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“Go first to see this, a little far away, ride my electric scooter.” Xue Yao found her scooter on the side of road, a small red electric scooter.

“I am carrying you or are you carrying me?” Xue Yao asked.

“I am carrying you,” Lu Zixin said.

Lu Zixin sat in front, Xue Yao got on scooter, and the long legs of two black silk (spaced) socks were sandwiched between the seats and looked down.

“How to go?”

“Left, turn left at the intersection.”

When Lu Zixin just started, he hit a stone, and the electric car “snapped” for a moment. The harmful Xue Yao directly hit his back. Something acts as a cushion, which stops the impact.

“You brat deliberately? is Xue sister’s cheap? Not honest!” Xue Yao scolded.

“Not really!” Lu Zixin hurriedly argued, “I haven’t been riding an electric scooter for a long time, and I’m not good at it.”

“I believe you for the time being, don’t hit it!” Xue Yao did not pursue it.

The two set off and strolled around the destination. Finally, Lu Zixin took a fancy to one of the 30-story office buildings.

“Here.” Xue Yao had already done his homework and said: “This is indeed one of the best ones.”

“Convenient transportation, construction and decoration are also advanced, but the price of this piece is too expensive.”

“Can this contact the developer?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yes!” Xue Yao nodded. “This office building is our top 100 real estate. Before, it was actually intended to sell to a boss who came from japan. The building was built up, the boss regretted it and had not sold it.”

“You have to buy it here, I guess it is a bit difficult. This building seems to have not yet started selling.”

“Nothing.” Lu Zixin learned more about her and was very satisfied with other aspects.

With the current development of the Red Letter game, this office building is enough. If you have money in the future, build a smart office building or even a large industrial park!

“Like this, I will go back and plan again, and find you in two days,” Lu Zixin said.

“Well, if you have a problem, CALL me directly.” Xue Yao nodded.

“Senior Sister, don’t bother you, see you next time.” Lu Zixin said goodbye to her.

“Not want to accompany me for a while?” Xue Yao blinked at him and sent him a wink.

Lu Zixin, a spirit, quickly said: “Don’t dare, I still have something!”

“haha, sister charm is still there!” Xue Yao was very satisfied with his reaction, “Goodbye.”

When Lu Zixin returned to the company, he called the director of personnel department and asked him to check the number of employees who had chosen the information for him.

Then it is to let people evaluate the location of their site to see if there is any flaw.


On the same day, Xue Yao did not return to sales department, but sent a text message to take a day off. It was not until the third day that she was ready to go to work. During this period, Lu Zixin did not have any news.

“This list is probably yellow!” Xue Yao heart secretly sighed.

The days are getting more and more sad. The landlord is urging the rent for the next quarter. I have to change the season immediately. The clothes can’t be replaced. I can only wear the old ones. The cosmetics have to be saved. The most important thing is that the family has to fight back.

“When can I become a single?” She asked herself, making money is really difficult.

It’s not easy for a person to work outside. Work hard, luck is no good. It’s hard to meet a few big customers, all of which are like Ma Zhiyuan.

When I arrived at the company, I still had to be angry with my boss. Xue Yao felt that she was really tired. When she is in university, she was not so proud. Just looking for a dependency.

No matter how difficult the reality is, she still has to pack up and go to work. Xue Yao starts and goes to the sales department of Baijia Real Estate.

At this time, at Headquarters of Baijia, the largest shareholder of Baijia, Jia Hai, is talking to the representatives of Red Letter Games Company.

“Jia, our Red Letter Games Company is currently interested in this office building, I don’t know what kind of conditions you can make. After all, the business district is so big, there are many office buildings to choose from.”

Jia Hai is 50 years old this year, and rarely talks about the company business. But with Red Letter game, that is a big one of a billion or so, of course he has to personally ask.

He explained some of the company’s preferential conditions one by one, and then said: “You can rest assured that our Baijia Real Estate has been doing real estate in Jiangbei Province for more than ten years. The reputation have been very good in the industry. This office building, regardless of quality, price, service, we can guarantee to make you satisfied!”

The two sides have contacted before, and now the exchanges are also very harmonious, and they are interested in reaching a cooperation.

“For specific matters, I will arrange for someone to contact you.” Jia Hai just said, the representative of Red Letter side said: “Yes. When we last came to see you, you have a salesman, called Xue Yao. Very good. Our CEO is very satisfied.”

He did not say much, Jia Hai already understood what he meant. Said: “Well, this company will let her take charge of this order, right, Xuetao, what is your General said, which point is the salesman?”

As the company’s CEO, Jia Hai did not know that there is such a person.

“The sales department of Baijia Plaza, Ms. Xue Yao.”


Xue Yao came to the sales department, and some familiar employees greeted her.

“Xue Yao, why didn’t you come yesterday?” asked Dong brother.

“I have something yesterday, I have asked a leave.”

“You are not here yesterday.” Dong brother whispered, “The old witch lost her temper, trained us, and said that we should continue to meet today! It is estimated that she is ready to train you!”

The old witch he refers to is Dong Yan.

Xue Yao smiled bitterly, and she didn’t have to think that she also knew what the reason was. It was nothing more than the reason that Ma Zhiyuan list was not made.

When they spoke, a discordant voice sounded: “Xue Yao!”

Dong Yan looked at her with a cold eye, and the expression on her face revealed disgust.

“Do you still know to come to work? Leave a phone call, have I approved it?” she asked.

“I see you are getting lazy!” Dong Yan said to Dong brother, “Xiaodong, let everyone go to the conference room, meeting!”

All the salesmen in sales department gathered in the conference room, and the tacit understanding was silent, because they all knew that Dong Yan had to talk again.

Dong Yan stood in front and said: “The performance of our sales department recently, everyone knows? In the past two months, the decline in performance has been a mess!”

She was a training in the first place, and then pointed her finger at Xue Yao. She said: “For example, some people ignore the company’s discipline and want to take time off to ask for leave. Does the company say that it will not pay if you don’t pay?”

“And, how many times have I emphasized? We are the service industry, the customer is God! Some people are more powerful than God, and they don’t care about customers at all. You said that she is not a cow?”

When Dong Yan spoke, her eyes were always staring at Xue Yao, and everyone was also aware of her. Some people are gloating, some are sympathetic and poor.

In any case, Xue Yao only feels shameful and sorrowful. She is criticized in the presence of so many people. She is very dissatisfied, especially because she thinks she has not done anything wrong!

“I have repeatedly stressed that our company does not have idlers. If you do not have the ability to do business, then you will clean up and leave!” Dong Yan continued, Xue Yao could not help, she really wanted to leave.

At this moment, the door in the office was open. A man opened the door and walked closer, smiling.

“Exactly, you are all there, I have a good news to announce!”

He is the general manager of the sales department, Yin Zhe. As soon as he came in, everyone looked at him curiously.

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