BTC Chapter 374 : Hold back

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One of them is a master, actually using the homemade emoticon bag, and the BOSS is finished!

Red Queen : “[emoticon: scared me to fall!] Owner, I have an upgraded version here, super metamorphosis difficulty version, this is just a simple difficulty, not counting! Right, I have to add a smart program into it. So that I can continue to make new emoticon packages instead of me!”

Mr. L : “…you let them go! This game has a lot of people crying!”

Although Lu Zixin put a video of customs clearance, in fact, more people did not pass customs. In this game, if you can’t come up with a targeted or creative emoticon package, you need to start all over again.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: smiles are gradually emerging.]”

Peter Parker : “I have played this too, which is even harder than those equations. I can imagine their emoticon, it must be very interesting.”

He saw Optimus Prime online, and then Aite said: “@Optimus Prime, Sir, have your body recovered?”

“Generally, during the recovery period, I will eat a lot of high-protein and high-calorie foods. Right, you are a mechanical life. Do you want to eat iron? Or other metal elements?”

“No, we only need energy.” Optimus Prime replied.

Peter Parker : “That’s a pity! There are so many delicious foods in the world that you can’t taste.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I found the shock of the new world!] @Peter Parker, what is the experience of eating? In my database, the average organism eats just to supplement organic matter and moisture. But human food, you can eat all kinds of foods and give them a good feeling for the nerve center of the answer!”

Peter Parker : “Sometimes, eating is the best thing in the world! Especially the pizza I made, wow, I can eat it!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: can’t help but drool.]”

Mr. L : “Do you have saliva that can flow?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: white eye.] I can leak electricity!”

Mr. L : “666, this is amazing!”

Peter Parker : “I was almost taken away by you. @Optimus Prime, have you finished the thing on the moon?”

Optimus Prime : “It’s half done.”

Peter Parker : “?”

Optimus Prime : “I did find a spaceship from Cybertron on the moon, and found my former teacher, the former leader of Autobot, and awakened it from sleep.”

“But he deceived me. He even joined forces with Decepticons to attack us! Now I am still wandering in the universe and are rushing back to Earth.”

“Fortunately, the last time group owner gave me the heart of ancient machinery, or I might have died in the battle.”

Peter Parker : “Why did your teacher join Decepticons?”

Optimus Prime : “No, he used to be a hero who fought against Decepticons. But now, in order to recover  Cybertron planet, it wants to sacrifice Earth to achieve it’s goals.”

“This is definitely not the purpose of our Autobot. Ah, the former teacher has become a person I hates.”

Lu Zixin also said with emotion : “At the end of the legend, the dragon warrior of Dragon Slayer eventually grew into a dragon and became a new dragon.”

He thought of the vicious incident that Red Letter Group had just experienced. If it was not handled well, and even some people in the group participated, did Red Letter Group slowly deteriorate?

Optimus Prime : “No matter who it was, but now, it is my enemy!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: innocent face] Big world is so complicated.”

Tony Stark saw them talk again, and also came out of the water : “If you need to repair the mechanical body, I have a good way.”

“Repairing with nano metal makes repair faster and is especially suitable for combat.”

Optimus Prime : “Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t need it now. The heart of ancient machinery and liquid metal is enough to repair my body.”

Lu Zixin heard the nano metal and quickly asked: “Mr. Stark, have you developed the latest kind of mech?”

Tony Stark : “Your hunch is very accurate. Yes, I am studying nano armor and keeping a cumbersome mech in my watch. All weapons can be saved in nanometers, which makes it easier to fight.”

Peter Parker : “It sounds so cool, I want it!”

Red Queen : “I want it too!”

Tony Stark : “The armor needs to be designed for individual conditions, otherwise there is no difference between it and the military armor. I can design armor for Peter Parker, but Red Queen, I can send you an armored emoticon bag.”

“It’s all made by Jarvis, it’s quite interesting.”

Red Queen : “[Grievance emoticon: the baby should be strong, hold back and let the electricity leak out.]”

Mr. L : “Haha, @Red Queen, I think this idea is good!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: hold back – no, I can’t help it, and a electricity leaked out.]”

Peter Parker : “Really? You want to design me for me! Amazing, I am so excited! What does it look like, how is it? Mr. Stark, actually I have a few sketches, how do you look like this?”

He said, he sent a picture, is a sketch of the combat suit he designed, but unfortunately it is not very handsome, but a bit non-mainstream.

Tony Stark : “It’s really a sketch!”

Peter Parker : “I have more, these, and these. Right, can I ask for some functional requirements? Be sure to have a spider spray, right, can you have automatic cleaning? Every time I have to wash it myself, really…”

Tony Stark : “Okay, needless to say. I designed what it is like and I don’t accept any opinions.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: you are happy.]”

Peter Parker : “Well, I believe Mr. Stark’s design must be cool!”

“The group is very lively!” Bruce Wayne also appeared, said.

Peter Parker : “Mr. Wayne, haha, I am so happy. Mr. Stark wants to help me design armor!”

Bruce Wayne : “Congratulations in advance.”

He looked at the group news record, said curiously : “Nano device, this is a good idea. Maybe I can make my equipment into nanocapsules. Hey, @Tony Stark, I remember the last time you developed a new armor. How can you develop new armor in such a short time?”

Tony Stark : “Yeah. I can’t stop working. An anxiety can’t wander around my mind. Maybe in the near future, there will be a huge crisis. I must arm myself.”

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