BTC Chapter 333 : LG panic

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Lu Zixin reluctantly said: “I have a lot of things here!” He spoke and the phone rang again. It was not a simple character to have his private number.

“It seems that we have to work overtime this month!” Tang Gang said with a smile, although knowing that the next task will be heavy, but can not stop him happy.

“We can finally enter North American market!” Su Zhirong was a little excited, and Red Letter worked hard for more than a year and finally got the best time.


On the Internet, a report analyzing US’s trade strategy has analyzed the beginning and end of China-US trade friction and commented, this is the first time, US initiative to make big concessions. The reason for this is because the science and technology companies in China have development that the US has to let go of national trade market.

Red Letter’s artificial intelligence technology, chip manufacturing, sky network, operable virtual projection… Finally, one day, we also have a high-Science and Technology enterprise that affects the world economy in China!

When this report came out, it was reposted and madly forwarded, and everyone was proud of it.

“Mighty! Let the Americans feel the power of Science and Technology from the East!”

“Love Red Letter, I hope Red Letter is getting better and better!”

“China economy must rise in all numbers!”

“Make the American money back! Come on!”

“[emoticon: applause] I really want to go to the door of Red Letter Group to give fireworks!”

“There are Apples in United States, Samsung in Korea, and we have Red Letter!”


The reputation of Red Letter Group has once again risen to a new level. Many older generations who did not care about mobile phone brands also knew about Red Letter Company in word of mouth and decided to change to Red Letter Company products.

During this period, various intelligent products of Red Letter actually ushered in a small peak, and sales rose sharply, comparable to new products.

The China-US trade friction also entered a short period of peace because of this peace talks. But both sides know that this is only temporary, and the more intense friction is still behind.

When China enterprise entered US market, a new economic storm is coming. This storm will change world economy pattern! Everyone is cautiously prepared, and major companies are looking for opportunities to preserve their own ways or breakthrough.

Every day, new news is coming.

Today’s News: “Huawei has announced that they has resubmitted their application to US Federal Communications Commission and will restart cooperation with US Telecom operations.”

In a few days, Zhongxing Group announced: “In conjunction with US investigation of Zhongxing, to regulate commercial behavior in United States, the ban will be lifted.”

SMIC has news that it is working with US chip giants to develop new smart chips.

Even Red Letter Group announced several big news and is preparing to enter US market plan.

At the same time, Red Letter will launch a new small satellite communication satellite, which is distributed 6G communication network throughout the United States, and the operation qualification will be sub-band licensed to US telecom operators.

Every message has a big impact. Other groups have been eager to enter US market and adjust their corporate strategy.

And red letter is still waiting. Since it is going to enter North American market, Red Letter will certainly have to become famous. Therefore, Red Letter Group decided to hold the global launch of Red Letter Smart Products in the middle of next month!

Its focus is not only to stabilize the existing market, but also to open North American market!

At the global press conference, Red Letter will release three new smart products, and users around the world will wait and see!

In China, users are naturally looking forward to it, and even many fans directly claim that as long as red letter comes out of new products, they will definitely support!

But this time the battlefield of Red Letter is in North American market. In the domestic mobile phone market, Red Letter is already top-notch.

The big players in North American market are really doing their best. The North American market is the world’s largest smartphone sales market. They have been defeated by Red Letter Group in China market. If they lose in North American market, the mobile industry landscape will change completely.

In the current North American smartphone market, Apple and Samsung are comparable. From time to time, you are higher than me, I am over you, each occupying about 30% of the market share.

Ranked third is another major science and technology company in Korea, LG Group, which accounts for about 15% of the market.

The fourth one is China’s public interest. When other companies in China received restrictions, they developed well in United States. I have just encountered a huge crisis, and I have encountered policy changes and I am lucky.

Other brands don’t have to mention it, and how can they exceed Red Letter with their strength.

In the near future, Huawei and other Chinese companies are also entering US market, and they are also deliberately rushing to the front, and want to hurry in front of red letter, to enter the market to grab market share.

For the bews that Red Letter wants to enter US market, the pressure on Zhongxing Communication is not too great, at least they are better than seven years before they were banned.

Anyway, their products are not on high-end route, and there is no positive conflict with Red Letter. Apple, Samsung, and LG are miserable, these three companies are almost always have overtime discussions. How to curb red letter and slam red letter in North American market.

Korea, Seoul, there is a super multinational company. In the top five LG Group in Korea, LG Group enjoys a global reputation in the three fields of electronics and information communication, home appliances and chemistry.

LG Group and Samsung Group have intersected in many fields, and in some areas, LG is even better than Samsung.

At this moment, LG Group’s Headquarters building, the high-level executives are engaged in a fierce discussion to discuss how LG Group faces the competitive pressure from Red Letter Group.

Jiang Maomin, the current president of LG Group, has been a senior executive in LG Group for more than 20 years! It has witnessed the development of an era, and LG Group is also in his hands, becoming a multinational super-large enterprise, which is a celebrity in the world of Science and Technology and economic circle!

“Red Letter Group will enter North American market next month! There is no doubt that they will bring products with no screen and high intelligence! This is the most positive collision for us!” Jiang Maomin sat at the conference table chief. The hair is half white and the look is a little tired.

Since several statements by Red Letter Group, LG’s stock has been falling. In particular, the operational virtual projection technology appears, and when the sound of the physical screen is widely present, they are more affected.

Screen manufacturing has always been a major business of LG Group. If screen manufacturing technology is eliminated by virtual projection, it is equivalent to cutting off one arm of LG!

Now, Red Letter has broken through the blockade of US market and will compete with them for North American smartphone market. Samsung and Apple have good strengths, and they may still be able to survive. Their ranking of the third child is dangerous. If you are not careful, you will become a stepping stone for others.

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