MST Chapter 280 : Here is China!

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For what Kim Tae-seo asked, why are you beating someone, Ye Guang answered very sincerely.

“Because you owe it!”

Kim Tae-seo gnashed his teeth. His agent also looked at Ye Guang and snapped, “How can you beat people, you are the behavior of barbarians! You have seriously hurt Tae-seo, we will definitely not let you go, I will definitely go to sue and file a lawsuit with our embassy! You will be responsible for all foreign diplomatic problems that will arise at that time!”

Ye Guang became amused and sneered,” See if you can, can your embassy sue me? Can you still cause foreign diplomatic problems? Really take yourself seriously.”

Ye Guang’s said with a smile and jokingly watching Kim Tae-seo and his agent. Both faces became very ugly, but Ye Guang didn’t say anything wrong. Based on their weight, what they said caused foreign diplomatic problems, is really bragging. Foreign diplomatic, if it is so easy, then it is not called foreign diplomatic.

Prosecute? Ye Guang is even worse. With so many people present, everyone knows what happened just now. Even if Ye Guang beat Kim Tae-seo so miserably, you must first understand, why Ye Guang beat him? This is because Kim Tae-seo beat the aunt first, so Ye Guang beat him. To put it nicely, Ye Guang behavior is called fight the strong and supporting the weak or acting bravely when you see injustice!

If Kim Tae-seo really got water in his head and made trouble on the judicial level. Then put the matter on the bright side. Even if it had some influence on Ye Guang, it would be him who suffered the most in the end compared to Ye Guang.

Without standing on the word of reason, Kim Tae-seo fight today would be a waste of time.

Liu Chiyan also couldn’t see this matter and said, “You still want to sue us. It would be nice if we didn’t sue you. It is you who beat someone first.”

Kim Tae-seo also covered his face and said angrily, “Can she compare with me? I’m Kim Tae-seo! I am from Korea. I have tens of millions of fans and are worth hundreds of millions. She is a lowly rural woman, can an inferior Chinese compare to me?” Kim Tae-seo also pointed to the aunt on Ye Guang side.

Everyone eyes change when they heard this, many people began to glare at Kim Tae-seo.

Kim Tae-seo also a little dumbfounded by the beating. He’s so angry that he had nowhere to vent. He can’t think anything and dared to say anything. Inferior Chinese?  I really admire your courage. All the people present here are Chinese. This person is is really bold enough. He is not afraid of being attacked by a group?

The inferior Chinese in Kim Tae-seo mouth meant only to refer to the aunt. Everyone might understand it later, but everyone couldn’t help being angry after hearing what he said.

Ye Guang can’t bear it again. No matter whether it refers to someone or the aunt, Ye Guang can’t bear it. MMP, in China, you Korean “stick”, say inferior Chinese, how can it be tolerated?

Fuck him! I’m so embarrassed!

Ye Guang squeezed his hand until creaked and walked towards Kim Tae-seo.

Heavenly King Liu, Zhong Jing, Xu Chen and others immediately followed.

Ye Guang: “Don’t stop me, whoever stops, I will beat him!””

Heavenly King Liu: “Don’t stop you, this goods really owe beating, I will help you press him.”

Xu Chen: “Me too, help you to press him.”

Kim Tae-seo is so scared and subconsciously wanted to run, but the staff member and the villagers already surrounded him in three floors. Where can he go?

Ye Guang and the others came like a few wicked men. Kim Tae-seo couldn’t help but backed up, “You… what do you want, don’t come here!”

His agent also followed. He backed away together, “Don’t come here, I called the police, don’t come here.”

There is no escape, there is no escape, Ye Guang, Heavenly King Liu and others grabbed Kim Tae-seo. Ye Guang did not embarrass Kim Tae-seo agent. One yard goes to one yard, it’s not for others. This matter has nothing to do with Kim Tae-seo’s agent. Ye Guang is also reasonable, he didn’t go to embarrass him. After glaring at him, Ye Guang said, “Go aside!”

Kim Tae-seo’s agent shrank to the side, not daring to make a sound, looked at Kim Tae-seo worriedly, then turned his gaze to Yu Ke, wanting Yu Ke to say something.

Yu Ke eyes changed and he opened his mouth, but he still didn’t say anything.

Beijing Satellite TV hired Kim Tae-seo, it’s not a fake, but but he did something wrong today. This time he offended a lot people, Yu Ke has a heart to help, but he’s really afraid of everyone. When everyone is angry, he went up, even if he spoke, he couldn’t stop them with his understanding of Ye Guang temper.

Anyway, the front was smashed, it’s not a problem to be beaten a few times. Yu Ke thought so in his heart.

Heavenly King Liu and Zhong Jing already held Kim Tae-seo down, and Ye Guang looked down on him.

Kim Tae-seo really scared and crying, his mouth muttered, “Don’t fight, don’t fight, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m wrong, don’t fight.”

Kim Tae-seo feels that today must be the darkest day of his life. On the gloomiest day in China, I suffered humiliation.

The sun is scorching, but Kim Tae-seo felt the sky is so dark and gloomy.

Ye Guang didn’t do anything. He looked directly into Kim Tae-seo’s eyes, and said, “Do you know where you are now?”

Without waiting for Kim Tae-seo to answer, Ye Guang continued, “You are standing on the land of China now! There are Chinese people around you!” Ye Guang pointed to the people around him, “Who gave you the courage to say Chinese is inferior!”

Kim Tae-seo pupils shrank and looked around. He looked around and saw a pair of angry eyes, and said quickly, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have said that, I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean you, I mean…”

“No one can say anything!” Ye Guang paused and pointed to the aunt. “She is a farmer, but she relies on her own hands and labor to eat, not stealing or grabbing, and her heart is simple. Why do you look down on her? What qualifications do you have to look down on her!”

Kim Tae-seo repeatedly apologized. “Sorry, sorry, I was wrong, really wrong.”

Ye Guang: “You don’t have to be so scared. I won’t hit you, so you don’t need to apologize pretentiously. I believe you have bloody scolded me in your heart.You wish I was dead. It’s okay, I don’t care.” Ye Guang paused, “But, I want you to remember that you are in China now, what you earn is Chinese money, what you wear now, and your star halo are all given to you by Chinese fans! Your lofty, self-righteous, you are not qualified and have no reason to look down on any Chinese! This is not your country! I don’t ask you to love it, but you remember for me. You’re now on the territory of China! In the territory of China, no ordinary Chinese can be insulted! Because, here is China!”

“Okay, well said!”

“Yes! this is China! Can’t tolerate your Korea ‘stick’ to run wild!”

“The head is squeezed by ‘door’, Director Ye, you are right!”


Many staff members in the crowd started to scream.

Kim Tae-seo was a little dazed, looking at Ye Guang without speaking

Ye Guang: “Have you heard clearly?”

Kim Tae-seo returned to his senses, nodded again and again. “Listen clearly, hear clearly.”

Ye Guang snorted. Then he turned and said to Jiang Fengxian, “Arrange a car to send them back. Don’t forget to send two people to follow them. It is a miracle that with his brain circuit and IQ can live to this day. It’s possible, he will be beaten to death at any time. We have to keep an eye on it. Don’t die on the road and the crime comes to my head.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

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