MST Chapter 13 : Invite to eat

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The woman looked at Ye Guang with some strangeness, looked over and seemed to hesitate.

Ye Guang said in a tone of pleading and said again: “This is very important to me.”

The woman did not speak, turned her head and looked at Ye Guang, slowly taking off the sunglasses, long eyelashes, big eyes, and beautiful eyes. Then slowly remove the mask, a beautiful and delicate face appeared in front of Ye Guang.

Ye Guang looked at the beautiful face in front of his eyes, but didn’t bother to appreciate the beauty of that face, only the joy of heart and the love that burst out in the eyes.

Is her! Is her! Is her!

The person in front of him slowly coincided with the person who couldn’t remember in Ye Guang’s mind, and eventually merge into one.

Ye Guang finally remembered, Dream World, the look of his wife!

The identity of this woman in front of him also surprised him, because she is – China entertainment Heavenly Queen Liu Chiyan!

However, Ye Guang also felt strange that Liu Chiyan was so popular in the entertainment circle. Ye Guang had seen it twice on TV, but when he saw it on TV, he didn’t feel anything unusual. But when he saw the real person, even if it was her back, it made his heart feel. When he saw her appearance, Ye Guang could completely conclude that it was her! She is the wife of Ye Guang in Dream World!

Ye Guang smiled. I looked at Liu Chiyan with a grin and smiled.

“Okay, nothing, I will go first.” Liu Chiyan shunned Ye Guang’s hot eyes.

Ye Guang smirked and looked at her nodding nod.

Liu Chiyan re-applied the sunglasses mask and turned around. Ye Guang reacted to Liu Chiyan to go, and quickly said, “Wait.”

Liu Chiyan looks back at him.

Ye Guang smiled and said: “I want to eat three cups of chicken, shall we go together?”

Three cups of chicken is one of Liu Chiyan’s favorite dishes. Ye Guang remembers all the preferences of Dream World’s wife, but I don’t know if this world’s Liu Chiyan and Dream World’s wife’s preferences are the same.

Of course, a stranger’s invitation to Liu Chiyan would not have agreed so easily. It should have been rejected, but her words were inexplicable: “Okay.” She blurt out.

Liu Chiyan also felt very strange, how did she agree? I wanted to retort, but Ye Guang had already opened the front passenger’s door for her. Liu Chiyan is not talking about anything, silently getting on the car.

Three cups of chicken, I haven’t eaten for a long time, a little embarrassed. Just, how did you promise him? Liu Chiyan can’t figure it out.

Driven away 2 streets, Ye Guang looked for a restaurant with an elegant environment. At this time, in restaurant, there were quite a lot of people in the lobby. Ye Guang promised the boss to pay three times the private room fee, so the boss gave him a small elegant room.

When ordering, Ye Guang didn’t ask Liu Chiyan’s opinion, and the menu didn’t look. He opened three cups of chicken, sweet and sour fish, ground vegetables, and four dishes, all of which were Dream World’s wife. Love to eat.

Ye Guang reacted when he finished the meal. He had already equaled Dream World’s wife and Liu Chiyan, but it was not the same person.

So, Ye Guang was embarrassed to scratch his head and asked: “Sorry, forgot to ask what you want to eat, what do you want to eat? Let’s change.”

Liu Chiyan mask was not taken off. She was afraid of being recognized by the waiter. The sunglasses were picked up. She looked at Ye Guang with a strange look. She said softly: “No, it’s fine.”

Ye Guang said: “Okay!”

Liu Chiyan doesn’t talk, Ye Guang doesn’t know what to say, he can only look for topics.

Ye Guang hands on the table, holding the chin, and looked at Liu Chiyan. It seemed that I couldn’t see enough, even if Liu Chiyan had a big mask, and Liu Chiyan didn’t look at him at all, sometimes when her eyes were swaying and Ye Guang’s burning eyes will quickly escape.

“Don’t look at me like this.” Liu Chiyan can’t stand it anymore.

“Oh.” Ye Guang said with a word on his mouth, but his eyes could not move. “How do you become celebrity?”

“Yeah?” Liu Chiyan had some doubts.

Ye Guang reacted. “Oh, I forgot, you have been a celebrity.”

Liu Chiyan slightly responded, she now regretted it, how could she come to eat with strange men who didn’t know their names just now?

“You used to like spotlights, and it’s not surprising when celebrity.” Ye Guang said again.

“Originally?” Liu Chiyan felt very strange, and looked at Ye Guang with a very strange look. When she touched his hot eyes, she felt a little bit unbearable and quickly disappeared.

“Ahhhh…” It’s time to knock on my head. “I’m talking nonsense, and seeing big celebrity is a bit of a mouthful.”

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang with a deep look and didn’t speak.

Ye Guang didn’t talk, it was a slight smile, and he stared at Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan’s neck twisted aside, and it was a bit sour, but she didn’t dare to turn around. The big celebrity of Heavenly Queen class was cramped by Ye Guang’s eyes.

It may be that Ye Guang paid three times the cost of private room, Ye Guang’s dishes soon came together.

