MST Chapter 225 : Father Liu

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I know you, what do you know?

Mother Liu’s words shocked the two of them.

Mother Liu continue to say, “The Journey to the West storytelling program you made is very good. I remember that Yiyi showed it to me and her grandfather. I also watched the sky screen video you posted some time ago.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan breathed a sigh of relief. Originally is this, my mother,  can you finish talking at once? It’s easy to get scared, we thought it was exposed.

Liu Chiyan: “By the way, Mom. Where’s Dad? Isn’t it a day off today? Why didn’t you see others.”

Mother Liu: “In the study room upstairs, I’ll call him.”

Yiyi ate bananas and his eyes lit up. She quickly said, “I’ll go, I’ll go.”

Liu Chiyan quickly pulled her, “Don’t go, Grandpa’s study can’t go in, you are not afraid grandpa will teach you again.”

Father Liu study study is a restricted area at home. Except Mother Liu, even Liu Chiyan and Yiyi not allowed to enter Father Liu study. Mother Liu rarely enters Father Liu study except for cleaning. When she was a child like Yiyi, Liu Chiyan is curious about Father Liu mysterious study. After sneaking into the study and being found, she was reprimanded by Father Liu. Yiyi also experienced the same thing.

Mother Liu went upstairs and called Father Liu. After a while, Father Liu went downstairs.

After Ye Guang saw Father Liu. He’s scared and stunned, his speech became unsatisfactory. “You…you…you are… Liu…” Father Liu name Ye Guang didn’t even shout out, didn’t dare to shout, but also because it was not polite to shout.

After seeing Father Liu, Ye Guang set off a huge wave in his heart, and looked at Liu Chiyan in shock. He had guessed Liu Chiyan family is not general, but can only guess Liu Chiyan may be a descendant of an official, there are so many state officials. It is not uncommon for Liu Chiyan to be the second-generation official. He also thought Father Liu’s official position might not be low, otherwise Liu Chiyan can’t keep hiding it and not telling him. But, today, after he met the real person, he was really shocked. It turned out Liu Chiyan father was this one. No wonder Liu Chiyan said he would know when he saw him. As long as he is a person who watch the news frequently, I dare not say 100%, but it must have seen it on TV.

Ye Guang suddenly felt a lot of pressure, he actually married his daughter, and still concealed the marriage.

Ye Guang is still in shock, but Father Liu took the lead to say hello to Ye Guang. “Here is a guest, hello boy.”

Ye Guang quickly stood up and wanted to shake hands with Father Liu, but he felt it was not appropriate. So, he only respectfully said, “Hello, uncle Liu.”

Liu Chiyan saw Ye Guang’s cramped and said, “Dad, this is my friend, Ye Guang.”

Liu Father said, “I know.” Then no more words.

The atmosphere suddenly dried up. Father Liu sat down on the sofa and greeted Yiyi, “Yiyi, come, come to grandpa, do you miss grandpa?”

Yiyi walked up to Father Liu and leaned on Father Liu. “Miss grandpa.”

Father Liu smiled and touched Yiyi’s head, then turned to Mother Liu and said, “Have guests, prepare two more dishes at night.”

Mother Liu responded.

Ye Guang also hurriedly said, “Uncle and Auntie trouble.”

Father Liu looked at Ye Guang and swept up and down. “How old?” Father Liu speaks with the breath of the superior. Maybe he is not intentional, just a habit that has been developed for a long time.

Ye Guang quickly said, “24.”

“Who else is in the family?” Father Liu took a sip of tea and continued to ask.

Ye Guang also told the truth, “There are parents at home, I am the only child.”

Father Liu hummed, and then he seemed to be casually talking to Ye Guang, but what he said seemed a bit of a household registration check. Mostly father Liu asked a sentence and Ye Guang answered. Making Liu Chiyan sitting beside him feel anxious. The situation seems not quite right. Father Liu is not a person who likes to ask questions. What is going on today? Are you suspicious? The script is wrong.

After chatting for a while. Father Liu didn’t seem to have anything to ask. He said, “Stand up and I’ll take a look again.”

Ye Guang startled, then stood up obediently, not aiming at this person’s identity. He is the future father-in-law, and he has to listen to what he says.

Father Liu looked at Ye Guang for a while and said, “Sit down, don’t be restrained at home.”

Ye Guang is still confused. I don’t know what Father Liu means. The big shot’s thoughts can’t be guessed. I can only nod.

Father Liu didn’t ask the basic questions about Ye Guang’s personal questions. He chatted very often and learned that Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan came to Beijing this time to cooperate with Beijing TV. Father Liu said, “I’ve watched your show. The journey to the West is very good. You can make such a story at a young age. It is very good. If you keep working hard, you will bring more beautiful and meaningful programs to the masses in the future.”

Father Liu praised Ye Guang and let Ye Guang feel refreshed for a while. He was praised by this big shot, no one will not happy.

Liu Chiyan also smiled heartily. Father Liu praised Ye Guang face to face, indicating Father Liu had a good impression of Ye Guang. This is a good sign.

Father Liu didn’t continue to talk with Ye Guang in the living room and went back to the study. It was almost noon. Mother Liu began to prepare lunch in the kitchen, and Liu Chiyan also went to the kitchen to help.

“Mom, let me help you.” Said Liu Chiyan.

Mother Liu is surprised. Liu Chiyan will cook. She knew Liu Chiyan’s cooking skills is inherited from her, but Liu Chiyan didn’t enter the kitchen very early. Today, Liu Chiyan is helping for the first time in the past few years. Mother Liu smiled and said, “No, mom will do it, you go and rest.”

Liu Chiyan said while skillfully wearing an apron on her body, “It’s okay, I’ll help you.”

Mother Liu looked at Liu Chiyan’s with a weird look, and then she didn’t insist on it. The mother and daughter were busy in the kitchen.

In living room only has Ye Guang and Yiyi. Without Father Liu and Mother Liu by the side, Ye Guang is a lot more comfortable. Playing with Yiyi and letting go a lot. She can heard Yiyi’s silver bells laughter from the living room from time to time.

Mother Liu, who was cooking in the kitchen, took a look at the living room from time to time. Seeing Ye Guang and Yiyi having fun. She said casually, “Yiyi is very close to Little Ye.”

Liu Chiyan is cutting vegetables and slowing down a beat. She said, “Well, Yiyi often goes to my company. Ye Guang is my assistant. He will meet with Yiyi and often play with her. They quite chummy.”

Mother Liu gave a hum, and then watched Liu Chiyan “squeaky” chopping dish and said, “Yan’er, you haven’t entered the kitchen for so many years, the knife hasn’t regressed.”

Liu Chiyan: “Do more… I used to do a lot of things. It’s not easy to forget when I practiced it. Now I occasionally cook for myself in Nanchang.” Liu Chiyan almost missed her mouth.

Mother Liu didn’t ask much, she gave a hmm.

It didn’t take long for lunch to be ready, not too hearty, simple home cooking, five dishes and one soup.

Father Liu also went downstairs to eat, plus Yiyi five people around the table to eat.

Perhaps Ye Guang’s personal feeling, Father Liu aura is too big, anyway, this meal is very cautious, the food is very delicious, no wonder Liu Chiyan’s craftsmanship is so good, after eating the food made by Mother Liu, Ye Guang understand. Sure enough, a famous teacher can make a high student.

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