BTC Chapter 433 : Real Hammer!

Edited: XiaXue

He turned on the projection and the picture appeared in front of everyone. Pengyun driverless car and Wei Jian’s car kept on the road in tandem. First, Wei Jian slowed down and the driverless car began to overtake.

During this period, all vehicles and pedestrians, including their moving speed, were clearly marked.

“Look, there is no problem with Pengyun driverless car overtaking.”

At the scene of Zhuang Yan’s electric scooter wearing chaos, the driverless car had already measured his speed, so he slowed down. There was no problem at this time, but Wei Jian behind it suddenly accelerated!

His speed changes, directly identified by the data on the projection screen. Wei Jian was afraid that he did not expect that Pengyun driverless car had this function, and it was simply a mobile traffic enforcement vehicle!

“Wei is suddenly accelerating, and it can be preliminarily determined to be deliberately touching porcelain!” The traffic policemen have already made it clear.

They continued to look down and saw the thrilling scene of the female driver Yang under one’s head out of fear. The Pengyun driverless car responded at the moment when the screen was detected. The same drifting position as the movie avoided the direct collision, which allowed Yang to rush into the green belt without direct death.

“Beautiful! This operation is so handsome!” A young traffic police couldn’t help but scream, and he immediately reacted. The director and other leaders were still there, and immediately shut up, but still couldn’t hold back the excitement.

“I have been driving for 20 years, just let me operate, I can’t do it!” An old traffic police sighed, “This unmanned System is really amazing!”

“Intelligence can actually do this!” Wu Changfeng also felt very sad. “I don’t dare to take advantage of Science and Technology!”

The intelligent system of driverless car can be connected to quantum brain all the time. There are intelligent services provided by Hong Xiaoxiao. It can be said that the unmanned car of Pengyun is definitely the most advanced smart car in the world!

“The situation can be judged clearly. Wei has the suspicion of deliberately touching porcelain. The electric scooter driver suspects as his fellow party, but it is difficult to find him.”

“Comrade traffic police, you can access the data to the intelligent traffic management System, maybe you can find out.” Pengyun Auto technicians reminded.

In the confidence recorded by Pengyun driverless car, Zhuang Yan’s body type, electric scooter, time and other data were recorded. If you compare the monitoring of each section, it is still possible to find out.

“Get in touch now and start looking!” Wu Changfeng ordered.

After accessing the Intelligent Traffic Management System, in less than three minutes, the quantum computer found some useful information through comparison.

“Found, he and his electric scooter have appeared at these intersections, the data similarity 95%, basically can confirm the identity!”

“Contact the public security department and arrest the suspect!”

Two hours later, Zhuang Yan had not thought about how to make money at home, and he was taken away by the police who came from the door.

“Police comrades, have you misunderstood? I haven’t done anything!” Zhuang Yan also wants to defend, the police said directly: “Don’t shout, you are riding an electric scooter to touch porcelain? You should be glad that there is no dead, otherwise – – Your crime is big!”

“Ah!” Zhuang Yan looked terrified, he absolutely did not expect that the thing that touch porcelain was not only unsuccessful, but also exposed so fast!

“It must be Wei Jian’s waste. I really shouldn’t cooperate with him.” Zhuang Yan was very upset.


The quarrel about the driverless car accident on the Internet became more and more fierce. Even the traffic management department specifically asked Pengcheng Transportation Administration, and the results obtained were very unexpected.

Eight hours after the accident, Pengcheng Transportation Administration finally released an investigation report on the traffic accident of Pengyun driverless car.

“After a rigorous forensic investigation, we can already conclude that the traffic accident occurred on XX Road was mainly due to Wei and Zhuang deliberately hit porcelain Pengyun driverless car, in Zhuang violation. In the posture, the driver Yang and Wei car crashed.”

“In the incident, Pengyun driverless car did not have any mistakes, so it did not bear any responsibility. Wei and Zhuang took full responsibility…”

In the report, a video of the accident was also issued to prove the impartiality of law enforcement reports.

As soon as the official report came out, all the doubts were immediately disappeared.

“It turned out to be porcelain! The media is really a report! It wasted my emotion!” Netizens couldn’t smash again.

The “Prophet Party” jumped out and said: “I told you early, Pengyun’s fully automatic driving is no problem, you still don’t believe it, now you see it?”

Some people feel that they have been deceived by the media and the two people who touched the porcelain. They directly screamed: “Two mentally handicapped things, hitting porcelain and hitting a driverless car! It’s almost killing people, and all the porcelains are going to die!”

“If you have a bunch of broken tiles, you want to save money? Stupid!”

“You still cry on the Internet, you cried your uncle!”

Of course, there are conspiracy theories suspect that there is any insider, but the confirmed video in the official report makes their conspiracy theories nowhere to spread.

In the video screen, Pengyun driverless car not only find no problem, but also it is amazed by the urgent handling of the crisis.

“This operation is simply a car god level!”

“Really 666, professional racers can’t react yet?”

“This car is really safe. It can detect hidden dangers in advance, and people can’t do it!”

“Looking at this, I believe that the safety performance of driverless is more than real people. If it is out, I will buy one!”

“Support Pengyun, support automatic driving!”


The winds of public opinion suddenly turned around, and netizens began to support Pengyun driverless cars. Those media also saw the wind and the rudder, began to praise and praise.

Know the car: “Is still worried about car safety? This driverless car will solve your worries!”

Car home: “It turns out that driverless cars are safer than real people!”

Tencent Automotive News: “’First World War’, show you the safest and most convenient car in the world!”

After a brief questioning of this security incident, Pengyun’s driverless car won more people’s trust.

Another half a month later, Pengyun driverless car was safely and perfectly tested on the road, and the public’s confidence in it was getting more and more.

Pengcheng Traffic Management Bureau, Wu Changfeng just received a document from the above traffic management department, and looked happy after reading it.

“Good news, the above has approved, will officially open the L5 Level driverless license plate, it must regard us as the pioneer of Transportation System reform!”

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