BTC Chapter 432 : Judgment of Liability

Edited: XiaXue

“Please describe the situation at the time, is it okay?” The reporter only wants the first-hand news material. The general car accident is small news, but if you bring a hot car, it is a hot news.

Wei Jian said that the spit was flying, and the description of the oil and vinegar was repeated.

On the other hand, the traffic police are calming the mood of female driver and investigating the situation of the scene.

“Comrade Traffic Police, may I ask if this accident happened because of the operation of driverless car?” The reporter asked Wei Jian and continued to ask traffic police.

“No, there is no direct evidence that it is caused by driverless cars. According to what we know now, it may be caused by illegal driving of unlicensed electric vehicles.” The traffic police’s tone is very tight and will not disclose any information.

This incident has already alarmed Wu Changfeng, the director of Traffic Management Bureau. He personally explained that he could not make a conclusion before he could investigate the actual cause.

If this is really caused by a driverless car, then that is a big deal! The L5 Level fully automated driving test license, which was just approved, is estimated to be lost midway.

The person in charge of Pengyun Automobile is also investigating the situation of driverless cars and reporting to Headquarters.

“The car is intact, the automatic driving system is faultless… Ok, CEO, I will handle it well.”

After retaining the evidence, the traffic police first towed the damaged vehicle and kept the road open, and then took a group of people to the Traffic Management Bureau to deal with the problem.

They only entered the Transportation Administration here, and there were reports about the car accident on the Internet and news media. Whatever the content of the report, the title is very eye-catching with the words “Pengyun driverless car accident” to attract the audience’s attention.

Some viewers and netizens who did not know the truth began to spit out after reading the title.

“I will say it! This car is not safe, isn’t this a car accident?”

“It’s only half a month after a car accident. Did you hit the dead?”

“Hey, I’m looking forward to it. I still want to buy this fully-automated car, and I’m afraid to buy it now.”

“Please, can you see clearly? The driverless car is fine, and the other car is going on.”

“Isn’t that driver caused by the sudden deceleration of the driverless car after the line? Is this okay? If you drive at high speed, the front car suddenly slows down, you can’t hit it?”


In a homestay, Zhuang Yan just contacted a media and broke the news to them. He wants to make this thing even bigger. Wei Jian has already contacted him. Pengyun car does not seem to want compensation, so he has to increase the pressure on public opinion.

In the Transportation Administration, Wei Jian is still insisting on his “victim” remarks and asking for compensation.

The traffic police are also studying and discussing the handling of this matter.

“There is no surveillance camera on the road, and the driver’s driving recorder has been damaged. The female driver Yang driving recorder shows that there is indeed an electric scooter driver suddenly changing direction, resulting in a traffic accident.”

“But Wei said that because Pengyun’s driverless car overtakes, parallels and suddenly decelerates, his car is knocked down, and then the car is damaged. It is difficult to judge now.”

A traffic policeman said: “If Wei said that is real, Pengyun driverless car and female driver Yang, there are illegal drivers of electric vehicles must bear the corresponding responsibility. But the illegal driving of electric scooter drivers, estimated can’t find it.”

The electric scooter that Zhuang Yan drives is a broken used scooter, and there is no license. There is no clear surveillance video, and it is almost impossible to find it.

Therefore, the responsibility for the remaining accidents is shared by Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. and the female driver.

“Is Wei’s goods, really worth millions?” An old traffic police questioned, “How do I feel like he is coming to touch porcelain!”

He had encountered similar cases before, and some of the porcelain gangs prepared a box of broken pieces of things, placed in the parking lot or in the carriage, deliberately let the owner touch, and then cost compensation. The owner is also unable to tell.

“This needs to be identified, but the evidence now shows that Wei is the victim.”

“There are several media outlets coming to the door and asking us about the detailed reasons for the incident.”

“Secretary has explained it, and we must handle it carefully.”

Just as several traffic policemen were in trouble, the comrades in charge of the accident investigation came in with joy and said: “Good news, Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. came with a technician. I heard that we can use virtual projections to perfectly show the scene of the car accident at that time.“

“They still have this kind of skill?” The traffic police were surprised that in the previous car accident, the driving recorder did not find any useful clues, but if there is a scene restoration effect display, then it is better to judge.

“Go, go see!”


Three hours after the accident, the traffic police department has not announced the results of the accident. Public opinion has begun to gradually deviate.

On the list of hot topics on the Internet, the number one is “Pengyun driverless car accident”, the heat is still rising, the commenters are very heavy.

“Resist fully-automobile car and don’t let the car go on the road!”

“If the technology is not mature, don’t kill people. Fortunately, this time there is no dead!”

“Before you brag about the driverless people? Face it! How can smart system compare with people, they can’t handle sudden events!”

Even Wei Jian said in the online media as a victim that he was innocent, not only the car broke, but the goods were broken. It was the goods that his family had eaten. If he could not get compensation, he can’t live anymore!

Such remarks attracted many sympathies from unidentified truth netizens and expressed their solidarity and demanded that Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. make full compensation.

“Three million, say three million!” Zhuang Yan, who was hiding in a bed and eat breakfast, saw the public opinion on the Internet, his face was full of excitement, and he also regretted it with a little regret. He knew that he would be bolder and forged five million or if 10 million crafts are broken, they can earn more.

He believes that this “touch porcelain” is perfect, and now the traffic police have not found evidence. Based on the pressure of public opinion, Pengyun Automobile will lose money.

In his eager anticipation of the future, within Pengcheng Transportation Administration, Director Wu Changfeng, several traffic police comrades and a technician of Pengyun Automobile were preparing to watch car accident restoration on virtual projection.

The technician of Pengyun Automobile said: “There are dozens of miniature cameras around Pengyun’s driverless car, which can capture the surrounding scenes in all directions. Inside the car body, whether it is electricity, speed or temperature, humidity and other data in the car, will be recorded in real-time feedback in the quantum chip. Now we can use intelligence to restore all the previous scenes”

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