MST Chapter 133 : Ye Guang, On horse too

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“On Horse” is a widely circulated book of Han Yu in Tang Dynasty.

Ye Guang Weibo sent out, and the message area immediately responded with a fifty cents party.

Devilg : “Ye Guang, what you mean, I can understand it, but it seems that this time is not very appropriate?”

Morning Shadow Star Dream : “Ye Guang literally can be understood to be less appropriate, but Ye Guang should have a layer of meaning, it should be… I can’t express it with my ability. Who will explain it downstairs?”

Emperor of Truth : “In fact, Ye Guang analogy Writers Association to Bo Le, likened himself to ten thousand li horse, the godless his writer likened to the ordinary horse, these have been questioned his lack of ability of the people compared to the no-eye to feed the horse people, he and those ordinary writers mixed for a talk, just like ten thousand li Horse and ordinary horse like treats, the meaning is clear, this is Ye Guang to say these have been in BB people have eyes do not know ten thousand li horse, combined with his front hair of the article Weibo, or tell these people, Ten thousand li Horse is ten thousand li horse, you do not see is you do not have the ability, nothing to meddle with the BB everywhere.”

Joke v : “The last sentence is good, and the decision is coming, oh: “There are no good horses in the world.” Woohoo! Is it really nothing? I really don’t know the horse! Holding a whip and standing in front of it said: “There is no ten thousand mile horse in the world!” Eh… Is there really no ten thousand li horse?In fact, they really don’t know ten thousand li horse!This is more relevant to today. These writers’ fans are arbitrarily attacking Ye Guang in Weibo today, saying that he is not qualified enough. Is it really not qualified? It’s your own eyes that don’t know ten thousand li horse can’t see it!”

Awkward big man : “Haha, right! Ye Guang’s Ghost Blows Out The Light, Journey to the West, Hard Road and a few other poems, which one is not a classic, which one is not a good work? And today this on horse said that it is a good work, I really don’t know what these people are doing, or save the eye as a hero, Bole is the best, and found Ye Guang this ten thousand li horse!”

Missing words : “Haha, Ye Guang words, this is a bit of self-selling, oh, but I like it! I also stepped on the writers and those writers who questioned him. ”

After Ye Guang on horse said that, many writers and fans have retired, they are not very reasonable today. It is really nothing to do with the matter of nosy, and it is self-deprecating.

But those writers are too angry.

Whoops! Who, you boast of why you still step on us, you are ten thousand li horse? Are we all ordinary horses? Do you have the ability? Are we all in the bag?

Many writers who participated in the attack on Ye Guang, smacked their teeth and seemed to have a deep hatred with Ye Guang. They had forgotten that they first attacked Ye Guang and they first provoked the incident.

Sometimes people always do this. They think that they are right. The attack they exert on others is right and reasonable. But when others counterattack, they feel that the other party is not doing the right thing. What attacked them, and my heart began to resent, as if all the mistakes were made by the other party. They have forgotten that there is something in this world called karma, which is called a tooth for a tooth.

Originally, these writers wanted to sneak a moth on the whole point, but the official Weibo of the Provincial Writers Association also sent a Weibo shortly after the release of Ye Guang Weibo. This Weibo instantly stopped the writers who jumped up and down.

Weibo is very simple, just one sentence: Ye Guang, ten thousand li horse too!

The writers’ association weibo, is a slap in the face for these writers who can’t eat grapes and say grapes is sour.

They sent this Weibo, but it was also because Ye Guang boasted that they were Bole, who knew people and they were happy.

But this is also equivalent to telling the outside world very clearly that Ye guang is ten thousand li horse, and the other writers who are jumping up and down are ordinary horses. Can’t compare with Ye Guang, ten thousand li horse.

Province Writers Association has spoken a clear attitude. Of course these writers controlled by the Provincial Writers Association dare not rectify any moths, if they continue it is their own death, do not then Ye Guang did not fall, instead of himself lost in, although Writers Association can’t directly lead them, but to hold them these few ordinary writer is very simple, others do not say, as long as the people in a word, the province and even the domestic many large magazines and publications can not publish their articles.

After Ye Guang out Weibo, he didn’t pay much attention to it. He had to be busy recording the program. Although he looked angry at these jumping clowns, he had already said everything he had too said, and he was entangled with them. Not happy, not worth it, it is better to record one more program with that effort.

On the same day, Ye Guang received a call from Writers Association, saying that he was asked to make up some materials and invited him to participate in a group event organized by the Provincial Association for a few days. The other party also specifically said that, this is the first team activity after he joined the Writers Association, can participate as much as possible to participate, revealing a face and familiar face.

Ye Guang should have gone down and said that no accidents will come.

The next day.

Ye Guang took the prepared materials to the provincial association, Nanchang is capital city, and the provincial association has settled in Nanchang. It was not far from Ye Guang.

He was received by an old writer who was 50 to 60 years old, but also with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, named Guan Zhenxian, who looked very elegant and very bookish.

He was nice and kind, Ye Guang reception has always been with smile, and the air, did not take the shelf of the old senior at all, Ye Guang was very impressed with him.

“Okay, Little Ye, your materials are all together, and you are now officially member of our provincial association.” Guan Zhenxian said, reaching out, “Congratulations.”

Ye Guang quickly reached out and shook hands with Guan Zhenxian. “Thank you, Teacher Guan, it is my pleasure to join the Provincial Writers Association.”

Guan Zhenxian smiled and waved. “Don’t call me a teacher, the teacher can’t dare to do it. You can call me a good old man.”

Ye Guang and he are not too familiar, how can it be so casual, immediately said, “That is not suitable, I am a junior, or else, I call you Old Guan?”

Guan Zhenxian smiled and nodded. “Little Ye, you are really awesome. Now we have a talented young man like you. I have read your few poems, especially good, especially the Hard Road. The atmosphere is magnificent, and it is the first poem that can flow through the world.”

Ye Guang hurriedly and modestly said, “Old Guan praised it, it was all made, it was just a work.”

Guan Zhenxian, “You can’t say that, good is good, young people don’t want to be too modest, talent is a good thing, just shake off talent to make people look!”

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