MST Chapter 229 : Ye Guang Cooking

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Before dinner time, a few people sat on the sofa and chatted, mostly Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang and Mother Liu are chatting, but Father Liu didn’t interrupt much.

When talking about the cooperation between Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan in Beijing today. Mother Liu said, “Oh, one hundred million investment, that’s a lot. Little Ye, you and Yan’er can work hard. But don’t be too hard, your body is important.”

Father Liu also inserted a sentence, “One hundred million is indeed a lot. There are very few such big handwritings in domestic variety shows. Do it well. I still recognize your talent.”

There is a deep meaning in this statement. Still recognized your talent, but in addition to talent? Sure enough, the leadership words is different. On the surface, you can understand it and you have to guess what he mean in the back.

Ye Guang didn’t think so much and said, “Thank you, uncle.”

Liu Chiyan has been educated since childhood. Grasping the key word ‘still’, she frowned slightly and glanced at Father Liu.

After chatting for a while, the days are getting late and Mother Liu also preparing to make dinner.

Ye Guang stayed at Liu Chiyan’s house and let go of it. Although he was still cautious, he was not as nervous and cramped as he did at the beginning. In order to make a good impression on Father Liu and Mother Liu. Ye Guang offered to help, “Auntie, let me help you. I’m embarrassed to always eat ready-made food.”

Mother Liu smiled, “You are a guest. How can we let the guests do it? Go to the rest, I will do it myself.”

Ye Guang insisted, “It’s okay. Didn’t you say it should be my own home? I will give you help, so it will be faster.” Well, Mother Liu is so hospitable, you really will play the snake with the stick.

Mother Liu looked at Ye Guang,  she might find it interesting, but she didn’t insist, “Well, then come, I just didn’t expect Little Ye still can cook.”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “It will be some, but can’t compare with you.”

Liu Chiyan is curious. She knows Ye Guang can cook, but she also knows Ye Guang level, that is, the level of half-hanger. Where does he have the courage to cook together with Mother Liu, who is comparable to a chef? Is it purely for goodwill? Don’t be self-defeating then.

However, what Ye Guang did next made Liu Chiyan startled.

In the evening, Mother Liu bought a fish. Ye Guang picked up the fish and asked, “Auntie, how are you going to eat the fish?”

Mother Liu said, “Boiled.”

Ye Guang nodded, then quickly picked up this big fish and took a kitchen knife. He cleaned fish scales in a few clicks.

Mother Liu smiled, “Little Ye, that’s not bad, the technique is quite skillful. It seems, there is no less work at home.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Auntie, do you want to remove the bone?”

Mother Liu startled, “You still want to removed the bone?”

Ye Guang nodded.

“Okay, then you can do it.” Mother Liu nodded and replied, she also wanted to see how Ye Guang removed the bones.

Deboning a fish is a technical task. It requires skill and practice. If you want to deboning a fish beautifully, you have a high demand for knife skills. Many housewives who have cooked food for a lifetime can’t master this skills.

Mother Liu saw Ye Guang swift stroke from the back of the fish like a cloud of flowing water. This knife slashed against the spine of the fish. After the knife went down, the whole fish was cut in half. The blade is very smooth. This made all the bones left underneath half of the fish body, the upper half of the large bone is gone. If the requirement for bone removal not high. This half of the fish meat is considered to be boneless.

Then Ye Guang dealt with the remaining half of the fish, holding a knife in between, and gently scribing along the veins of the spine, and after the scribing, he cut two knives at the head and tail of the fish, holding it in his hand. He gently rubbed half of the fish body. Then the whole fish skeleton was completely pulled out of the fish. The whole fish rack was clean and there’s no sticking of the fish.

Mother Liu: “Good, really good, Little Ye, didn’t expect your knife to be so good, your aunt couldn’t match you.”

Ye Guang shy smile, “Auntie, you have won the prize, and your cooking is good.”

Liu Chiyan has been secretly paying attention to the situation in the kitchen. Seeing that Ye Guang is really so perfect to bone the fish, it really shocked her, when he could do this?

However, Ye Guang not finished. He took the tweezers from the kitchen counter with the utensils and started to deal with the tiny bones on the fish one by one. These small bones are hard to find. Hidden in the flesh, it takes more skill to remove these small bones, but Ye Guang eyes seems to be able to see through it and his movement is fluent. He pinched out the invisible small bones one by one with tweezers and not once failed.

In no time, Ye Guang processed two halves of the fish and done.

Mother Liu also surprised. She couldn’t help but look at Ye Guang a few more times, but she didn’t think too much. There are so many people who know how to cook. It’s not too strange that Ye Guang has this craft, but Liu Chiyan is strange, if it weren’t for Father Liu and Mother Liu. She must have gone to Ye Guang to ask on the spot. Why Ye Guang have this skill?

Ye Guang showed his hand and really shook Mother Liu a little, and won some favor from Mother Liu. Then, in kitchen was a scene of exchanges and discussions between the insiders.

Two people worked together very quickly.

The food was served soon, five dishes and one soup. Mother Liu greeted everyone to eat, “Come on, eat, come and taste Little Ye craftsmanship.”

Yiyi is the first one to come. She was really curious about what Ye Guang cooks? Ye Guang only gave her a breakfast once, it’s just cooked porridge and egg. Today, Ye Guang cooks the dishes authentically. This is the first time Yiyi has seen it. If it hadn’t been for Liu Chiyan pulling her, she couldn’t help running to the kitchen and stealing food.

When a few people came to the table, Yiyi is the first one to moved her chopsticks, because she could only reach the dish in front of her, so Yiyi could only clamp that dish. In front of her is the boiled fish made by Ye Guang. After all, the fish fillet was slippery. When Yiyi caught it, nothing was picked up. Seeing this, Ye Guang quickly moved his chopsticks to help her put it in the bowl, “Don’t worry, you can safely eat, no bones, I have clean it up.”

Yiyi bit off the half in one bite, tasted the taste and was excited after swallowing the fish. She shouts excitedly, “It’s delicious!”

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help but move her chopsticks. She saw Ye Guang’s performance today and it shocked in her heart. She also wanted to taste Ye Guang’s cooking skills. Put a piece of boiled fish in her mouth, but couldn’t help to glance at Ye Guang strangely. Yiyi was right, it was delicious!

Ye Guang cooked three dishes tonight. Next, Liu Chiyan tasted the other two dishes that Ye Guang burned. One is shredded pork with green pepper and the other is braised chicken nibs. Both dishes tasted very good. Delicious to eat.

However, when Ye Guang actually have such good cooking skills?

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