BTC Chapter 375 : First step of Quantum Computer

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Bruce Wayne : “If you need help, you can find me.”

Tony Stark : “I hope there is no time.”

Lu Zixin took advantage of them to chat and check the information in the group. The activity level is more difficult to upgrade than before, it is estimated that the random red envelopes will still be some time, and the group member invitation is also cooling.


A month later, Red Letter Group officially announced that it will merge Red Letter Game Co., Ltd. with Red Letter Virtual Entertainment. At this point, Red Letter Group is mainly divided into two major blocks, one is Red Letter Virtual Entertainment and the other is Red Letter Electronic.

As for other businesses, such as Red Letter Capital, Kunpeng Battery, Thunderstorm Appliances, they are relatively independent small business companies.

Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center, during this period of investment and R&D, finally saw a little results.

In the lab, they were the first superconducting quantum computer they made, which was small and only had a small box size. Compared to the photo quantum computer that Lu Zixin visited before, the size has been reduced several times!

Such a computer is directly taken out and used as a working computer, and there is no problem at all.

The most important thing is that the superconducting quantum computer made by Red Letter has reached the level of manipulating twenty qubits and reached the international level.

“Half-year time! I can’t think of it for half a year! You will do it!” Pan Qiwen, who came to visit, was very excited. According to his original expectations, Red Letter could made it within three years, and it was already very remarkable.

But the facts surprised him more than he expected. In just half a year, the Quantum Computer Institute completed the goals that other research centers could achieve in a few years.

“More than that, Old Pan, look at what this is?” Lu Zixin handed him a delicate little box.

“What?” Pan Qiwen took the small box and opened it. In the box, it is a one-third palm-sized chip.

In the box, there is a manual for this chip, Pan Qiwen took it up and read it.

“Superconducting quantum computer chip!” is only the first sight, he can not help but scream.

Whether it is a light quantum computer or a superconducting quantum computer, there is no shortage of people in the world to make it. But like the Institute of Quantum Technology at Shanghai Capital, many quantum computers are still very large.

And this small superconducting quantum computer chip is even more rare. So far, only companies such as Intel have the strength to develop it.

“This chip can also achieve twenty qubits operation?” Pan Qiwen was really shocked this time, which is equivalent to saying that this small piece of chip is comparable to the cabinet-sized equipment in other institutes!

“I remember that the quantum chip that Intel announced last time has only sixteen qubits!” Pan Qiwen turned and asked.

“Yes, it’s sixteen. But now they should have made more advanced chips, and we haven’t taken the lead yet.” Dai Liang responded.

“Awesome! Awesome! It’s awesome!” Pan Qiwen took a deep breath and suppressed the surprised emotion and said: “I can guarantee that this is absolutely world-class!”

“The last time I opened a quantum technology seminar in Canada, no one in the international publicly available materials could make such a high-Science and Technology product!”

“Hahaha!” Pan Qiwen laughed. “There were a few old folks in the Academy of Sciences who said that you couldn’t do it, and they should all be scared!”

He is very fortunate that he has pushed the establishment of this project. Many people in institutes are from National Academy of Sciences and several reserve talents at the University of Science and Technology.

“Old Pan, do you want to see the actual results?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Look, of course, look! Seeing is believing!” Pan Qiwen said seriously.

Next, they gave Pan Qiwen a demonstration of the computing power of superconducting quantum computers. It’s current performance is similar to the average computer on the market.

Pan Qiwen’s wrinkles are all gone, but Lu Zixin is only slightly delighted, and the thoughts in his heart are not all happy.

The superconducting quantum computer made this time is still not commercialized. The reason is very simple. It is a superconducting quantum computer. The cost is not known to be many times higher than that of a normal computer, but the performance is not yet clearly leading, so it is not suitable for commercialization.

To be commercialized, to allow superconducting quantum chips to manipulate more qubits, Lu Zixin’s lowest goal is to achieve the computing power of a typical supercomputer.

At that time, the quantum computer could not ignore it’s name and truly achieve super operation!

This time, it is estimated that it will take more than half year. Lu Zixin also noticed a more serious problem, that is, the relevant talents are seriously inadequate.

Without the help of National Academy of Sciences, their research teams could not be formed. There are too few high-end science and technology researches in China, and many talents are staying abroad. This greatly limits the development of Science and Technology. If Lu Zixin not have intelligent robots and technical materials, it will be difficult to make these things for another five years.

“Talent training is also very important.” Lu Zixin thought to himself that almost all the big companies have cooperated with some universities to carry out talent training programs.

Red Letter also has cooperation with universities such as Jiangcheng University, but this is not enough. He wants talents who are leading in world’s top talents and can develop explorers who are beyond the current level of Science and Technology. They must find another way.

“Your results are very good!” Pan Qiwen said with a thumbs up and said: “This matter is also very important. I want to stay here for two more days and write a report to National Academy of Sciences.”

“No problem, how long you want to live!” Lu Zixin agreed.

“In addition, this achievement, I suggest that you release it as soon as possible.” Pan Qiwen said, “We need such Science and Technology to awaken the confidence of China’s Science and Technology community. Let everyone see that the secret technology in the developed international blockade is even in the new field of technology, we can do the same!”

“This, the chip’s news can be put. Quantum computers, we intend to wait for the commercialization of superconducting quantum computers to be developed and announced.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yeah.” Pan Qiwen asked not much about these and said: “I remember that we were betting before? I admit defeat, willingly!”

“You can rest assured that when I return to the Academy of Sciences, I will definitely support the development and promotion of commercial quantum computers.”

“Then many thanks Old Pan!” Lu Zixin quickly thanked.

In addition to National Academy of Sciences, Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Institute has written a paper on Science and Technology, which has been submitted to international academic journals, so that international colleagues can see the achievements of Red Letter.

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