BTC Chapter 373 : Solved

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“He is not a human at all!” The subordinates were wronged, and he could not describe the picture he had just seen. The big man rushed in alone. No matter whether people or things can’t stop him, if you don’t run fast, it is estimated that you are already lying there!

“Not a human? Is it God?” Adi slapped again, but this time his subordinates did not hide, but looked at him with horror.

“He… he is coming!”

Adi’s conditioned reflex looked back and saw a man wearing sunglasses came over. Those who are carrying equipment, huge mechanical parts have not come and towed with a forklift, they are held down by the man!

Adi’s eyes widened, but it is an automated forklift that can easily carry dozens of tons of heavy objects. How can he hold it down? Is it that the guy who drives the forklift is scared?

He can’t think too much, no matter who the other person is, first withdraw and say! This thought was just generated in his mind, he saw RI-8901 looking toward him, although he could not see the pupil under his sunglasses, but Adi had an intuition that the other party had locked him!

“Block him…” Adi’s shouting was not yet called, and he felt a strong numbness in his body, and then he lost consciousness.

A few minutes later, in the electronics factory, the people who had just been close to the evacuation were not standing still, and they were all in a coma.

“Oh, it’s really boring, there isn’t one that can be played.” Iron Head sighed while picking up the watch worn by Adi on his handlebar.

“Reporting master, the mission has been completed and all major goals have been captured.” RI-8901 reports.

“Now clear the traces and then evacuate immediately.”


An hour later, the local police rushed to the scene. The sights in front of them made them stunned. The entire electronics factory was a mess. Everyone was tied up and sat on the ground. Some evidence about their illegality was placed next to them.

“Who did this?” They were surprised and angry, but they could not find any clues.


A few days later, in China, the police announced that they had successfully cracked the virtual projection game violation bill and arrested the behind-the-scenes, involving more than 1.5 billion dollar. All the crime tools were collected, and all the dark lines and open line were also dug up.

To everyone’s surprise, this criminal gang is not only in one country, but in five countries near Southeast Asia, with multiple dens, all of them!

This has made the public aware of the domestic crackdown on illegal projection technology games. Don’t say hide in the country, just hide in foreign countries, you can catch it! This has sounded the alarm for many people who are not well-behaved. This kind of money cannot be earned.

Red Letter Group also stated that it will continue to crack down on this illegal act and maintain the game market and social stability.

Things are here, even if the dust settles.

For this reason, People’s Daily also opened a special topic to comment on the use of advanced technology and management supervision methods.

The commentary mentioned: “The emergence of each new technology has brought us not only convenience, but also many hidden dangers. This time the ‘spiritual opium’ type of illegal projection game is representative.”

“I hope that our regulatory authorities can regulate the corresponding market behavior in time to avoid similar things happening.”

“At the same time, we have also seen that large companies such as Red Letter Group have also demonstrated their sense of responsibility and take the initiative to undertake and cooperate with the fight against illegal activities, which is commendable.”

Netizens have praised. In today’s China, Red Letter Group already has a lot of fans. When many media questioned red letter, some people came out to refute. Today, they also have the feeling of winning.

“What about the sprays before? What do you have to say now?”

“People who want to pour red letter come out! Not a few illegal games, they will be solved in minutes!”

“I want to know, who got the 10 million? Envy!”

“Dissipated, scattered. What should everyone play in the future? Don’t fucking resist and fucking boycott!”

“Fortunately, this is finally over. I thought the virtual projection game couldn’t be played anymore! The games I played before were all rectified and now they are released!”

“You father or you father!”


This time, although it has brought some influence to Red Letter, the action of Red Letter has also made Red Letter Group deeply rooted in people hearts. The reputation has once again improved a grade.

Some of the previously affected businesses are recovering.

Lu Zixin is also relaxed. If this vicious incident affects the use of projection technology, the company’s operations are completely disrupted. Fortunately, it was stopped quickly to avoid the bad effects.

He deliberately explained and let the group set up a department to deal with these vicious incidents, so as not to encounter such troubles next time.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Kayaba Akihiko is expressing his opinion on this matter.

Kayaba Akihiko : “In a way, this is a good thing!”

Mr. L : “Why do you say that?”

Kayaba Akihiko : “It’s just a virtual projection game that makes these players feel obsessed and dependent. It represents the depths of their hearts and they yearn for such a world! What’s wrong with living in virtual world?”

Mr. L : “Maybe some people think so, but they affect other people! This is the most critical.”

The reaction of Kayaba Akihiko is very indifferent : “Only blood can be remembered, only death can bring people real!”

“Make a full stealth game early, let them all realize that living in a virtual world is great!”

Lu Zixin doesn’t agree. Kayaba Akihiko is already a virtual world personality. He really wants to integrate everything in reality into virtual world.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: cheeky] Owner, why not make the emoji pack war game like last time? My emoji pack world game, there must be many people like it!”

Mr. L : “No.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: suddenly angry] you must be afraid of losing!”

Mr. L : “I am afraid that you are being abused too badly.”

Red Queen : “[Smirking emoticon: You seem to be making me laugh!] My Red Queen has been in the Chat Group for a few years, and I have never had an opponent in the fight!”

Mr. L : “It is actually already done. I have designed the Red Queen emoticon, and many people have already cleared the customs!”

Said, Lu Zixin also put a video. This projection game he really made, as a fun little game released on the red letter game platform. The result has attracted many users to challenge, including Red Queen’s own emoticon data for the difficult level of BOSS clearance, has been broken.

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