Three cups of chicken, sweet and sour fish, ground vegetables, egg, and fried cabbage.

The chef of this restaurant is not bad, and there are a few dishes that can’t be heard.

No wine, no drinks, Ye Guang called the waiter a big bowl of rice.

Began to eat!

Ye Guang Hungry for an afternoon, the appetite is great. Helping Liu Chiyan with a bowl of rice and handing it to her, Liu Chiyan took off her mask and revealed her delicate face. She said softly to Ye Guang, “Thank you.”

Liu Chiyan seems to be very hungry, plus it is the dish she likes to eat. When she eats it, Ye Guang does not forget to greet Liu Chiyan to eat this and eat it. See Liu Chiyan’s small mouthful eating, the frequency of picking vegetables is also very low, Ye Guang is also very enthusiastic to help Liu Chiyan pick up the dishes, see Liu Chiyan some disgusted little eyes, sly retracted the chopsticks.

Then Liu Chiyan became very obedient, and Ye Guang said that it was delicious to let her eat more. She immediately went to pick up the food. It was not polite, mainly because she was afraid that if she didn’t pick up, Ye Guang would rush to help her clipped the dishes.

The two of them ate, and Ye Guang had two bowls of rice, and Liu Chiyan also finished a bowl of rice from Ye Guang. Ye Guang saw Liu Chiyan empty in the bowl, indicating that Liu Chiyan gave him the bowl.

Rice was on Ye Guang’s side, Liu Chiyan sat too far, and did not refuse. After thanking him, she handed the bowl over, and then just wanted to say a little less with Ye Guang, half a bowl is enough. she saw Ye Guang had half a bowl of rice, and gave it to her with a smile. Liu Chiyan took it silently and looked at Ye Guang’s eyes more and more strange.

Dream World’s wife’s meal, Ye Guang, is very clear. It has always been fixed. It is basically a bowl of rice at home. It may be because the restaurant’s rice bowl is slightly smaller, and the food is more cooked. A bowl and half.

After eating half a bowl of rice, Liu Chiyan put down the tableware very satisfactorily, took a pack of wet wipes from the bag, and wiped her mouth and hands. Then put the square of the wet wipes aside.

Ye Guang is still immersed in eating. He is starved today, and he met Liu Chiyan today, he is happy! Have a warm celebration, eat two bowls of rice!

Liu Chiyan beautiful eyes looked at Ye Guang, who was still ate, and didn’t know what she was thinking. Ye Guang occasionally looked at Liu Chiyan and saw Liu Chiyan looking at him, not saying anything. Very natural smile.

For a while, Ye Guang finally ate full. I took a sip of water and swallowed the food in my mouth. Ye Guang wiped his mouth with a wet wipe.

“That…” Liu Chiyan wants to stop Ye Guang, but it was too late. He used the wipe.

“Full.” Ye Guang satisfied touched his stomach, then smiled and asked Liu Chiyan: “Are you full?”

Liu Chiyan snorted and her face was a little red. He just used her wet wipes to wipe his mouth. What is this? Indirectly kissing?

Four dishes and a large bowl of rice, were wiped out by Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan. Of course, most of them went into Ye Guang belly. “This shop is not bad, I will take you to try it next time. I like the sour soup beef and opium fish heads.”

Liu Chiyan is speechless, do you want to have it next time? It’s also a Heavenly Queen-level character, is it that you want to make an appointment? How to listen to his tone is as simple as eating and drinking in peace. Also, how does he know that she likes sour soup and opium fish heads? Also, why did he just order three cups of chicken, sweet and sour fish, earth-boiled eggs, and fried cabbage, which are just what she like?

Also, why did she have the same kind of electrocution when he appeared? How did she inexplicable promise to eat with him? How do you feel like he knows herself well? He likes to eat what she knows, and he knows how much she likes. Is it coincidence?

He seems to be very familiar with herself, and he looks at her own eyes, and his love is so strong that she does not dare to look at him. Liu Chiyan is a Heavenly Queen-level figure. She is well-informed and has many contacts. Looking at his eyes, she can tell, Ye Guang eyes that sees her are not as fanatical as fans, nor is it simply a simple appreciation, not a wretched one. It is like the natural love of a loved one. This kind of look, Liu Chiyan only felt in three people, her parents, and her brother, but it is somewhat different from the eyes of her family. In the end, where is not the same, Liu Chiyan can’t describe it.

Many questions made Liu Chiyan unable to resist, “That…” Liu Chiyan suddenly found out that she still didn’t know what he was calling. “Have we seen before?”

Ye Guang looked at her doubtfully.

Thinking of her Heavenly Queen identity, Liu Chiyan added: “Not in the media. Have we known before? Or have we seen it?”

Ye Guang snorted, then smiled and nodded solemnly.

“Where?” Liu Chiyan quickly asked.

Ye Guang thought about it and then answered very seriously: “Past life! You were my Angel and i’m your Knight.”

Liu Chiyan clearly does not believe in her face. But when she heard Ye Guang say such an explicit word, she had some heartbeats and her ears were reddish.

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