MST Chapter 169 : Resurrection match Support Rate

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The atmosphere was lively.

Liu Chiyan also smiled: “If you have the opportunity to come to my Studio. I must let Ye Guang make a song for you, and you will be satisfied.”

Sui Si also joked: “Oh, the deal is reached. This is a shady scene.”

The scene laughed again.

Yu Fengnan smiled: “That’s it, but what should I say if I’m not satisfied at that time.”

Liu Chiyan is very confident and laughs, “You can’t be dissatisfied!”

Huang Bin: “Goddess Liu is really confident about Ye Guang. I have never seen the deity of Ye Guang gifted scholar. I will have to go to see him when I step down. By the way, I also have a cheeky invitation for the song.”

The judges spoke up.

Ye Guang was happy from ear to ear in the lounge.

Jiang Xin looked funny: “A boast of this virtue, you have no outsiders, or your face is completely lost.”

Teacher Zong Zhengguang is older and didn’t joking with them, when everyone is highly praised, old Zong but slightly poured a bit of cold water, “This song is really good, lyrics composing good, you sing well, also apt proposition, very good, but still can not too complacent, today’s game is not over, it’s not known who will win the championship in The Strongest Voice competition, you are still young, unlike my old man is powerless, you young people have to settle down and work harder to bring good songs for fans, and strive to in China and even the world’s song history is ranked first! This is not just for you, but also for all the musician and the whole Chinese musician present!”

Liu Chiyan smiled: “Thank you for Old Zong teachings, we will continue to work hard to bring more excellent works to the audience.”

After Liu Chiyan sang, Feng Qiu Huang was followed.

The songs of love theme are always good to sing. Today, Feng Qiu Huang’s play is also very good. The song “Love Together” sung by a man and woman is very pleasant to listen to.

But I don’t know why, the audience at the scene is not so high.

Audience A: “This song is still very nice, but why do I always feel bad?”

Audience B: “Yes, I also have this feeling, I always feel worse.”

Audience C heard their arguments, said the truth, “That’s because Liu Chiyan sang so well in front of me. To be honest, I am a little worried about my idol Heavenly King Liu now.”

Some viewers are discussing below.

Feng Qiu Huang sang this song quite well, but this resurrection match is basically hopeless, and He Xing’s songs are stronger than theirs.

The finale is Heavenly King Liu.

Heavenly King Liu song is about the same level as He Xing. The song title is “This is not love”. The rhythm of the song is very strong, but there is some lack of propositional ideas. It can be said that it is better than Feng Qiu Huang’s song, but with Liu Chiyan’s song has some gaps.

Today, Liu Chiyan’s “I Do” is a surprise to the audience. From Feng Qiu Huang is not competitive, tTheir song tonight is not outstanding, and it is worse in popular and audience support rate than Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan, He Xing song is good, but his previous game performance is too bad, the ticket rate added to the bottom, to win is afraid not easy, not to mention, there is a similar to his, Heavenly King Liu and a better than his, Liu Chiyan.

The main competitions this evening are Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan. On the popularity, Heavenly King Liu is a little higher than Liu Chiyan, but Liu Chiyan is not bad. It is half catty, and Liu Chiyan song is better than Heavenly King Liu. However, Heavenly King Liu vote rate is the highest, which is 5% higher than Liu Chiyan, which is a big advantage.

Several people have finished singing, and they have reached the final voting session.

The heads of four contestants appeared on the big screen. Everyone already had a certain ticket rate. This is the ticket amount for the competition and proposition. Heavenly King Liu leads with 12%.

The audience voted and the off-site voting began one by one. During the gap period, several judges also began voting.

Zong Zhengguang and Yu Fengnan voted for Liu Chiyan.

Sui Si and Chunyu Min support Heavenly King Liu.

Huang Bin unexpectedly voted for He Xing.

In fact, everyone is very confused about his vote for He Xing. The form on the court is already very clear. The players who competed in the resurrection match are Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan. He voted for the uncompetitive He Xing is really confusing.

Huang Bin also has a good reason: “You both support one, and finally leave it to me. I am also very difficult to do. The competition between Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan allows the audience to make choices. Don’t let the judges vote for the game.”

In fact, Huang Bin’s vote for He Xing should still have some personal feelings inside, and everyone with a discerning eye knows, but this kind of thing can’t be broken. Huang Bin’s reason is too much to pass the choice to the audience.

At present, Heavenly King Liu has a 32% support rate, Liu Chiyan 27%, He Xing 14%, Feng Qiu Huang 10%.

Ye Guang sitting on the sofa in the lounge and thinking, He Xing and Feng Qiu Huang ratio gap has been opened, it’s basically impossible for the two to make a comeback, Liu Chiyan and Heavenly King Liu difference 5% gap is not big, as long as the audience score is a little stronger, it’s not difficult to surpass Heavenly King Liu, but Ye Guang also dare not pack tickets, after all Heavenly King Liu is old Heavenly King, popular fans ii there, Ye Guang in the heart secretly pray, hope viewers can rational vote, not just like which celebrity to cast which celebrity, after all, from the angle of the song, Liu Chiyan is better than other.

Soon, the vote of the audience was just over.

The results are publicized.

And the results surprised all people, but they were backward of what we thought.

A total of 25% of the voting ratio in the field, Liu Chiyan accounted for 17%, Heavenly King Liu 3%, He Xing 4%, Feng Qiu Huang 1%. Liu Chiyan’s on-court support rate is more than double that of several other players.

This ratio really shocked Ye Guang, how could it be so high? This is not scientific, is the real gap so big? When did the audience become so sensible? Also, why is He Xing’s support rate actually higher than Heavenly King Liu?

When the voting ratio came out, the scene was in turmoil. Even the audience who voted for it felt a little unbelievable. So high, how could there be such a big gap?

To this end, Ren Keling also asked the comrades of notary office to confirm the results of the voting again. After the comrades of notary office confirmed it again, they would definitely tell everyone that the voting results were correct and true.

In everyone’s surprise, the voting results of the off-site audience also came out.

The voting results were Liu Chiyan 13%, He Xing 6%, Heavenly King Liu 5%, Feng Qiu Huang 1%.

The audience was once again stunned.

Liu Chiyan is still strong and leads the way with 13% vote.

What is incredible is that He Xing actually surpassed Heavenly King Liu in the off-site voting and on-court voting. This is the most difficult thing for everyone to think about, Heavenly King Liu and He Xing. If it is a judges, it is possible, but He Xing’s popularity. Can you compare with Heavenly King Liu? It’s completely worse than a grade.

Everyone has some doubts.

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