MST Chapter 281 : Re-invite the Guests

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That’s it.

Ye Guang sent Kim Tae-seo and his agent back to the city.

This time, Ye Guang let Kim Tae-seo leave, Yu Ke didn’t say anything, things happened like this, don’t say Ye Guang won’t let him continue recording program. Even Kim Tae-seo, himself can’t continue recording program, so this “wave” on the field is over. Yu Ke has to call Zhang Zhi to explain the situation, in fact, everything else is easy to say, although Kim Tae-seo brokerage company SX and Beijing satellite TV may have some impact on this matter, but it should not be a big problem. The relationship between the two parties will not be affected too much by the affairs of this artist, the most difficult is Beijing satellite TV in order to pull the ratings, they have released the news of Kim Tae-seo on the news in advance. Now, this person is gone, how can you ‘confess’ to the audience then?

Is this fooling the public…

Looking at the two being taken away by two staff members, Xu Chen still a little surprised.

“Just let them go? Don’t fight anymore? Didn’t you gearing up to ‘pump’ them?”

Ye Guang shrugged, “What are you fighting? It’s embarrassing enough for so many of us to bully him. No more, what can I do if I don’t let them go? Illegal detention of the offending teenager, besides, leaving him here, I looked bad when see him, so just sent him back.”

Xu Chen thought for a while, it really makes sense. However, this person left, only one part of the show recorded, what should we do later?

Heavenly King Liu also thought of this question and asked, “What about the next program?”

Ye Guang also bothered with this question. For the crew, Kim Tae-seo is gone, the most difficult thing to do was the program charter behind.

Ye Guang said helplessly, “I can only re-establish a charter, then find a nearby celebrity to be a guest.”

Heavenly King Liu nodded, “It can only be like this. Check out which celebrity in the capital now.”

“Wan Hua! Wan Hua will be in the capital during this time, look for Wan Hua.” Xu Chen blurted out, “From the capital city to here, she will arrived here in more than an hour. If we don’t take a break in the afternoon, we will have time to shoot.”

“…Wan Hua, ah.” Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Well, no, the ‘female’ guest on last issue has Wan Hua. It is not very good to participate in this period.”

Xu Chen quickly said, “What is wrong with this, this is not a special case.”

Ye Guang said and looked at Xu Chen several times. “You seem to hope Wan Hua will come.”

Xu Chen startled and then waved his hand again and again. “No, no, don’t think too much, I’m just giving you an idea.”

Ye Guang jokingly said, “Think too much? What do I think?”

Xu Chen: “…er.”

Shang Shan come over, “Advisor Ye, I have a personal choice.”

Ye Guang: “Well, who?”

Shang Shan : “It is the guest I originally wanted to invite, Yuan Hong. He recently filmed in Beijing. If there is no problem, you can contact him to ask. Ask if he can come to the rescue.

Ye Guang nodded, “Okay, then go and ask him if he can come.”

Shang Shan said, “I don’t have his contact information.”

Well, Ye Guang had to ask a few guests for help, “Big guy, who do you have the contact information of Yuan Hong?”

He Xing: “No, I do know him, but I don’t know him well, so I haven’t left a phone call.”

Heavenly King Liu also shook his head.

Lan Bao: “Neither do I.”

Zhong Jing also shrugged and said no.

When Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan shook her head, “Why look at me? If I have, can I still not tell you.”

Ye Guang: “Damn, find a personal choice and actually stumped by a phone number?”

Ye Guang wants to let everyone drag their friends to ask, but also wants to let Beijing Satellite TV to contact them to see if they could make a call. Before saying anything, Xu Chen yelled, “Oh, oh, why don’t you ask me?”

What do you mean? you have? You didn’t say anything, Xu Chen didn’t say anything. Ye Guang naturally thought he didn’t have it, so he didn’t ask him.

Ye Guang said with some surprise, “You have? Quick, give me the call.”


Simple, straightforward, clear answer.

Several other guests boing together.

Ye Guang smile on his face instantly solidified. Okay, big brother, can you have a break? We are not recording the show now, can you not tease me?

When Ye Guang just wanted to attack him, Xu Chen spoke again, “But I can contact him.”

The smile crawled on Ye Guang’s face again, “What do you mean?”

Xu Chen: “Yuan Hong and Wan Hua are in the same crew. I have Wan Hua phone. Contact Wan Hua and can contact Yuan Hong.”

Ye Guang suddenly realized, “I will add chicken and legs to you for lunch at noon. I will call Wan Hua now.” With that, Ye Guang took out his mobile phone and want to call Wanhua.

Xu Chen hurriedly said, “I’ll call, I’ll call.” Without waiting for Ye Guang answer, he took out the phone and dialed Wan Hua.

Ye Guang stunned, Xu Chen, this guy, seemed to be ‘very strong’ this time. Is this… something?

Ye Guang didn’t think much, Xu Chen had already talked to Wan Hua.

A brief explanation of the situation, Wan Hua on the phone side handed over the phone to Yuan Hong from the same crew, and Xu Chen gave the phone to Ye Guang.

The result is very good. Yuan Hong has very few scenes to be filmed today, and just finished the filming. I just happened to be free to come over as Running Man guest. Yuan Hong is naturally happy. This show is so hot now, now I have the opportunity to pick it up the heat, of course, he is willing to come over, Yuan Hong said on the spot, he will come at the fastest speed.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Guang returned the phone to Xu Chen.

Xu Chen took the disconnected mobile phone and whispered, “Why did you hang up…”

Ye Guang heard him talking, but didn’t hear what he said and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Xu Chen: “Nothing, remember to give me a ‘chicken’ leg.”

Of course, adding ‘chicken leg’ to box lunch is a joke. Ye Guang gets along with the guests in these few issues, and they are all ‘very’ happy. It’s a good match. You can make jokes either in the show or in private. The biggest names among the guests are Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan. Needless to say, Liu Chiyan, Liu Tianwang is a typical good fellow, his personality is very good, people in the circle have never heard of anyone who can’t get along with him, the others are a little bit less except for Zhong Jing dialect, they are all funny and can get along, as long as you also talk and laugh, there is no who does not fit, just, Ye Guang also barely a funny comparison.

Ye Guang: “Okay, everyone come here.”

The staff members gathered around

Ye Guang: “Due to special reasons, it’s a bit harder for everyone to record the program in the afternoon. It just happens to be empty now. It takes more than one hour and two hours for the guests to arrive. Although it’s a bit early, everyone tries to rest and eat lunch first before the guests arrive. After dinner, when the guests arrive, we immediately began to shoot.”

Now indeed a bit early now. Don’t look at so many things that happened today, but in fact, the time is not long, and only one part of the show was filmed. Now still less than 10 o’clock. It’s a bit early for lunch at this time. However, Yuan Hong will have two hours to come. Everyone can eat a little bit later, then it’s not too early to have lunch at 11 o’clock.

Lunch is a box lunch. The crew brought it from the city in the morning before went to the village for filming. The box lunch must be prepared in advance, otherwise there would be no food to eat. It would not be possible to ask someone to deliver it so quickly. Moreover, this is a remote village in a remote suburb. Which fast food restaurant can bring you this?

Fortunately,Fortunately, in the summer, it’s okay to eat cold. Moreover, the crew also brought several micro-wave ovens. If you want to eat hot ones, you can use the micro-wave oven.

The conditions are limited. It is impossible to eat good food. The crew can only go out to shoot like this.

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