.”

The woman stopped and looked at him with some doubts.

“Sorry, can you let me see your face?” Ye Guang said that it seemed to be a little presumptuous, and then stuttered again. “No… I… I… have no other meaning… I… I… not a hoodlum… you… you don’t get me wrong.”

“Ah.” Ye Guang took a bit of his own mouth, stuttered, and his tone was deep. “Sorry, I know it’s a bit of an embarrassment, but it is very important to me.”

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