MST Chapter 228 : Achieving Cooperation

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That’s it, the difference in advertising fees has reached a consensus, and the gambling proposed model by Ye Guang also created a precedent.

There is another disagreement about copyright. Strictly speaking, it is overseas copyright. Ye Guang requires overseas copyright to belong to Youxianqi Entertainment and Zhang Zhi didn’t agree to this. The program is jointly funded and produced, naturally the program copyright is shared. Finally, Zhang Zhi agreed with Ye Guang’s request, because he had to bear an extra 20 million production costs.

The production cost of the program was also confirmed. Youxianqi Entertainment and Beijing Satellite TV jointly invested 100 million yuan. Youxianqi invested 60 million and Beijing Satellite TV invested 40 million to jointly create this outdoor reality show.

AtAt present, domestic variety shows in this world are still relatively scarce. Unlike the dream world, where a hundred flowers bloom, one or two million for general program production is almost the same, and even a few million for small ones is enough. They have invested one hundred million yuan together and it’s indeed a large-scale production. It is rare in China and it’s the first time there’s a high production cost in recent years.

The contract has been drawn up, but it hasn’t been signed. In the end, they had to see whether the plan Ye Guang had made could satisfy Zhang Zhi, otherwise it is still empty talk.

The two parties have finished discussing everything that should be discussed. When they want to leave. Ye Guang thought for a while and said, “Director Zhang, I think you’re a refreshing person. I am also happy, or I will directly plan the program you want. Let me tell you first? If you think it works, we will sign the contract today, which will save you the trouble of running back and forth.”

Zhang Zhi’s eyes have changed again, “Is there an idea now?”

Ye Guang nodded in affirmation.

Liu Chiyan felt helpless again, but she didn’t stop Ye Guang. She knew Ye Guang is quick-witted. In The Strongest Voice, he almost didn’t need to think when composing songs. He did it all at once, she knew it, but it doesn’t mean other people also know it. You have just decided the contract and you will have an idea. Even if you really have it, others will think you are perfunctory by not thinking about it seriously.

Zhang Zhi did have this concern in his heart, but he still said, “Mr. Ye Guang is really talented, then I will listen to it.”

So, after everyone seated again. Ye Guang began to explain what show he wanted to make. Because he didn’t have a good draft. It’s quite confusing to hear, but everyone understood the originality and content he wanted to say.

Half an hour later, Liu Chiyan and Zhang Zhi signed their names on the printed duplicate contracts.

After the stamp is stamped, this contract officially effective!

It’s only 2 hours to finish this negotiation. Two hours of negotiation resulted in a cooperation with an amount of up to 100 million yuan, which also included tedious matters such as contract formulation. This speed and efficiency is really fast.

It was still early when I left the Beijing TV station. The contract was signed and the production of the program was not so fast. I had to wait for the manpower and funds of both parties to be in place and there’s nothing else to do. Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin were fine, they were originally with Liu Chiyan from Beijing to Nanchang, but their hometown is not in Beijing, so there is nowhere to go except the hotel. But after leaving Beijing for so long, it was hard to come here. It would be a pity to stay dry in the hotel. The two of them is not Ye Guang this otaku, so they proposed to go outside for stroll.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan didn’t go, the weather was just as good. Today’s weather is hot, Ye Guang is not in the mood to go outside and swaying with Jiang Xin and Jiang Fengxian. It is better to find a cool place to have a date with Liu Chi Yan and lived the world of two people.

Looking at the backs of Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin leaving side by side, Ye Guang muttered, “They look very good together.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “What do you want? Don’t mess with it. Sister Jiang has a master.”

Ye Guang screamed, “Didn’t Sister Jiang say she is single? When did she have a master?”

Liu Chiyan shook her head, “I don’t know too clearly. Sister Jiang originally has a boyfriend, but he went abroad. She has been alone for so many years and is waiting for that person.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, cross-ocean love. Sister Jiang really infatuated person.”

Liu Chiyan shrugged, “Sister Jiang is also the same, she couldn’t get back what she decided. Her  original boyfriend didn’t deserve her to wait so stupidly. He abandoned her for so many years and left Sister Jiang in the country. He went abroad by himself and never came back for so many years. Often don’t call her. If it change to me, I will kick him to Pacific Ocean.”

Ye Guang laughed.

Liu Chiyan gave him a blank look, “You still laugh. If you dare to do this in the future, I will kick you too.”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “I won’t, you are such a good wife. I can’t find the second lantern either.”

Liu Chiyan snorted proudly and very comfortable with Ye Guang flattery.

Because it was still early, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan not anxious to go home. Liu Chiyan was familiar with Beijing. With her command Ye Guang drove to a park not far away. The two of them got into the park beside the river bank. Don’t think too much about this small park, just because it’s cool in the park. The two people found a place in the park to sit next to each other, chatting and laughing, looking at the scenery of the river bank.

To be honest, after Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan married. Because Yiyi is with them, the two of them have very few opportunities to be alone like on a date. Nor Ye Guang is romantic person and Liu Chiyan also never ask these, so this opportunity less and less. He remember the last time Liu chiyan eliminated in Hangzhou, Ye Guang took her to West Lake for a round trip.

After staying in the park until more than four o’clock in the afternoon, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan set off to go home. On the way back, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan went to buy some fruits. Why Ye Guang buy now? The first time Ye Guang came, he didn’t bring anything on purpose. Buying a fruit can add some impression points to father Liu and mother Liu, at least it shows that he understands etiquette, Liu Chiyan thinks so.

Carrying two bags of fruit and returning to Liu Chiyan’s house, Mother Liu and Father Liu are in the living room, Yiyi is eating ice cream, this snack product, it seems that her mouth can’t stop all day long. I don’t know what her small body is made of. How can she digest so much food without getting fat? It’s strange.

“Uncle, aunt, I came in a hurry in the morning and didn’t bring anything. I’m sorry. I bought some fruit on the way back.” Ye Guang said to Father Liu and Mother Liu, carrying the fruits.

Mother Liu is very gentle, and Liu Chiyan must have followed her temper. Mother Liu smiled and said, “Little Ye, don’t be so polite.”

Ye Guang: “Yes, should.”

Father Liu, the old god was sitting on the sofa with a straight face and no expression. He looked at Ye Guang and said, “Don’t buy it in the future. I won’t accept gifts.”

Ye Guang startled and said, “Uncle, just a little fruit, it’s not a gift.”

Liu Father said, “Don’t buy it in the future.” The tone was neither salty nor light, nor could he hear what he meant.

But Ye Guang’s heart twitched, it felt a little bit wrong, a little cold, but Ye Guang didn’t say anything, nodded and said yes.

Liu Chiyan didn’t notice anything. In her impression, Father Liu temper is like this, calm, not very talkative, and likes to have a straight face. She was used to it, so in this family, whether it’s her or Yiyi, they are all in harmony. Both is closer to Mother Liu and Father Liu feels more like a strict father.

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