BTC Chapter 66 : Congratulations!

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“Yin manager.” Dong Yan saw him and gave a greeting.

Yin Zhe nodded and said to the salesman: “Just now, our general manager Jia, personally called to praise us!”

“General Jia? That General Jia?” everyone wondered.

“Which is Jia? The company has only one Jia, the general manager, Jia Hai!” Yin Zhe said that, the salesmen were surprised.

“General Jia? Scorpio, why should he praise us?”

“Yeah, the big boss actually called in person, we didn’t seem to do anything?”

“What made hime praise us?”

Even Dong Yan is also surprisedly said: “What does General Jia say?”

Yin Zhe looked happy and said: “General Jia said that, He He really values the performance we have made. Especially one of them is an example for all of our employees! General Jia will let her be the next Chief in charge of big project of our company!”

“Ah?” Everyone saw a glimpse of their recent performance, and their heart was a bit more than a few. Not to mention too bad, but it is absolutely impossible to talk about it, or Dong Yan will not open the summary meeting in two days.

When Dong Yan heard this, her heart was happy. The following employees had no name. If they were promoted, they would not be able to get them. Then only the possibility is yourself?

She asked with excitement: “Manager Yin, you don’t sell off, hurry to say who it is?”

“Yeah, Manager Yin, let’s say!”

“Who is it?” The salesmen are also very curious.

Yin Zhe made a screaming gesture, and then announced in a word: “Congratulations to a good employee of our business department, she will be the general manager of the fifth-phase commercial office sales of Baijia, she is…”

“Xue! Yao!”

“Congratulations to you Xue Yao!” Yin Zhe announced that the whole room did not have the imaginary cheers, but a silence, everyone exposed the incredible expression.

Dong Yan stunned, how could it be Xue Yao? It should be yourself! What qualification does she have to be the sales person in charge of a whole commercial office building?

Xue Yao colleagues did not believe it. Just now, Manager Dong also criticized Xue Yao for not coming to work. In a blink of an eye, Xue Yao not only became an excellent employee praised by manager Jia, but also promoted to a higher level than Dong Yan!

Is there such a thing? impossible? They looked at Xue Yao, and their hearts were full of doubts.

Even Xue Yao herself is also a look of blasphemy. How could she not think that this person would be herself, she wondered: “Manager Yin, this joke is not funny.”

“Not a joke!” said Yin Zhe. “I know that you don’t believe it. To be honest, I didn’t believe it at first.”

“But, it’s really General Jia call. He said that you are named by the buyer. We are the sales department, only you are named Xue Yao! I said, it is you!”

Xue Yao still didn’t believe it and asked: “Is it wrong department?”

Yin Zhe smiled and shook his head and asked: “I asked you, did you receive the customer to see the commercial office building in the fifth period?”

Xue Yao thought, said: “I took a friend to see the day before yesterday.” She only remembers that Lu Zixin did watch it for a long time.

“Then it is you.” Yin Zhe affirmed.

“Don’t doubt, it’s true, today is not April Fool’s Day!”

“Xue Yao, congratulations! I will call you Xue Manager in the future!”

Yin Zhe face looks happy, not at all lying.

“What, really is she?” The employees really stopped this time, Xue Yao actually got the personal award from the company’s big boss, promotion and salary increase, this is how good luck!

They are all envious and surprised to see Xue Yao, this kind of good thing, can not be found with a lantern.

Dong Yan was even more unacceptable and asked: “Yin manager, how can General Jia know her? and still praise her, this is impossible!”

Yin Zhe said with a smile : “I also asked General Jia, I only know the answer. You have a company that wants to buy a list of office buildings. Do you know?”

“Yeah.” The crowd nodded, this may be the biggest list recently, and several real estate companies are rushing to do it.

“This list has fallen to our company! It is the fifth business office building, about one billion yuan! And the one that contributed to this is Xue Yao! The other party’s General, named after her name, let her carry out the next contact and Negotiate work.”

“General Jia said that such excellent employees must be praised throughout the company. This promotion is still small, if it is a success! tsk tsk, Xue Yao, just walk the road of ‘money’!”

After he explained it, everyone in the conference room looked at Xue Yao, and they was envious of her life!

“Xue Yao, congratulations!”

“Xue sister, I am taking it! You are so terrible, this list will let you find it!”

“My God, a billion of project, if it is made, how many commissions do you get? Or the general manager!”

“Xue Yao, if rich, don’t forget!” Dong brother also played with with a smile.

Dong Yan can’t say a word, this kind of good thing actually spread on Xue Yao! She is jealous of wanting to explode! And from now on, her position in Baijia Real Estate is not as good as Xue Yao, and she feels wrong when she thinks about it.

She just ran against Xue Yao and wanted her to leave her job. Now the company’s general manager Jia personally praises her, isn’t that a smacking her face? What prestige does she have in front of these employees in the future? This time it’s really lost!

Xue Yao herself is even more in the same place. She heard Yin Zhe explanation, and she picked up a huge wave in her heart.

Yin Zhe means that because she brought an General to see the house, it led to the next thing.

She tried to recall that only the one-year-old schoolmate, Lu Zixin, who met this condition.

However, he is not a hairy brat who is struggling in the society, but a boss of a big company?

Can he talk to General Jia and laugh and make a big one?

This… is too shocking! It’s like a friend who has known for a long time, suddenly said that he is actually a hidden big rich!

“Is it really him?” Xue Yao asked in her heart, she could not believe it, but the facts point to this speculation.

She was shocked, and she had some expectations in her heart. If it was him, it would be great! Xue Yao is not a fairy who has no desire. She is have a chance to make money and she certainly wants it!

If it is Lu Zixin, it is too stable! She really wants to call and ask immediately, but she doesn’t dare to be afraid of making a mistake.

And Lu Zixin is really such a big boss, she does not know what to say now, this gap is difficult for her to digest.

“Xue Yao, are you okay now? Go to Headquarters together, General Jia wants to see you.” Yin Zhe said.

“Nothing.” Xue Yao said a little back, and quickly said to everyone: “Thank you, this is not yet fixed.”

She saw Dong Yan face, ugly, but Dong Yan did not dare to say a word. This feeling makes Xue Yao heart dark, the old witch, later she met me, dare to talk like this?

Xue Yao left with Yin Zhe and the meeting room was quiet. Dong Yan calmed her face and shouted: “The meeting is over.” After that, she left with anger.

The salesmen are still feeling guilty. “Sister Xue is in good luck!”

“Yeah, she is Xue manager in the future! I am envious!”

“If this order is made, how much do you have to earn?”

“The real person does not show up, but fortunately, he did not offend Xue Yao.”

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