BTC Chapter 431 : Non-human operation

Edited: XiaXue

“It’s going to happen!” In the unmanned surveillance room of Pengyun Automobile, an alarm sounded at this time, and several employees watched the projection screen in horror.

According to this situation, immediately the driverless car will hit the car that suddenly throttled into the main road!

If this hits, if something else happens, the result is not imaginable!

“Ah!” In the car, the female driver has been screaming in horror, but at this time she has been in a hurry and does not know how to operate.

At this moment, Pengyun driverless car suddenly turned into a car god, and actually came to a 180-degree drifting tail, using the drift to stagger the space. The female driver’s became really thrilled, then firmly continue driving.

Behind the driverless car, Wei Jian stepped on the accelerator for two seconds, and found that the driverless car in front suddenly drifted, and then came a car on the face.

“Lying trough!” Wei Jian was shocked, and quickly hit the steering wheel, passing the car body, the rearview mirror and the body crash, and the car driven by female driver directly hit the green belt next to it. Being forced to stop by the trees, the female driver did not have any major events.

“Drift has passed!” In the driverless monitoring room, several employees became dumbfounded, making a sudden drift within 0.02 seconds. The angle and speed were perfect, and they escaped a thrilling crash event! This operation is simply a god!

After a traffic safety accident, Pengyun driverless car actively alerted and stopped in a safe area to record traffic conditions through a remote camera.

“Hurry, send someone to deal with!” In Pengyun Automobile immediately responded.

At the moment, other cars on the road have also stopped to check traffic safety.

The female driver untied the seat belt and came down from the car. She looked at the situation in front of her eyes with tears. The car stuck in the green belt and seemed to have crashed into a car. What should I do?

She turned back to find the electric scooter that suddenly turned, but Zhuang Yan saw that it was not right, and he had already run without a trace.

“How do you drive?” Wei Jian came down from the car with a sigh of relief and slammed his face. “You almost killed me, do you know?”

“There is still my car, and it was also scratched by you!”

When Wei Jian said this sentence, he was furious. He wanted to blow up a driverless car. Who knows that he could not get the car at all, but he was hit by another car.

“I… I don’t know, there was an electric scooter that suddenly turned!” said the female driver.

“I don’t care about that!” Wei Jian arrogantly accused, “If you hit my car, you should be responsible, pay my car, right, and my goods!”

I couldn’t touch the porcelain to driverless car, and he could accept another one. Under the gaze of the onlookers, Wei Jian opened the door, unraveled the hauled crafts, and shredded the pile.

He immediately pretended to be furious and said: “My handful of crafts, and now it’s broken! No, you have to pay!”

The female driver became scared by him and pleaded: “I can’t afford it!”

“You can’t afford to pay for it!” Wei Jian saw her soft, and the momentum was even more arrogant. He said to the surrounding: “Everyone has seen it. She suddenly rushed out and bumped into me. Should she pay for it?”

“Right, there is the car just in front, if it is not the same as my car, it will not happen, it will also pay for it!”

Wei Jian is afraid that this female driver does not have much money. He also deliberately took Pengyun driverless car and was able to make a fortune.

“Alarm! Let traffic police handle it! Do you have a driving recorder?” asked the driver.

“No, my driving recorder is broken.” Wei Jian said, “You can help me with a certificate! You are not allowed to run! And who is in the car?”

He pretended not to know that the front was a driverless car. Someone reminded him: “The car is a driverless car with a test license on it!”

“Unmanned driving shit!” Wei Jian shouted. “If it weren’t for it, I wouldn’t be hit. The crafts of my car wouldn’t be broken! It almost killed me, shit manufacturer, must compensate me!”

He was so uncomfortable that the onlookers were unclear, and he was surprised: “Is the driver driving an accident?”

“In the front, what happened?” Said curiously behind.

“The driverless car has an accident! A car accident!”

“What happened there?” Someone said curiously in the distance.

“I don’t know, it seems to say that the driverless car hit the dead! There is a driver who is screaming loudly!” said Zhuang Yan, who just handled the electric scooter.

“There is such a thing! It is too dangerous! How can the driverless car drive on the road! It should be an alarm!”

“Yeah, I have to call the TV station!” Zhuang Yan said, really started to contact TV station: “Hello, Pengcheng TV station? I will give you a new clue, XX Road here, driverless car have car accident, right, it’s Pengyun’s driverless car…”

Zhuang Yan casually swears a little. He knows that there is nothing happening in this driverless car, but as long as it is hyped, in order to appease the public’s emotions, Pengyun will lose a little money.


The traffic police quickly arrived, and the person in charge of Pengyun Automobile followed.

“Police comrades, look at it! My car, my goods, what it looks like!”

The traffic police took the law enforcement recorder to record the situation here, and then began to ask the specific situation. Wei Jian shouted with enthusiasm and wanted compensation.

The female driver, anxiously called her husband, wants to let her husband handle this matter. Wei Jian said that millions of compensations have already scared her!

“You are the person of Pengyun Automobile Factory, you can’t go, you have to accompany me!” Wei Jian shouted at the person in charge of Pengyun Automobile, “This is the accident caused by your driverless car!”

“Sir, please don’t smear us!” The person in charge of Pengyun said very calmly: “In this accident, our driverless cars have been driving normally in accordance with traffic regulations. Traffic accidents require traffic police comrades to confirm.”

“It’s because of you!” Wei Jian couldn’t think of any reason, but he insisted on it.

It happened that the reporters of the TV station also rushed to join in the fun, and Wei Jian quickly went up and said a pass.

“Did you see that? It’s the driverless car. It overtakes my car forcibly, and suddenly slows down, I almost hit it! ”

“Fortunately, my skills are good, or else I have been killed!”

“My crafts are all carved by masters, the company’s goods, millions of…”

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