BTC Chapter 430 : Touch Porcelain Party

Edited: XiaXue

“What do you mean?” The car driver heard something unusual.

“No matter how powerful unmanned driving is, it is not a human after all!!” The co-pilot said, “If you have trouble, such as the danger of pedestrians or other circumstances, it causes traffic accidents, then its manufacturers will lose money!”

“If we do a little bit of operation…” He did not continue to say that the heart of car driver suddenly jumped.

Yes, as an “old driver” he knows many ways in which traffic accidents are generated and handled. Some gangs even use this method to “touch porcelain” of the car. As long as the technique is sufficiently clever, even in the traffic regulations, there is no trace of porcelain touch.

If they use this method to touch porcelain driverless car, they may get high compensation, and the driverless car is not a real person. The way of judging is easily misled by them…

“This way, will there be no problem?” the car driver asked with some concern.

“Relax! I have done this!” The co-pilot said confidently. “And as long as you are ready, the traffic police will not find any problems.”

“Then… let’s do it?”

“Fuck! There is only one chance to get rich! Don’t do nothing!”

A few days later, the two men were carefully prepared to start their career of “touching porcelain”.

The driver of the car, Wei Jian, still drives his own car. The car does not carry passengers, but it is loaded with porcelain and crafts full of cars. These things are valuable, but for a variety of reasons, they are broken, and now it is just a pile of garbage. Wei Jian and his associate Zhuang Yan have already completed various procedures to prove the value of these porcelains.

He installed the broken porcelain in the carriage and drove on the road.

On the other side, Zhuang Yan is riding an electric scooter with a mask and is ready.

“Is it coming soon?” Wei Jian contacted Zhuang Yan by phone and asked about the location of Pengyun’s driverless car.

Zhuang Yan looked at his watch and said: “Quickly, within three or five minutes,  you drive slowly, to get stuck in front of that car!”

“Guarantee is no problem! I still have to worry about this technology?” Wei Jian was full of confidence, they had already discussed it, creating a rear-end collision with a driverless car, hitting their car, and then paying for the loss of the car, as well as the amount of the original price of the crafts that had been “broken” long ago.

Originally, Zhuang Yan also wanted to play something like human flesh or body touching porcelain, but Wei Jian felt that the risk was too great and he chose this. As long as they are done properly, they can make a fortune!

In the driverless monitoring and testing room of Pengyun Automobile, several staff members have just confirmed the safety of the unmanned System and are chatting.

“These unmanned cars have ran up to nearly 10,000 kilometers and are stable. It is estimated that after this month, the traffic management department will have to give us a formal driverless license.” A technician said.

“That’s hard to say, but as long as this month is successful, the official license is a matter of time!” said the colleague, “Our company will be the first company in the world to have fully self-driving cars.”

“You said, after Pengyun car will become a world famous brand car! At that time, our company’s internal staff can take a luxury car!”

“It’s possible! We are behind Red Letter Group!”

“Huh?” A security inspector screamed and stared at the real-time surveillance footage from a Pengyun driverless car.

“What happened?” asked the colleague.

“Look! This car has been stuck in front of driverless car and is still walking in the middle, not letting it pass,” he said.

“Hey, why you still why!” said the colleague at the side. “Some new drivers are like this. If they are afraid of an accident, they will always drive to the middle of road. The thieves who drive are slow.”

On the road, Pengyun driverless car has been stuck behind the car driver at a speed lower than average speed.

Wei Jian was a little nervous and sweated in the hand holding the steering wheel. He has been watching the rearview mirror and communicating with Zhuang Yan.

“It’s almost time, come to the place, you are ready, seize the opportunity!”

“Good!” Zhuang Yan’s electric scooter has been on, just waiting for an opportunity.

“I’m going to start, fast, come out!” At the arranged place, Wei Jian began to drive the car to the right, as if to give way to the driverless car and let it overtake.

The intelligent driving system of driverless car judges that the current front car speed is too low, the road ahead is unobstructed, and you can overtake, the overtaking mode is turned on, the left side is accelerated, and the overtaking is prepared.

Just when the driverless car had just overtaken the car and lined up in front of the car, an electric scooter suddenly appeared on the right side of the road ahead, speeding up, as if it was going to cross the road in violation of regulations

“Come!” Wei Jian’s heart was at this time. When the front driverless car decides that the electric car has to cross the road and start to slow down, he accelerates slightly and hits the tail of the driverless car.

Zhuang Yan, who drives an electric scooter, does not actually cross the road, but turns away.

In this way, the illusion of a traffic accident was caused by the unmanned car being connected, and Wei Jian was able to take out the broken crafts in the car to compensate, and the plan was seamless!

The intelligence of driverless car really determines that the driver of the electric vehicle in front of the vehicle has to cross the road in violation of the rules and start to slow down. This deceleration is a perfectly calculated solution by a quantum computer that keeps it from hitting an electric car and does not cause a rear-end collision.

Wei Jian narrowed his eyes and stepped on the accelerator, trying to collide. At this time, Zhuang Yan also began to turn the direction of electric scooter.

Everything looks perfect, if it is an ordinary driver driving a Pengyun car. It is certain that the reaction will not be timely, resulting in rear-end collision. Pengyun Automobile is actively taking the line and suddenly decelerating. It will be recognized as the responsibility of the accident responsibility. At that time, Wei Jian’s porcelain touch plan was successful.

But everything is not as perfect as Wei Jian imagined. In the 1% seconds that Zhuang Yan turned the direction of the electric scooter, the intelligent system made a decision, began to accelerate and fine-tuned the direction to avoid rear-end collision.

Wei Jian stepped on the accelerator pedal harder and tried to speed up. The speed of the car suddenly increased. On the right side of the road, Zhuang Yan was driving in the direction that originally had a car to enter the main road. Zhuang Yan suddenly turned and blocked it.

“Ah!” The female driver in the car yelled. In order to avoid hitting Zhuang Yan, she hurriedly hit the steering wheel and stepped on the throttle that she thought was the brakes. She rushed to the road all at once and Pengyun driverless cars come in close contact.

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